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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Up all night

Well I have been up all night ....again...GRRR I really hate this but at least I got something accomplished last night !!! I got almost all my wool listed that I have been promising for weeks now. I think I listed 10 or more bundles and if you see something you like and need more of it, shoot me an email as I may have it, but might have not listed it...Does that make sense ? It sounded ok in my head, but now that I am reading it I dont know. Oh bother...(now I am quoting Winnie the Pooh ???) Oh dear me, I NEED sleep.

Oh and I ma so excited that all my stuff sold out in 2 days on the new selling blog...HOORAY, which is wonderful since my goal is to make that new car payment ...I HATE having a car payment again but I do love the new wheels and since we sold our truck when we moved back to PA its nice to have a vehicle thats big enough to dumpster dive or garage sale larger items...I mean theres only so much you can get in the back of a Dodge Intrepid (I did get a queen headboard in once...Had a bugger of a time getting it out, but thats another story altogether and a good thing the hubs doesnt read my blog...not sure he knows about that one). Anyway, having an SUV is so convenient and I am loving it.

Hey, awhile ago I saw a chandelier make-over where the gal had made her own little candle sleeves that she made her own "drips" out of hot glue or caulk or something and then she painted the lamp itself black...Does anyone know who did that makeover ??? If you do could you let me know cuz I want to get my chandelier all done and I thoght I had written down who did that so I could go back and check once I had it I am just anxious to get it painted and up in the dining room.

Well guys and gals, thats all for now since I am actually getting a little sleepy...Maybe I will post again later and do something with pictures...I dont like to post without 'em !

Grace to all my primmy pals,


  1. Girl~ Get some remember seeing that tutorial but not sure were.I'm pretty sure your right she used hot glue then painted over.I'm sure you'll figure it out.Hugs!~Amy

  2. Hi Margie, I'm sorry to read you were up all night..ouch...but at least you got what you wanted to accomplish done :) I hope by the time you've read this that you've had a good sleep and are ready to fact the day. Congrats on your new vehicle...I had an Intrepid so I know what you're talking about LOL! I agree...SUV's are SOOOO much better. I went from the Intrepid to a PT Cruiser and even though it looks small that thing sure could hold a two big wicker chairs and other good sized furniture. I can even do better now...enjoy yours!
    Maura :)

  3. Hi Margie,I know how long the nights can be sometimes ! I too have problems sleeping to the point of going days with only an hour or so of sleep,sure makes me fuzzy brained.LOL!I will check out the wool you have listed ,I finished my first hooked mat the other day and even though I made a mess out of it I am going to try another one.Hope that you get some sleep!Have a blessed day,Jen

  4. Gosh, Margie - I was sleeping for once, I could have kept you company but I was actually able to
    sleep for a change. Good job on the selling.
    WooHoo! Hey, I don't know about that chandelier
    tute, I don't even remember reading about one.
    Try a Google search, sometimes if you don't empty your cache, Google remembers the places you've been and will come up with the website for you.

  5. hi Margie,
    I e-mailed you with some Wool be looking for the e-mail
    I want these two bundles
    Leafy Green Wool Bundle # 1 $9.95
    Jadite Green Wool Bundle $9.95
    I pray they are still available.

    CONGRATULATIONS ON SELLING ON 'PHM' what a fantastic site.

    Now I remember the chandelier idea you are talking about but for the life of me can't remember who did it. Was Donna her name???




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