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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet Super Duper Swap

Oh my goodness I have "oh so much" to share with you all. I have been a very busy gal getting ready for and then going to the Woolen Willow Rug Hooking & Quilting Retreat in the majestic mountains of West Virginia...but, you will have to wait till tomorrow to hear (and see) all that I did there because, silly old me left an entire, yes entire large bag, including most of my goodies, in my friend Teresa's car and she kindly mailed it out to me I promise to catch you up on all the fun from the retreat as soon as I have all my pics fixed up and my bag back....It has all my projects from the retreat !!! Thank goodness the package only had to come across the state of Pa from Teresa's house near Carlisle to my house near Pittsburgh...I could not believe it when I got Teresa's text saying she found a wonderful bag of wool and a pretty sheep rug in her car when she unpacked, lol. Sending a huge "Thank You" out to Teresa of Teresa's Primitive Treasures...wait till you see what she hooked while we were there....It is "to die for"...she is really incredibly talented and a sweetheart too.

Okay, but just so you havent wasted your time popping in today...I have pictures of all the yummy things Lecia, from Farmhouse Prims, sent me in a swap...Oh my, prepare to repent because you may commit a little covetousness when you drool with envy over what she sent me !!!

I have been wanting one of Lecia's bonnets for, well, forever and I kept hoping I would get her as my swap partner in one of the many swaps held by Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane Cottage...Sadly, after almost 2 years, I still hadn't gotten her as a swap partner (guess maybe I shoulda asked, huh?) so I finally just asked if she would like to swap sometime...Well, we worked out the particulars (although I dont feel the items I made her are even in the same league as what she sent me) and a big box arrived last week at my house with Lecia's return address. Now, by this time I was pressed for time to get ready to leave for the retreat and I got a wholesale order for some rug hooking kits (hooray...these was my first wholesale order) that needed to ship out before I I decided to use that big box as an incentive to be my "reward" once I had completed all my tasks...Well I worked right up till it was time to walk out the door (no sleep for me) for the retreat so, sadly, I had to wait till I got home to open my package....

Well, it was more than worth the wait. Of course I should have taken a picture of how pretty everything looked wrapped up but, well, I had waited long enough !!! Oh my goodness...first of all, as soon as I opened the box I was enveloped by the most intoxicating smell...Oh it was just yummy, yummy, yummy. 

So, you wanna see what she sent ? Of course you here goes...
Here is the beautiful much bigger than I had anticipated ! I cant wait to figure out where I will put when I decide, I promise ! Isn't it just primtacular ?
Next is this gorgeous primitive style Prairie Journal...I just love it and I think even my adult kids will think its neat because the family used to play "Oregon Trail" on the computer and then actually ride on part of the original Oregon Trail when we moved to Colorado...such a sweet reminder of days gone by. Oh and that spicy pear soap smells divine !
Now, the thing is, the bonnet and journal was all she was supposed to send but Lecia really spoiled me with even more prim presents like this beautiful little calico bird pin sweet !
And this adorable little bunny with real twig cute is she ?
And look at this pillow hanger she made me...All so beautiful and prim !!!

So, again, a big THANK YOU to Lecia for going above and beyond on this swap...She  really touched my heart and I can only hope she likes what I made for her half as much as how much I love what she made for me.

Well folks that's it for today but I will have more to share tomorrow !

Until next time,
Grace to you,'

Friday, April 19, 2013

PHM Update

Hi folks...quick post and I promise I will write more later ...Not feeling well again...prayers appreciated ! Did want to mention thatttoday is the update for the selling group I am in over at Primitive Handmades Mercantile (see the button on the right side of my blog). Lots of terrific artists who specialize in bringing you the best in hand made primitive wares !

Here are the items I am listing this month....
Lulu the Lamb candle mat
Gameboard Candle Mat
Bee Skep Garden Candle Mat
Listing lots more wool and now I also will be carrying monks cloth in 1/2 and whole yards. I also got in more primitive rug hooks and will be listing those later too...Just hoping I can use my stupid hands....I hate to say it but hooking has become VERY painful, especially when I was already in a pain tail spin...Oh gosh, sorry,,,this isnt the time or place to be boo-hooing !!!

Love and miss you all and I promise I will be back later to chat more and hopefully catch up on all your blogs too !

Grace to you,