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Monday, January 9, 2012

So Much To Tell

Oh my goodness, where do I begin. I have so much exciting news. Well lets start at some of the remarkable goodies I got. Of course I am a bit late on this, but Marie from Prmitives by Old Lady Morgan...we did a terrific swap and of course, she sent way more than I anticipated, but she's like that...such a sweetie. Isnt this snowman just a riot ? I love his wild eyes and long nose !!!
She also sent this guy which is , I think, my all time favorite snowman...Its just like me...a little unusual....She sent 2 more that are snow ornies but my legs are hurting too badly to go all the way down to the family room and take the pics (Yes, I still have one of my trees up...I just havnt gotten around to taking it down yet...I know, I know, I am pathetic, but it just cant be helped this year)
Anyway, isnt he just so cute looking ? So, Marie...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again.

Well a few days ago the hubs had a meeting near where my bestie lives so I tagged along for the hour long drive and he dropped me off so we could finally do our Christmas. Now my friend Penny is the all time best gift giver...she could be a professional gift buyer. In fact, most of my all time favorite prims are gifts she has bought me over our 25 year friendship...someday I will do a post of all the things around my house that she's gotten me and you will be amazed too. OK, so I didnt take pics of the different teas she got me (I love tea) or the silicone baking mats she got me for all my cookie baking (she didnt have a clue what they were or what they were for but she knew I wanted them, so she got them...thats how she rolls) and she got me this adorable kitchen towel...dont you love it ?

Look at those little snowmen & little lamb !

She also got me this totally adorable snow man that I just love.
His hat says HOPE which is what we both need since we have had so many health issues

Then today when I went to the mailbox I saw this puffy package and I knew, I just knew it was from Linda from Parkers Paradise even before I got it out of the box. Sure enough it was from Linda, which blows me away because she just sent me a beatiful pillow in December. I was sooo excited I literally tore into the pkg right there in the doorway...Yes, I am that immature. Lookie what she sent....isnt it just the most darling pillow ??? Cant wait to find the perfect spot for it.

A big thank you to Linda...One of my wished for the new year is to be more like Linda !!!!

I also am super excited, and completely honored to have been asked to join a brand new selling group. We will all be up and selling on January 20th so please check us out at . I will be offering some yummy Valetine themed hooked hearts and I know some of the other gals have some awesome items planned too. I cant tell you how overwhelmed I am that folks think my crafting/art is worthy of being showcased in that way. What a wonderful feeling !!!

Well I had one more piece of good news, but I think I am gonna save that little gem for later. I should get back to work finishing up my swap, finishing up my items for the mercantile and finishing up posting all my new wool bundles.

So, tootles for now !

Grace to you,


  1. Lovely gifts! I used to do one of the prim sites but in the summer couldn't keep up so gave it up.You should do wonderful.Yes your Hugs!~Amy

  2. Love all your goodies, aren't Marie and Linda awesome, love your goodies from your friend too! Hope your legs start feeling better! Hugs, Lecia

  3. My goodness you have received some many awesome things! I was lucky enough to have Marie as a swap partner too, and she is awesome - I'm in love with the quirkly snowman she sent you! He's great! Hope your legs start feeling better...anxious to hear your 'other' news!

  4. What great gifts you got! That towel and snowman are just too cute and great swap items also!
    I still have a tree up also, my granddaughter stays with me on Wednesdays and asked me to leave one up for her and not throw them out in the snow like Mommy did.

  5. Wonderful news and goodies :) What a wonderful pillow from Linda, we should all wish to be more like her :)

  6. Wow those are some really wonderful goodies you got there. It is like Christmas year around huh?

  7. Margie, SO wish you were feeling better my friend! So glad you like all your goodies, I knwo I love mine!!!
    Congrats on the new adventure! Haven't been blogging much... still cleaning up the mess I was blindsided with...Hopefully I can close that door this week!! Keep your fingers crossed... I will blog about it once it's closed! OLM

  8. Hi, Margie ~ I love Marie's prims, she and I have done a few swaps, they are awesome and smell divine. Got my wool, love it! thanks so much.

  9. Hi Margie,
    Your gifts are all so beautiful. What a joy it must be to have a best friend like yours. You are very lucky. Congratulations on the selling group.

  10. Love the snowmen! Marie's stuff is wonderful : ) I am also a tea lover : ) Can't wait to see the new sales site : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  11. I love all your gifts. The hope snowman is just too cute for words. I have one similar to him.


  12. Hi, Margie,
    It is so nice to hear you bubbly and feeling better! I love all of your new prim goodies. If you have the time, please stop by my blog and give me your expert opinion on the piece of paisley wool that I posted.

  13. Hey My Friend. Congrats on joining your new group. Can't wait to see your goodies. Love all of your goodies esp those snowmen from OLM. Hope you're feeling better!
    take care,

  14. Those are some might fine looking snowfolk....I so love OLM's style....Wonderful goodies from Penny too - so much fun to get gifts from someone that "gets" you....And ah, dear L'Claus is still at it....thought those North Pole folks rested a bit after the big show....Hmmmm...more good news??? Can we really stand MORE??? Bring it on you big tease you!! (And congrats on the selling group??? Did I tell you that already or not??? Sorry - my head hurts too much to go back and look....kinda like your legs and those ornies...ya know???) ;o) Smiles & Big Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Lovely goodies you got from some great friends.
    Congratulations on your newest adventures!!!
    Prim Blessings

  16. Hi, Margie - all of the snowmen you received are adorable. Looking forward to seeing your hooked Valentine items. We need to have a long chat to catch up real soon!


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