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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holy Cow

Holy Cow...Thats what I keep saying over and over again. The selling group that I joined is doing amazingly well and if you all havent checked it out, you really should pop over to . You have until the 27th to sign up for an AWESOME giveaway with LOTS of yummy prim items donated by several of the artists. Just look at all the primilicious things you could win !!!

 I have already sold all four of my hooked hearts with the old keys...happy dance time ,which is not a pretty sight really...that 15 pounds I packed on over the last few months jiggles around and could possibly hurt someone and is soooooo unattractive ! Dont you just hate when you roll over in bed and your tummy hits the mattress with a "thud" and  you hear the sloshing sound of , well, I am not sure actually what makes that sounbd, but you know what I mean ??? What ? That never happens to anyone but me ?  Well, ok it might just be me...oh, if I could just stop eating chocolate or adding homemade whipped cream to my daily coffee or end my torrid love affair with cheese...Cheese...there isnt a cheese I dont love.  I actually had to talk to myself, OUTLOUD, at the grocery store last night when I saw this roquefort colby blend on sale. I almost had to yell at myself since it was close to $30.00 per pound...I kept trying to do the math in my head to figure out what it would cost to just buy a sliver...Finally summed up the courage to walk away, well truth be told, I kind of jogged, (which I feel should actually count as exercise) because I knew if I stayed one more second I would pick up the cheapest package they had on hand ($9.50) and eat in all on the way home (what ? you never ripped open a package of cheese in the car or, like me, in the parking lot ??? Well thats just sad).

Thank heaven I found the strength to resist THAT temptation though, because I fell victim to the the subtle seduction of the York Peppermint Patty calling my name at the checkout stand fulfilling my desire for something yummy . It actually brought a double wammy of contentment since it was only fifty cents (in my mind I just saved $9) and it is the candy bar with the least amount of fat & calories  !!!

Well if I could give up my food obsessions I could probably lose 50 pounds, but seriously, what kind of life would that be ??? A life without chocolate, whipped cream or cheese ???  Dont even get me started on butter or gravy...YUM ! Well for me it would be devastating...These items fill a deep hole inside me, they nurture me...NOT, no they dont ! I just LOVE good food.  I could/should/will totally learn to live a life of moderation...someday. For now I will cut back the whipped cream in my coffee..its a baby step that I can manage !

OK, OK, I guess I should get serious here for a minute. It is finally snowing here in western PA and I couldn't be more excited....I love the snow !!! It finally feels like winter has arrived. So I am nestled in and doing the last of my wool dyeing and I decided to do a clearance sale of sorts on much of the wool bundles I have already listed to make it easier to clear out room for all those new yummy wool bundles I have been working on over the last several days/weeks. So pop over to my "Wool For Sale" page and look for the items in RED for savings.  Also, if you purchase, please, please send me your shipping address when you order so I can invoice you MUCH more quickly.
Alrighty, well you know I HATE doing posts without lots of pictures, so I thought I would show you these great  half sized jars I got at the thrift last week..I have never seen these little guys before and just had to have them...aren't they sweet ??? Haven't figured out what I am going to do with them yet, but I am sure I will think of something although I always love your suggestions. Does anyone know any history on these type of jars ? The lids dont fit tightly so I am wondering if there is maybe another piece that I dont have  like a seal of some type ???? I am sure one of you terrific gals knows the answer...please share, pretty please ?!?!? I have a larger one but it seals pretty well, so I am just not sure what the deal is with these.

Well ladies, I am off check the tv and see who is in the lead in the South Carolina primary race and grab some lunch. Obviously I have made myself hungry...I am thinking fresh mozzarella cheese layered on top of a slices of tomato, atop some crusty homemade ciabatta bread and then broiled to crisp perfection then slathered with a little homemade basil mayo...Oh YUM !!!

Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. Yep baby steps work best for me.I'm with you love food to much to eat bland.I do try to take a extra block occasionally when I take the dogs for a walk.LoL..The jars are fruit jars came in differnt sizes,there was a rubber ring that sealed the lids.Since you aren't actually using them to can no need for the rubber ring.Glad your selling site is going well.I loved those hearts and can see why the sold out so fast for you.Have a great snow day! Hugs!~Amy

  2. Yeah, I have a bit of a floppy tummy. I've given up all of the junk food and treats. It's not easy. All of your rugs sold, MARVELOUS! Hooray for you, Margie. I'm so happy for you.
    The jars should have rubber sealing rings. They are really nice collectibles as they don't make canning jars like that anymore. They are pretty old. Great for anything you want to put in them.
    I've got some blue glass ones. I've given a lot to Ashley.
    Ok, now if you're gonna have more peppermint patties, call me, I want some!!

  3. you crack me up Margie! Hahaha. Congrats on your rug sales....check your email. I have a ? for ya!
    patti ;)

  4. Oh goodness I know how you feel! I have gained so much weight in the last year that just the other day I decided to join Weight Watchers Online (no meetings for me!). I'm not planning on giving up the things I love at all...but I'll watch my portions from now on. I'm going to head over to check out the site you sounds wonderful! I hope your weekend is a good one so far. Keep warm and enjoy your snow ;)
    Maura :)

  5. Margie ... Congratulations on the sale success! I am soooo hungry after reading your post ... lol! Here's something we have in common ... I LOVE cheese! It is more than allowable on a low-carb diet, the only type that works for me, so it's a real treat to be able to eat all the cheese I want & still lose weight : ) Have a great weekend with all that wonderful snow! I am jealous! Blessings, Shirlee

  6. Margie ~
    You made me laugh and you made me hungry! Have you ever sat down with a bowl of cool whip and chocolate syrup? Been there, done that a few times but I try not to!
    I think the jars are missing a rubber ring that would seal them tightly. (I don't know if anyone else mentioned it because the other comments are showing up so tiny I can't read them!)
    Your mozarella/tomato/ciabatta concoction sounds divine.
    Hugs :)

  7. Oh girls you crack me up! I love cheese too, but my weakness is ice cream. I have a bit of dairy intolerance but I can't resist! Neat jars! Off to check out your selling group.

  8. time you better have lunch BEFORE you made me hungry all over again and I didn't eat dinner that long ago!! I get the chocolate and the cheese (hey, Nod is IN "the dairy state") and I love me my whip cream - but in coffee?? Really??? I like a big ol' bowl of French vanilla ice cream, with chocolate syrup, nut topping and whip cream. But then I have to lock myself in a closet somewhere to eat it or my cross-eyed cat wages war with me over the whipped cream. Anywho.....the're missing the rubber sealing ring - they were canning jars - especially for fruit and jellies. Sorry if other folks already commented on that question and answered it for you - but, dang - the comments are showing up so itty bitty on your (and other) blogs that I can't read them to see if someone already told you. Glad to hear the new selling group is doing well. I took a peek, but, alas am financially challenged right now.....Have an awesome Sunday Sweetie!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Hi Margie...well your first paragraphs got me giggling...and NO you are not along with the tummy thing...and as years go along it's harder and harder to get rid of it...oh, actually you can't get rid of that of the only things that you can't 'exercise away'...SAD ISN'T IT...the one thing that plagues us and it's there to stay.
    I too love my sweets...cake, desserts..candy not so much.
    I'm a tad late for some of your wool I see...the two I wanted are sold but that's no surprise. Guess I had better get on the ball next time but I just haven't been commenting lately - been busy stitching!

    Congratulations on selling all your surprise there.


  10. Cheese...yum...that is one reason why I pick to watch my carbs...I can still eat cheese :) my down fall is sweets though, cookies, cake, anything made with sugar and I was just talking about my belly today...and my very kind husband said we are both just fine..He must need his eyes checked but I will go with it! :)

  11. Have you ever made mozzarella at home? Wonderful and easy, someday I plan on doing a tutorial for it on my blog...someday : ).
    I'm thinking that there should be a seal, a rubber gasket type, all of the bailed jars I have seen have them. If you need some let me know a size I may have some here that I can give you. They are nice because then you don't have to worry about the glass chipping as easily on top of the sealing better thing.

  12. Margie your posts always make me smile!Congrats on your sales!Hugs,Jen


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