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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Wool For Sale REVISED

Hello...I am so excited about all the wool I have to offer you all today. I have been busy, busy, busy in the kitchen dying that huge haul of wool I got last week. I am thrilled with how evereything came out. I have to admit something...I was so excited with the new batch of pumpkin patch wools that I just had to see how it hooked up so I hurriedly hooked up this great candle mat that's a Hungry Hook Original pattern called "Crows Take A Break" and the finished size (when I get the binding finished...ugh, I really dont like binding) will be 12 x 14.5...Here's a peek...

So, first up I have your choice of pumpkin patch wool strips...

100 Pumpkin Patch Strips  $8.95 (15-18") SOLD OUT
Assorted pumpkin, brown/tan & green
100 Pumpkin Patch Short Strips $7.95 (10-12")
Assorted pumpkin, brown/tan & green SOLD OUT

Autumn Harvest Wool Pack  $12.95  Burnt Orange 2" x 16" SOLD
Perfect Pumpkin 3" x 17"
Winter Wheat 3" x 20"
Rich Earth Brown 3" x 16"
Harvest Brown 3" x 17"
Deep Leafy Green 3" x 15"
Mottled Olive Green 3" x 15"
Mottled Light Stem Green 3" x 15"
 Sunflower 3" x 15
Goldenrod 3" x 17"

100 Autumn Harvest Strips $8.95    (approx 16")
Assorted greens, pumpkins tans & golds
Now onto some yummy holiday colors..perfect for those Christmas penny or hooked rugs !

Santa's Coat Wool Pack #5  $8.95 SOLD
Textured Cranberry Wine 2" x 15"
Deep Cranberry Wine 4" x 14"
Cranberry Wine Plaid 3.5" x 15"
Mottled Cranbery Wine 3.5 x 15"
Cranberry Wine Herringbone 4" x 14"

Santa's Coat Wool Pack #4   $8.95 SOLD
Textured Cranberry Wine 2.5" x 20.5"
Watch Plaid  3" x 20"
Deep Cranberry Wine Solid 3.5" x 20"
Cranberry Wine Herringbone 3.5" x 16"
Mottled Cranberry Wine 3.75" x 15"

100 Santa's Coat Strips $8.95 (15-20" long)
100 Santa's Coat Short Strips $7.95 (10-13")

Christmas Eve Wool Pack  $8.95
Checkered Wine 2" x 20"
Christmas Plaid (green) 2" x 17.5"
Old English Gold 2" x 19"
Christmas Plaid (wine) 2.5" x 12.5"
Deep Cranberry Wine 3.5" x 20"
Santa's Coat Wine 4" x 14"
Starry Night Blue 4" x 16"

Christmas Present Red Wool Pack $8.95
Mottled Ruby Red  2" x 16"
Mottled Deep Christmas Red  3" x 17"
Buffalo Plaid  3" x  24"
Tiny Plaid  4" x  16"
Watch Plaid 4" x 19"

100 Evergreen Pine Strips $7.95 SOLD
Assorted greens & plaids 16" and up

Evergreen Medley Wool Pack  $8.95 SOLD
4  Assorted pieces 3" x 20-24"
The picture doesnt show the color differences very well.

Patriot's Blue Wool Pack  $8.95
Light Plaid  1.75" x 22"
Mottled Light Patriot 2" x 14"
Tweed 2.5" x 25"
Tiny Check 3" x 23"
Speckled Blue 3" x 27"
Deep Patriot Blue 3.5" x 18"
Well, that's it for today's listing. I will gladly combine shipping on multiple purchases. If you need more than one of any wool pack I may have enough tyo accomodate you...just ask.

Grace to you,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some new goodies

Just a quick post today since I am trying to get a new batch of wool dyed and bundled. I have gotten a few little yummy things at the thrift (besides my gigantic wool haul) over the last few days.
I got this great piece of Pfaltzgraf  with their folk art pattern...Not sure what is is though (any idea), but since I am trying to collect this line again I figured I would pick it up. I sold my entire Pfaltzgraf folk ark collection years ago when I got sick to help pay for my meds and oh how I miss it. Grrrrrrr...Oh and I got this piece for just $2 HOORAY. When I think of all the pieces I had to sell it makes me sooo sad, but I am grateful I had those things to sell. I guess the Pfaltzgraf pieces were good investments since I sold them for WAY more than I paid . I am trying to remember that I can have fun hunting for more pieces to add to my collection.

Also I love this salt glazed candle holder that I got for just $1 and am figuring out where to put it. Lastly I got the jar with the paddle in it with a plunger...It has measurements on the side and am thinking it may be for butter or to whip cream ???? Anybody have any idea ? I dont know where I am going to put this either since it doesn't really "match" with my colors since its more aqua blue...who knows maybe someone will want to trade for it ??? Let me know.

Well guys, thats about it for today. I am also trying to find a great recipe for hot pepper jelly. My inlaws gave me a big bag of hot peppers and I always buy hot pepper jam/jelly but would love to make my own...anyone have a good recipe ? I am really trying to make alot of gifts for Christmas this year and think a basket of jams, butters and spiced nuts along with a fresh loaf of bread and a small hooked mat (to be used as a hot pad) would make a lovely gift for people who have everything since we all still have to eat, right ?

Ok, I am gonna scoot now.

Grace to you,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rug Hooking Tutorial # 3/ Another Wool Haul

Sorry it took so long for me to get this next lesson up. I could list all my excuses, but I wont...let's chalk it up to a hectic week.

This lesson will be on how to hook the perfect star. Now before I tell you how to hook a star with perfect points I want to remind you that it is never a necessity to have perfect stars guys...Look at the old vintage rugs and you will see lots of rugs with rounded stars, mishapen stars, uneven stars and so on, so dont get too hung up on doing "The Perfect Star" in ever rug. Sometimes though, when the star is a key feature you do want nice crisp lines and points. There are lots of ways to do it out there, but this is the way I like best. I outline the star first with my background color and then fill it in....Here's how.

If you are following along with the rug we are making, "My Sampler Square", you should have outlined your box with your star with your trim color like this..

Now you will want to use a strip in your background color, NOT the color of your star. Pull it up in the corner of the star like this...

I know you cant tell that easily, but I am on the OUTSIDE line of the star. Go from the inside corner to the point...when you get to the point, use your finger on the UNDERSIDE of the piece to kind of hold that last loop in you are going to change the direction of your hooking like this
Now you can see the black line and how close the hooking is to it. So now that you held that loop with your underside hand and changed the direction of your hooking just continue to the next corner and do the same thing like this...

Do you notice where I added a new strip ? I try not to add a strip on an outside point, so I may take a loop or two out to accomodate that.
Now just go all the way arounf your star, adding strips as needed and it will look like this...

Notice how perfect and sharp the point are on the INSIDE of the star that hasn't been hooked yet ? You have succesfully given yourself an easy perfect point star to simply fill in with your star color.

I always start in the point and put one loop in sideways and then make another loop[ in the very next hole down going the other direction (even with the outer row). I go down each side and then fill in the center of each point, stopping at the bottom of each point.

Then I fill in the center of the star and voila...perfect points. Now you can continue with your background strips and fill in following the direction of the stars points until its all filled in.

Once you have done all the stars you are done hooking your project ...You do have a few more steps to finish it, but for now give yourself a pat on the back hooked a rug !!!

You will notice this mat is different than the one I did in Americana colors or the one I did in the rusts/beige/blacks. This was one I did with all LEFT OVER pieces of wool...little strips left over from other projects.I think it turned out pretty nice... the part most of us rug hookers dont like...finishing it !!! Today we are just going to get it ready for "finishing" which is called "blocking" and for this you need a damp cloth (I use a tea towel) and a hot iron. Be sure to check your mat and see if your hoops are all fairly even (nothing really out of line) and remove any stray pieces of thread. Place the damp cloth over the back side of the hooked piece and set your iron on the outside edge...DO NOT IRON, just lay your iron on each section and pick it up and set it on the next section until you have gone over the entire piece. Then turn the piece over and do the same thing on the front side. This will help your rug to lie flat and it also sort of "perks up" or "wakes up" your wool. Now set your rug someplace where the kids or pets (Or hubby) wont move it. Let it lie flat until dry...I usually let mine dry over night.

The next lesson will be on the different ways to finish your rug...There are MANY options out there for this, but I am going to show you the way I like best. But I will tell you about the other options too and you can decide how you want to finish your rug.

I got a HUGE bunch of wool the other day...

42 items in all...I got it all cut and washed and you can bet I will be in the kitchen dying more bundles of wool in some yummy colors for fall and the holidays ...I will be listing those bundle packs over the next few days, so be sure to check back.

I also wanted you to see that pumpkin piece I showed you last week...the one where I showed how you can use scrap pieces of your foundation fabric (mine was monks cloth) and sew them on a smaller piece to make it fit your frame/hoop...Well, it's all done and I just have to block it and add my rug binding, but I really love it...Moral of the story...dont throw away those pieces of monks cloth !

Alrighty guys, until next time...

Grace to you,

Monday, September 12, 2011

More wool fresh from the dye pot...

Hi gang...As promised, here's the newest batch of wool packs I did up over the weekend. Let's get right to it.
Autumn Splender Wool Pack $9.95  SOLD
 plus travel
Mottled Autumn Green 2.5" x 19"
Golden Plaid 2.75" x 12
Toffee Spice 2.75" x 14.25"
Soft Caramel 3" x 17"
Double Trouble Green 3.5" x 12.5"
Double Trouble Brown 3.5" x 12.5"

Christmas Eve Pack #1    $9.95   
plus travel
Checkered Wine 2" x 20"
Christmas Plaid Green 2" x 17.5"
Old Gold 2" x 19"
Christmas Plaid Wine 2.5" x 12.5"
Cranberry Wine 3.5" x 20"
Santa's Coat Plaid 4" x14"
Starry Night Blue 4" x 16.5"

Christmas Eve Pack #2  $9.95 plus travel   SOLD
Wine Plaid  2" x 20"
Christmas Plaid Green 2.5" x 17.5"
Old Gold 2" x 19"
Christmas Plaid Wine 2.5" x 12.5"
Starry Night Blue 4" x 16.5"
Cranberry 3.5" x 20"
Herringbone Wine 4" x 11"

Christmas Textures Pack   $9.95 plus travel  SOLD
Deep Plaid 2.25 x 15
 Soft Plaid 2.5 x 18
Watch Plaid 3 x 16
 Tiny Plaid 3.25 x 17
Mottled 3 x 23
Herringbone 4 x 15.5

Houndstooth remnant  $5.95 plus travel
12" x 13"
awesome fall colors

Dont forget to check and see my other packs...If it's marked sold I may still be able to make you up a pack in different sizes.

I will be in the kitchen dying more wool today and finishing up the next tutorial lesson, so stay tuned.

Until next time...
Grace to you,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Silent Auction Winners/Computer Problems

Hi guys...I am so sorry about not announcing who won our little silent auction until now. I had some major computer problems. My entire blog disappeared for a bit, then it came back, but completely messed up, so it took me some major time to figure out what happened...well, I still dont know what happened, but I redid everything, but it took every spare minute of my time the last 2 days, so no rug hooking lesson until tomorrow or Tuesday. I do have more wool to list and I promise that will be up tomorrow, unless there's a catastrophe.

OK, on to the silent auction winners. I am happy to announce that the winners of the wool for penny rugs are Marie from Old Lady Morgan Primitives who bid $21.00 and Sabrina from Fallining Leaf Woodworkers & Primitives who bid 15.00. Thanks for playing ladies.

I just love America where capilatism and the free markets really do work so well. I had NO idea how much to charge (if some of you hadn't asked, I wouldnt have even know anyone would want my wool scraps) and so by playing our little silent auction game, I let the market dictate the price ! Could there be a better example of how our system works...basic supply and demand. No stimulus needed !

Okay, okay, that's the last bit of any type of politics you will's just exciting to see it happen right in my own life. Hubby's the one who actually saw it that way...I was just doing the happy dance when he got home and said "You are never going to believe what those pieces of wool sold for honey"...He didnt think anyone would even place a bid, but I got several and was just dancing all over the house I was so excited. Of course, as much as I adore the hubs (and you all know I am over the moon for the man), it is so extremely rewarding to be RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I must admit, he is ALWAYS my biggest fan, but he IS right so often it gets annoying.

Okay, seriously, I will stop now. But you gotta admit, if you were me, you would have been dancing too.

So, thanks ladies. I will be emailing you soon.

Well, it is getting late, the hubs is coming to bed and I am going to relax...I had the inlaws over the game and the Steelers lost BIGTIME, so everyone was grumpy, but they were still hungry, so I am tired.

Until next time,
Grace to you,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ahhhhh, It's Friday night

From my back deck I can hear the band warming up for the big game tonight...Yep, it's officially football season and I am sad. Why ? Because for the last 13 years, football has been the one constant in my life (other than family, duh). We have lived in 3 different states in the last 13 years, but every fall our lives have revolved around football. Both my boys played since they were 8 years old and the helmets looked bigger than their little bodies. Every fall was filled with fundraisers, muddy uniforms, treats for tired players, long rides to far away games, freezing my toosh off on metal bleachers, selling raffle tickets, yelling till my throat hurt, listening (ad nauseum) to how "unfair" something was, cleet shopping, manning the refreshment booth, football banquets with BAD food, concussions , torn ACL's, trips to the physical therapist and many more fond, fond memories. Even  last year, when both boys were playing in college and I didn't have to sell anything or wash anything, our lives still focused on football for the autumn months and they came home to watch the Steelers, bringing their buddies with them.
This year my youngest son is in the Marines and my oldest son is out on his own so it's the first season where I dont have a child playing football... somewhere. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Even when I was sick and couldn't make it to every game I can remember the hubs carrying me from the car to the chairs he set up near the end zone (only place we could put chairs) so I could watch for awhile. Even then I missed our normal spot on the 50 yard line.

I guess today I am just feeling a little sad at the realization that those times are over. Even the anticipation of the Steeler's first game on Sunday is a bit sad. My boys always had a crowd here for the games. Sure, the inlaws are still coming over, but my oldest is having his friends over to his house for the game, so it's just us. Now before you all think I am a football fanatic...let me tell you that I'm really not. I learned what position my kids played and know the general rules of the game and since I'm from western Pa, I bleed black & gold and always, always root for the Steelers, but mostly I just loved watching my boys play, or making a mountain of  food for the boys and their friends when the Steelers played.

I am just stuck on sad today. I am really trying to figure out what I am supposed to do now (sigh). My whole adult life has been spent as a mother and now my nest is empty and I just dont know what to do with myself. I am sure God will shine a light on the situation, as He always does, but it's still sad...Like when you finish the last page of really terrific book where you feel you KNOW the people in the book. You stay up reading all night because you want to see what happens, but it's almost sad because you know the story is over. Thankfully in life , this chapter might be over, but perhpas a new book is just beginning. That's the way I am going to try to look at it anyway.

 Here are a few pictures of my guys in high school and college (sigh, again)
Kirk in high school

Kirk at college

Kyler in college

Kyler & Ashlee on Senior Night

Our house decorated for the game

Well there you have sweet little boys are all grown up. I need to dig up all their little kid pictures from football...they are too cute, but I didn't think I could stand that today. I am surprised at how emotional I am over this...silly me.

OK, gotta go get dinner started. It's after 7 and the hubs will be getting home soon.

Grace to you,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wool for Penny Rugs...Let's have some fun !

Wow, do I have a new respect for all you gals who make penny rugs. Since a few of you asked if I would be selling "scrap" wool for penny rugs, I decided to oblige and went  straight to my scrap bag. I had no idea, however, that it would take me HOURS to sort and cut all that wool into manageable pieces. I have 2 bags to offer up for sale tonight.
Each bag contains 42 larger pieces approx 3" x 4.5" , 54 squares measuring 2" x 2" and 38 squares measuring  approx 1.5" x 2".

Now ladies, I have no idea how much to even ask for these, so I thought to myself, "Let's just have a little fun with it" and do a silent auction. The two highest bids will get the wool. You will need to EMAIL me your bid (please dont post it here, cause then it wont be silent) and then, well, that's pretty much it. Lets say the bids need to be in by 4pm on Saturday afternoon. I will see who bids the most and let you guys all know Saturday night...fair enough ?

Alrighty then...I am off to watch some TV and work on that next rug hooking lesson.

Grace to you,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pattern Time & Makeover

Before I get to those patterns I promised, let me show you a sneak peek of my china closet that's almost done. Remember the one from hubbies gramma...the one NO ONE wanted cuase it looked so bad ? Well, in case you cant remember, here's some "Before" pictures from our garage...

And, even though I still have to finish the legs and buy some trim to put over the holes where I took the doors off, I am pretty pleased with how it's turning out. I am NOT liking what I have on top yet...still messing around with that. I love the flags, but not sure about the other stuff.

I am not sure if I should paint the inside...the wood is very pretty up close. Also I wanted a china closet FOR my china, but now I think I would rather have it for display cause I dont like the dishes in it (at least not yet). Hmmmm...still thinking !!!

Ok, on to the patterns. Well, thanks to all you lovely gals who have been ordering up the wool as fast as I can list it, I have not had as much time to list the patterns. Well that and maybe me working on the china closet, hehe. I am listing at least a few patterns today, and will add more over the coming days and weeks. I will also be listing more wool for rug hooking and will be making some grab bags full of wool for penny rugs (as requested by several of you). Just post a comment or email me at if you want to place an order.

But for this post I am going to list the following patterns from some of my favorite rugs. These are all Hungry Hook Primitives original rugs designed by moi, your humble reporter...wait, I'm not a reporter, but that did sound kinda neat, huh ? Not so much ? OK, well , here you go then...

"Lone Star" mat (12" x 12" finished)
Pattern on Monk's Cloth  $18.50
Kit w/pattern on monk's cloth & wool  $35.00

"Pennies From Heaven" runner (12" x 20" finished)
Pattern on Monk's Cloth  $26.50
Kit includes monks cloth, wool & instructions $55.00

"Speckled Sheep" Rug (2' x 3' fnished)
Pattern on monk's cloth  $59.50
Kit w/monks cloth, wool and instructions $115.00

"Star's & Stripes" Coaster set of 5
Pattern on monks cloth & instructions $15.00
Kit w/monks cloth & wool  $28.00

"Crows Take A Break" (14 x 11.5 finished)
Pattern on Monk's Cloth  $26.50
Kit with monks cloth, wool and instructions $55.00

"My Sampler Square" (finished 12 x 12)
Pattern on Monks Cloth $16.50
Kit w/pattern on monks cloth, wool & instructions $28.00
Please identify what color scheme you would like

Well, that does it for today's patterns, but I might sneak in some wool bundles if the hubs works late tonight.

Until then,
Grace to you,


Monday, September 5, 2011

Wool For Sale...Patterns Coming Later

Hi gang. Well, am I glad this weekend is almost over. I am wiped out. Thanks for all the prayers though....I made it through all the company and their multitude of dietary needs.  But as soon as I list this wool, I am taking a well deserved break and I am gonna make some burgers and snuggle in for some TV with the hubs.

OK, the first wool pack for sale is...
Patriot's Blue Wool Pack  $9.95
Steely Plaid 2 x 22
Mottled Blue 2 x 14
Tweed 2.5 x 25
Tiny Check 3 x 23
Dark Speckled Blue 3 x 27
Rebel Blue 3.5 x 18

Santa's Coat Wool Pack $9.95          SOLD
Christmas Plaid 2 x 18
Herringbone 2 x 18
Solid Christmas 2.25 x 24
Mottled Christmas 2.5 x 24
Deep Christmas 3 x 20
Deep Plaid 3 x 19
Deep Wine 3.5 x 17

How Green is My Garden Wool Pack $9. SOLD
Dark Stem Green 2.5 x 22
Granny Smith 2.5 x 21
Brownish Green 3 x 15
Mottled Herringbone 3.5 x 14
Leafy Green 3.5 x 15
Dark Herringbone 3.5 x 19
Deep Olive 3.5 x 20

Christmas Red Pack $4.95
2 x 16
2.5 x 24
3 x 17
3.5 x20

Pumpkin Patch Strips $6.95       SOLD
50 assorted green
75 assorted pumpkin
50 assorted brown
I will be lsiting more wools Tuesday & Wednesday, along with Hungry Hook Primitives original patterns, monks cloth, rug hooks etc. Please tune in and dont forget our next rug hooking tutorial lesson will be this weekend !!!
Remember if you need your wool cut or have a request of more of a certain wool or you need a specific color range, let me know and I will try to accomodate.

Grace to you,