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Monday, January 2, 2012

As the holidays come to a close and we begin a new year...

Oh my goodness my primitive friends, I have missed you all so much ! I am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs now that the holidays are finally over and things are (hopefully) settlling back down into some sort of order. I never actually meant to take a blogging vacation over Christmas, but from the moment my youngest came home on Christmas eve with just minutes to spare to make it to church, life has been chaotic and just a tad out of control. We did have some exciting news youngest son got engaged on New Years Eve to his high school sweetheart. She is a super sweet and very pretty girl and I am determined to be just "The Best" mother in law ! I cant say that I think getting engaged at 19 is the best thing to do, but I did the same thing 25 years ago and have never had a single regret about marrying the guys all know I am over the moon for the man and he feels the same way about me, but I still wish they would wait a little longer, but I have decided that it's their life and the best thing I can do for them is to pray and try to encourage them and be a good example. Here's a picture of them from last night...
In looking over all the pictures taken over the last couple weeks I realized I didnt get a single picture of us as a family or of me with the hubs...which was a good thing since I have packed on 11 pounds since early December...UGH. Guess its time to stop using the exercise bike in my bedroom as a clothes rack and actually get on it and move the pedals...UGH, UGH. I can tell you exactly what packed on those pounds though...hershey kiss cookies. I only bake them for Christmas (unless I am properly begged) and  I have ZERO willpower wheres these delicious little gems are concerned, zero. I thought by putting them in the freezer that would, nope, I found out they taste even BETTER frozen. I made lots of goodies as gifts this year so I had tons of cookies on hand ...Oh did I mention I didnt start baking until just a few days before Christmas ? Yeah, I planned food gifts and then waited till the last minute...yep thats how I get myself into so much trouble. Well, since I kept eating those cookies I had to bake more for the gifts I had planned...TWICE because I just couldnt stop sneaking one cookie here, one cookie there and like magic...the cookies just disappeared and then re-appeared on my hips. I was already stressed out and I am a stress eater (is that a real thing or just my excuse I wonder). I was already in one of the WORST muscle flares I have had in over 3 years  which means I am notmoving as much or as rapidly and I think I  tried to console myself with those doggone cookies and now I had to dig out my fat jeans...ok, my fatter jeans if I am being honest. .

Well, enough about the woes of an overindulgent, overwhelming Christmas...HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I really am excited about the new year and hope to add lots of new fun stuff on my blog and hope to get some new followers too. I will be doing another giveaway, listing more wool for sale, adding some new lessons in my rug hooking tutorial series and putting together some new rug hooking kits.  As the promise of snow looms near I am trying to think of some great projects for spring and summer. Since finances for so many are really stretched this year, I will be offering more "ruglets" and ruglet kits for sale since they are smaller and more affordable. If anyone has any requests or suggestions, let me know.

Well gals, I look forward to catching up with you all and I hope you all had fabulous holidays filled with love and laughter.

Grace to you,


  1. I didn't get to try the rug hooking, since I was working on my kitchen for months! I got it done, except for a couple tiny things...Yippee!
    Now, I want to start out the new year, crafting!
    I will want some of your wool, that if for sure!
    Happy New Year!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. Margie girl, here you are! I emailed you last weekend and I'm glad you are up and about.
    Your son and future DIL look so happy. I know what you mean, my daughter got married at 22 and I thought THAT was too soon. Oh, well...
    I am planning that this year will be the one that I learn rug hooking. Armed with your tutorials I hope I can make at least a little coaster!

  3. Beautiful couple.Yes if you're set on making it work and truely in Love then it can withstand even when your young.I am cookied out to.My obsession was a chocolate peanut butter pretzel cookie.Oh my goodness pure yumminess.I'll share the recipe soon.Glad you had a nice Christmas.Happy New Year! Hugs!~Amy

  4. Hi Margie,
    I just loved this post!
    Those darn cookies!! They dissappear and reappear on our hips! Happens everytime. LOL!!
    Oh well, life is short - Enjoy the holidays!
    They only come around once a year, thank goodnes. :)

    Congratulations to your son and future daughter in-law on their engagement.
    I must admit that Steelers jersey is what caught my eye in my sidebar!! LOL!!

    As soon as I can get caught up from Christmas and finally have some "Me" money, I'm going to be buying myself one of your kits.
    I be asking you which style would be best for an untalented beginner!! LOL!! Because that is Me! But I have decided that this is the year I finally learn how to become a hooker!! :)

    Wishing you and yours a Very Blessed New Year!!

  5. Hi Margie: So glad that you're back. Congrats on your son and DIL's engagement...yes that is very young but hope it all works out. I think we all gain weight...mine is from cheesecake. I've got to dust off my ****Happy New Year!*****
    Patti :)

  6. Margie ~
    So good to hear from you!
    What a handsome couple. Congrats to them and to you.
    Happy New Year!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Congratulations to your son and for you gaining a daughter-in-law! They are a cute couple, I hope they have many happy years together!

    Ok, I got a really good laugh, you had me laughing out loud about the cookies. I am SO glad to learn that I am not alone with this! You are just the bigger woman and can admit it, I guess I'm still living in denial that no... I didn't eat five dozen cookies by myself in two days that were intended for a gift. Oh well, at least we are good bakers, right?!? =]

  8. Good Luck on the weight loss. A visit to the doc this week is/has been keeping my on track this year. Don't want to get yelled at. Hopefully I can get out that rug kit that I have and try to make it this year following your directions!


  9. Welcome back!!!
    Happy New Year to you too!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!
    Can't wait to see all the new and exciting things you are going to come up with... One of my promises to myself is to learn something new!!!
    Congrats to the cute and by the looks of it the happy couple!!!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Margie,

    Those darn cookies have the same effect over here too! YIKES!!!
    Congrats to your son and future DIL! So hope you are feeling MUCH better! OLM

  11. Congrats to your son and future DIL, I am also going to learn to hook rug!
    Prim Blessings anf Hugs,

  12. Happy New Year, Margie ~ welcome back. Congratulations to your son and future daughter in law. Such a sweet picture. Love those cookies, one of my faves. I'm in need of some more browns of your great wool, for me this time. My friend was over the moon with the wool I bought for her. I need some for backing for my cross stitched pinkeeps. Let me know if you have any available.
    hugs ~

  13. Ya know, if those dang cookies were giving you such problems, you could have sent some off to me. I didn't do any baking this year - and yikes, did I ever miss it! (Not the baking part either...the EATING part....) Congratulations on the new DIL to be....they do make a wonderful looking couple. And - the wedding planning fun begins. Hope the holidays were merry and bright....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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