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Monday, January 30, 2012

Time to Build Your Wool Stash

Well, I sure hope this week is going to be a better one than last week. I should say though, that even with the sewer back up and the 4 day drama with the hives that involved a doc visit, a trip to the ER and yesteraday a trip to Urgent Care, that I did have at least one bright spot and that was my swap gift from Linda over at Country Pickins...she went WAY overboard and it couldnt have come at a better time, thats for sure. Look at all these lovely prims:
I just love this little prim sheep plate with the stand...It's absolutely perfect !!! Next up is this adorable little ditty bag
And guess what ?  The package smelled soooooo good caue stuffed inside tht prim ditty bag were all these great candle tarts and even some yummy soap and a face scrubby
Can you say YUMMY...also got a sweet little hanging heart and I just LOVE this next item...a snow mama with her snow baby
I just love her...she's just too sweet. And last but not least in this cute littlesheep sign
So a big, gigantic THANK YOU goes to Linda for being the ONE and ONLY bright spot of my week.

 I am hoping that this week is a good one. I am only partially covered with hives now after a horrid day yesterday where I literally was purplish red from head to toe with very little unred skin showing through...I couldnt move without crying so the doc at Urgent Care gave me a mega-mega does of Prednisone and some type of medicine for the itch thats stronger than Benedryl which did absolutely nothing. So, as long as I can keep from scratching and take multiple oatmeal showers I should be fine...YIPPIE !

But I am trying to stay busy and focused today and I listed a BUNCH of individual pieces of wool as well as many wool bundles. It's definately a great time to build your stash. I decided to do the individual pieces since many of you are not hookers but need piece for pink keep backs or penny rugs etc, so now there's something for everyone. You can build your own bundle.

I decided to make dinner early just in case I am a giant itching machine when the hubs gets home this evening and cant bear to move...He has been so sweet and as always, very attentive when I am having any kind of bad day. I have no idea if or what he really ate the last coupls days. He patiently put up with all my tears and best of all...he scratched me every time I asked him. I know they say not to scratch cause it makes it worse....well if you have a small patch of hives that might be true but when you only have a small patch of skin that doesnt have hives, trust me, you will scratch and it will feel heavenly...Of course my skin is kind of raw right now cause I got a little carriued away a few times with my hair brush...I literally felt like I was on fire and going to die...I have had hives 3 other times altogether and been hospitalized for them and they were NEVER this bad. OK, enough with my pity party. Done. No Ore, Promise.

OK, so I am very new at gardening...I put in a little garden right outside my kitchen door last year with some herbs, pepper and tomatoes. This year I am wanting to do a larger garden but I have limited space so I bouyght a bunch of long planters and patio planters at a yard sale last year and I am planning to do lettuce,  spinach, onions, potatoes, carrots and maybe some strawberries. I also have lots of blackberry bushes down by my shed but I can really get to them during their season becasue of the other plants that are in the way...Does anyone know when would be the best time to transplant the blackberry bushes ? I really would love to be a little more self reliant this year. I have spent a lot of time stocking up a good pantry just in case the economy tanks or the hubs loses his job...I dont think he will, he's been there a long time and he's doing fine, but anything can happen in a down turned economy and I would rather be safe than sorry. At least we wont starve or freeze to death since we got the wood burner last year. Thats about all we can do since we are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. I know lots of us in Prim Land are stay at home moms...which I guess I cant say that anymore since the nest is empty, but my heart reallly goes out to all you gals who do have to work outside the home, I did it at differnt times during my kids growing up years when we needed some extra money, so I get it.  OK, back yto the gardening for one more second (I know, I am a bit scattered today, cause I am itchy and jumping around a little)...Should I start my plants inside in egg cartons and if yes, when and if no, why not ? I know some of you have beautiful fersh produce and flowers and I have been in awe of your talents...hey maybe I will even plant some lavendar and sweet annie on the hillside by the pool...wouldny that smell yummy as I am floating around on the lazy days of summer ?

Well gals, I am going now to get a few things into the mail so be safe and be well and thanks to ALLL of you wonderful girls who sent all those well wished to me...I so loved reading your encouraging words.

Grace to you until next time,


  1. So sorry you have been so miserable. Sure hope your free of all the itching very soon!

    You sure did receive some wonderful goodies hopefully it will take your mind off some of the itching :)

  2. I really like the blue bundle you have. They look very light on my screen, almost gray.

  3. I really like the blue bundle you have. They look very light on my screen, almost gray.

  4. Evening Margie, well I just don't know what to say about those hives....they seem to have taken over your whole being - hope they find out just what is making this happen.
    I love all your new wools you put on - my order is being worked on right now - so I'll let you know for sure when I hear back from my customer on colors.

    I envy anyone who can have gardens...for one we don't have lots of sun - large yard to have one but shade everywhere and then there are those pesky ole Black Walnut trees that are poison to MANY, MANY PLANTS AND we're doomed no matter.
    Wish I had some good advise for you but I'm just plain ole out of the gardening loop.


  5. Hoping those nasty itchy things go away soon Margie!! Try to have a good night!!


  6. Hi, sweetie. I emailed you again today. I can't believe what condition you're in and what you're going through. How terrible for you.
    If you want to garden there's a terrific book
    called Square Foot Gardening, the title is what you do, raised bed one square foot. There is a preview of the book on Google Books which is enough to get you started. Your hubbie would have enough info to set it up. I always
    try to start my plants inside from seeds.
    I didn't have any luck last year, but my
    Ashley always gets gorgeous seedlings and then
    transplants outside. The seeds usually tell
    you when to plant, I guess you would gauge the time to start them inside by that. I think it takes at least 3 weeks for say, a pepper plant to be a seedling ready for transplant. I always get my info from the web.
    Oh please try not to scratch. I wouldn't want you to end up with scars on top of
    everything else.
    Big Hugs,

  7. All kinds of wonderful goodies! Don't you just love playing with things as soon as you receive it? Haha, that's the way I am, I have to drop everything and play around.

    Oh my word Margie, I am so very, very sorry!!! Wow, that's miserable!! I get poison ivy really bad about once a year but I've never been covered in it like that. Just a small patch is miserable so I can't even imagine what that must feel like. Over Mother's Day weekend, I got poison so bad that I couldn't even walk without it hurting and getting all nasty. I was down for a week and it was so stinking miserable!! The best thing that worked for me was the oatmeal baths. When I would have that feeling that you talk about, the "felt like I was on fire and going to die" feeling, I would fill up the bathtub with Aveeno packets. I would sit in the tub and just scratch away, lol. I know you shouldn't but yeah, you just gotta! I would rub my skin till it was raw and hurting, then set there and let my skin absorb the oatmeal. I did this once during the day and right before I went to bed. That was the ONLY way I was able to actually sleep through the night without waking up itching. Anyway, lots of rambling to say that I know lots of over the counter and even some of what the dr gives doesn't really help. My saving grace was the Aveeno oatmeal. Sorry you are going through this and hope it heals quickly!!

    Wish I could help you with the gardening but that's one area I am no good at it.

    I hope you have a good itch-free week!!

  8. Margie, I have used aloe vera for bee and scorpion stings, it takes the sting out..I can't remember if I have tried it on something that itches, you might want to try that....I hope it will help...Now, I am off to check out the wool.


  9. I agree with Susan, read the back of your seed packets and see what the gestation (sp?) period is, say three weeks, figure out about when your last chance of frost is and back up three weeks start your seeds then. I always started in egg cartons and for the first few days I laid saran wrap loosely over the top to hold the warmth in, take if off after that or you'll end up with mold. I also had a grow light (cheating, I know)that was wonderful. You can get the bulbs at any home improvement store and make your own set-up for that very, very easily. Good luck, i'll be interested to here how it turns out!

    "Stop scratching!"

    Hope you feel better soon,


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