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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pleasantly Suprised

Wow...what awesome trips to the mailbox the last few days...I got some of the sweetest things in the mail from some of the sweetest gals in all of blogland. First up I need to tell you about the awesome ornies I got from Bumble Bee Lane's Christmas ornie swap...I lucked out and got Amy herself and she sent one of her yummy smelling waxed Santa ornies (hooray and thank you Amy)...

And then to my delight I got a beautifully wrapped pkg (sorry I was too excited and I just tore into it) from Patti from Raspberry Lane and she really spoiled me and sent 3 yummy smelling ornies (Thank you Patti)

Then , to my suprise, I got a package in the mail from dear sweet Linda from Parker's Paradise...I have no idea why she decided to send me something other than she is just the nicest person...Can you believe she sent me this beautiful pillow ??? How does she ALWAYS seem to know just what to send...she always knows when you need a little pick me up doesnt she ???? What a blessing and I want to send a big cyber hug out to Linda and say Thank You...
I am happily finding homes for all my sweet orbies and the pillow...The hubs and I decided to make it a small Christmas this year...getting these extra "presents" has made my holiday extra special. Oh and I got the sweetest card form Lil Raggedy Angie too...which is great since I think soooo many people arent doing cards this year...which is a shame cuz I love hanging up all the cards and look forward to catching up in a non-digital way. ANyway...thanks Angie, you're a doll !

I have made a few little extra ornies myself to fill in on  my downstairs tree since it was fatter and fuller than what we usually get and my house smells so yummy from all the cinnamon...
I also have been tweeking a few things and just finished up this little sleigh last week and I got the little tree at the thrift for .59 and I dressed it up with some homespun and bells...looks kinds cute right ?
I have been a decoupaging fool and am literally adding these winter labels to just about everything...Here are a couple little displays that I still dont have just right, but they are coming together...

I also have been practicing my blanket stitch (you guys know I dont sew much) and think I am definately getting better...

I have found that doing these little projects are very manageable with not feeling well ! I just wish I had enough energy to get my house clean, bake some cookies and get the gifts purchased....I have only boought one present so far...I dont think I have ever been this far behind except the year I had my other blood clot (it was December then too). Oh well...Christmas will come on December 25th regardless of how much I have done. I have decided just to bake my kids MOST favorite cookies this year...maybe I can get away with 4 kinds and call it quits.

Ou tree's look pretty nice...just cant seem to get the lighting right to show just how pretty they really look but here goes....

Okie doke gang...I am off to wrap the gifts for our church giving tree (I did manage to get those purchased at least, so thats progress....right ?) since they are due at church tomorrow morning !!! I will try to post again later in the week and I have silently been "lurking" on many of your blogs, but just havent been commenting....sorry gals, I promise to try harder !!!

Grace to you,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Free Tutorial

Well folks I have had such an overwhelming response to my last post about the santa hat box and all my Christmas boxes that someone actually asked for a tutorial. Well, as usual I am a little pressed for time, since I spent last night in the ER with what they think might be another blood clot (yuck). I am fine and we are keeping a close eye on things, so no worries gals.

On to the more important things in life...decorating for the Holidays !!!. Well I dont have another octagonal box, but I am going to give the simple steps to transforming ANY box into a prim work of art for literally pennies with stuff you probably already have around your house. These boxes also make wonderful gifts when you stack them in set of 3 and put little goodies inside. You can use any shaped box you can find...this will change the way you look at your "trash" ladies...todays tampon box could be tomorrow's beautiful prim decor item.

OK, so you dont want to use a tampon box ???? You can use any how about a USED Priority mail cube box ? Just please be sure not to use a NEW one as it is a federal crime ot use Priority boxes for anything other than priority mail.  Well if you dont want to use a tampon box or run the risk of a federal crime ( cuz I know some of you are already contemplating breaking the law...tsk, tsk) Dollar Tree has these 2 pc sets of boxes in their gift wrap section for $1...Here's what they look like ...

Then I just base coat them in the colors of my choice which today were black &barnyard red and I also had one more slightly larger box that I painted yellow...I think it was a left over gift box from last Christmas that I then painted a golden straw color.

Then you just decide on the pics you want to use...Now some folks just print the pics out on those awesome kraft paper sticker labels, which is awesome and easy, but kind of expensive and it means unless you have those little buggers on hand you cant just do this project at the last minute, which as most of you know, is how I roll. So I use good old Mod Podge shown here...
But I have also used good old Elmers school glue with a little water added and gotten the same effect, so literally, this is a really easy project. Next you will need the actual photos you want to use. Now here's the fun part cuz you can use just about any image you want...anything form old Christmas cards, old calendar pics you name it. I used some vintage style labels I have saved on  my computer which I am offering for you to use today...simply copy the pics and then you can size it to your liking using your favorite resizing program...I use Picasa to crop my pics and then make them look older using their "sepia" tone. I then can print them in a myriad of sizes from wallet to full 8x 10 which is what I used for the large santa box. These labels will be about the right size already depending on the box you're using. Here are the pics I chose...


As you all know, normally my photos are copyright protected, but today you can use all 3 of these labels in any way you wish...for your personal use or if you want to make 1000 boxes and sell them at a craft show...well, God Bless ya, you have my blessing and express permission. Go forth and create !

Uh, er, well, now that I got that little overly exuberant theatrical experience out of the way (because yes, I actually said it out loud), on to the tutorial.

Ok, so now you want to print out your pictures and trim them down so no white edges are showing from the paper (I, being very frugal just use regular old copy paper but you can use any kind you want...I wont tell). Here's how mine looked after I cut them down...

Next you're going to paint the mod podge all over the front of the box. I usuallu go in both directions to get good coverage. Then place your item where you want it and paint the mod podge (or watered down glue) over top of it. Be sure to press out any bubbles as you go and smoothing them out with your fingers...if you have a stubborn bubble simply pop in with a pin and add more glue. Then let it dry which takes about 10-15 minutes.
Next I add some stain or antiquing medium...frankly its which ever I have handy. I have used regular minwax left over stain or the little bottles or craft stain as shown here. It's Folkart brand Antiquing medium #810 but you can also use watered down brown paint for the same effect.

For light colored boxes I just brush on a few random splotches and then either rub in with a rag or add a water laden brush to disperse the stain.

For the red box I like to add a TINY bit of black paint in the same manner....
And then just use a watery brush to feather it out. Repeat until you get the desired effect. When adding the stain, just be sure to be ready to immediately wipe it off (gently) from the pictured part of your boxes. Once it's dry I either spray with a sealer or just mod podge again for a final sealant. Let dry completely and voila....awesome Christmas decorations for next to nothing...
This same process works on wood and glass too so the possibilities are endless. Here are a few other examples...

I hope this was helpful and as always, feel free to email any questions. Just think of all the BIG boxes you could do up and place on top of your kitchen cupboards or under a tree...oh the possibilities are endless. I would LOVE to see what you gals come up with so please be sure to share your final projects !

Well, I am off to to put my legs up and take a short break.
Grace to you,

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Beginning To look Alot Like Christmas...

Well, I am finally feeling like I have some holiday spirit. The hubs and I went and got our trees, yes trees...we get for the main floor and one for the downstairs family room ( aka the guys Steeler man cave). I know I am quite spoiled, but I am a Christmas junkie and I need my tree fix. I will get some pics up after I am done ...just got the lights on so far.

Of course I would have gotten the trees all done if I hadnt decided to repaint my china hutch. Remember when we got the hubs gramma's stuff  and I painted it blue ? Well, I just wasnt happy with it, so I redid it last night and I like it much better...Havent gotten all the "stuff" put just where I want it yet, but I do like the boxes on top...just gonna add some white lights.
I have had these boxes for ages and they have patriotic pics on the other side but I figured I could easily have them do double duty and put Christmas/wintry labels on the other side...pretty thrifty, right ?

Also i got this old hat box from the hubs gramma and I just KNEW I could make it beautiful...what do you think ????
I love the way it turned out...It was fun to paint, distress, decopauge and stain and see this wonderful ginat box come to life....figured I would have paid close to $50 in a prim shop (which of course I would never do because thrity is my middle name).

I got so inspired by redoing the hutch that I decided to work on the small buffet...Hiked this all the way up from the garage all by my lonesome too...Yes, I work out (well, that WAS my work out).'s how it looks...
DO NOT enlarge the picture floors are very dusty and my baseboards havent been cleaned in forever ! hahaha

Well to round out all my crafting escapades, here are some ornies I made while watching Christmas movies the last couple days...

I had  tons of fun hooking the little stockings and making the snowmen with some old wire I have had sitting around for who knows how long...and I love my checkered ginger...I had some wool that just wouldnt hook well and I figured it would be great for some gingers. Tomorrow I am planning on some cinnamon applesauce ornies, baking some cookies and finishing my trees.

I do still have several wool bundles left if anyone is interested along with some rug hooking kits. My first post of the new year will have another rug hooking tutorial...I decided we are all too busy right now, but feel free to keep those questions coming. I am enjoying answering all of them.

Well, guess that about all thats new right now. I have an aching back at the moment, so off I go to take a break and watch yet another Christmas movie....I record them ALL and love watching them...even all by my lonesome !

Grace to you,

Monday, November 28, 2011

It was like Christmas...

Oh my goodness gracious I have soooo much catching up to do with you all. First of all I truly hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful and restful Thanksgiving. Mine was wonderful since 2 of my 3 kids were able to spend the holiday with us. Having our Marine home was awesome, although it wasn't nearly long enough. Now this is the baby of our family and typical of the baby boy, he pretty much has always just signed his name to whatever his brother or sister did as gifts for most of his life and sent me to get most of his girlfriends gifts over the years (Thank goodness for camera phones) so imagine my suprise when he had our Christmas gifts with him that he picked out and purchased HIMSELF !!! It was so sweet...he bought me a beautiful necklace with these beautiful charms with each kids birthstone and , if that wasnt enough, he also got me the dvd of The Christmas Shoes...the 2 of us ALWAYS watched Christmas movies together starting the day after Thanksgiving so it was an extra special, very thoughtful gift ! Oh how I wish he could be here for the whole month of December but he's not even sure if he will be home for Christma which is killing me. He wont know until Dec 23 when he gets back from the field...GRRRR !

It was wonderful to have both my boys at home with us and the inlaws were with us too and we had a wonderful turkey dinner and then played cards and it was just a blast. Thank goodness I had that extra week (wink, wink) or I would never have been ready. I did finally get all those apples cooked down but ran out of time to get them canned so I figured I would send it over to the church along with my turkey and dressing that I was making for the outreach dinner. Well we all sent over our turkey drippings too so they could make gravy. Well imagine my suprise when I went down to the church kitchen after church on Sunday to pick up my dishes and one of the gals asked if I knew what happened with the gravy...One of the gals mistook my giant container of homemade apple sauce for gravy and added the entire tub to the gravy...Oh my goodness...she said it tatsed ok, but I think she waqs just being nice since I thinbk it would have had to have been ruined !!! I felt so badly about it but I cant understand for the life of me how she didnt smell the apples and cinnamon, especially since I sent my drippings in a mason jar !!!!

Well, now I have to tell you about the exciting swap presents I got in Friday's mail. Melissa from over at Libbies Home was my swap partner for Bumble Bee Lane's Christmas in The Cabin swap and oh my goodness, when I opened that box I was BLOWN away...Look at all the packages...
I was literally squeeling with delight ! My son came running upstairs cuz he thought I got hurt...Nah, just doing the happy dance with all my goodies. Melissa really did a fantastic job ...
Look at all these primtastic gems...I was in prim heaven. I have some close ups to show you each thing individually except I forgot to take a picture of the sweet magnetic grocery list with the prim snowman on it, which was great cuz I just used my last list !!!
I collect rolling pins and this little one is a beauty and Melissa made this sweet little wrapper for it too !
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this snowman cute is he ???? Perfect addition to my snowman collection !
Isnt this grater and candle just divine ? I found the perfect I just need to get it hung.
Look at how swwet this mason jar is ? Her attention to detail was so sweet and so thoughtrul. I just LOVE it all.
I think this star is my favorite's just so perfectly prim.
This lovely candle holder has a wonderfully smelling battery candle in it so its perfect for a place with no outlet.

This little grunged candle smells SOOOOO good and isnt that a sweet little braided mat ?
Last but not least, look at all these sweet Christmas distressed tags. Melissa really went all out and I really felt like maybe I needed to send her another package because she really went above and beyond. If you ever get a chance to be her swap partner...well, you will be as blessed as I am...she did all this while grading papers and holding parent teacher conferences. Isnt she wonderful ???? Yes, she is !

Well, I guess thats about all for me. I am so excited to get my decorating all done...the hubs and I are going on Wednesday to get our trees...Hooray ! I love it once the house smells all piney ! Oh and I am committed to getting those Christmas red and wine wools listed this fact I will be adding them right after this post so if you are in need or the BEST Christmas red wools, be sure to check out my wools for sale page.

It's great to be back online and I will be trying to stop by all of YOUR blogs to see what you've been working on...I have to admit that since I had so much to do and wanted to spend every minute I could with our sons, I didnt even so much as check my email until late last night. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you...You gys are just the best and I appreciate those of you who "checked in" to see if I was ok since you hadnt seen any new posts from me...You really are such wonderful friends and I am truly thankful for you.

Ok, I really am going now.

Grace to you,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Proof Postive that I am an IDIOT !!!

Well if you read my post from yesterday, you know that I have been overwhelmed with WAY too much to get done before Thanksgiving.  Last night, not too long after I wrote my post, I was frantically trying to get everything done and in the midst of the insurmountable task the hubs reminded me that I also volunteered to write out 15 thank you notes for him (he has yucky hand writing) for people who had participated in his black Friday sale from last year and invite them to the one this year...So, in the midst of all the other things I was trying to finish, I sat down to write them out. He had a memo from home office with the verbage they wanted used. Well imagine my suprise when I read that they needed them sent by Monday Nov. 14 with a follow up call no later than Monday the 21st. OK, yes, idiot Margie actually used up valuable energy by running downstairs to the hubs man cave (he was watching the Steeler game of course) and said "Um, honey, why on earth would you send these out and then call them AFTER Thanksgiving to remind them...that's just dumb...I hate your stupid company, they make you do the dumbest things and never have their info right ! Shouldnt you have mailed these LAST week and called tomorrow since Thursday is Thanksgiving ?" Well of course my husband is smiling now...smirking perhaps, and said "Babe, you do know Thanksgiving is NEXT week right ? You know ...its the last Thursday in November...been that way your entire life " He was now chuckling and I was getting really irritated. I KNOW he told me Thanksgiving was this week and hello....I have been running around, baking cookies, painting porches, refinishing my buffet, etc saying things like "Oh my gosh, I am running out of time and I need to get all this stuff done by Thursday" and he never said a word...NOT ONE WORD!!!  I mean, its not like I have random Thursday deadlines to meet for pete's sake ! Well to be fair, I couldnt stay irritated long ... he hugged me and with a handsome smile said I was adorable and that I  "just needed to not worry about getting everything done, that the house looked fine and no one would notice dust bunnies when they were licking the gravy off their plates to get the very last little bit of a delicious turkey dinner followed by a great piece of pie ! Feed people and no one cares what the house looks like honey"....So, the moral of this story ?  Marry a great man and BUY a calendar !  Hahahaha. I figured I didnt really need one since the kids were all gone and, lets face it, the hubs works so much that I dont really have much of a social life. Its pretty much church, groceries, thrift store, repeat and who needs a calendar for that right ? Well apparently I do since I cant get my national holidays straight !!!
Well, its a yucky, rainy day here (ugh...that translates to achey, achey joints) but I do want to report I finally got some zzzz's last night...SIX HOURS all at once ! HOORAY ! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for was greatly appreciated ! So between getting sleep and now miraculously having an additional week to get things done, I am off to prioritize and tick things off my list one by one. I got up early this morning and mailed some cookies out to one soldier. Last night I listed my new ruglets (a day early) and even some new wool for sale. Right now I am working on some absolutely awesome red wool bundles and hope to have those up this afternoon...they are really great and I had so much fun perfecting my favorite red dye recipe which I may share in my dyeing tuorial. Its perfect for prim and dark...great for houses, barns, samplers and santa's.

Well friends, off I go. Many thanks and hugs to you all.
Grace to you,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally Finished

Hi there my prim pals...Well, I am finally done hooking a few Christmas projects...Now on to binding them, which you all know is just my favorite thing to do (yeah right).  But I did get the mug rugs all they are...

They will be up as kits for sale by tomorrow along with the other 2 small ruglets (Cute, right ? ) They aren't really full size rugs or full size runners, but they're not candle mats either. They are great  for hanging on a cabinet door or over a door or in the skinny place where nothing fits...Well, I guess I should show them to you. I am binding the feather tree in red and I haven't decided about the snowflake...White might be nice or should I stick with the blue so the edges kind of just disappear ?

At just 18 x 6 and 18 x 4, they hook up in a breeze and are just so festive. I love all the different blues in the snowflake ruglet but I will offer any background color for the kit.

Well, I am trying to get my swap presents finished for Bumble Bee Lanes "Cabin In The Woods" Christmas swap...I have had soooo much fun making all sorts of little gifts to put in my swap box. I adore doing swaps and am so excited to send mine and to see what I am getting too !!! I have several wool bundles to get added to my wool for sale page too and oh, did I mention Thanksgiving is at my house ? And my Marine son is coming home ? (HOORAY) And I signed up to make some grub for our church's outreach Thanksgiving dinner, Feed The Need? Oh and I have a bushel of
apples that need canned like yesterday ? Oh and I have cookies to make to send out to the troops ? Does anyone else need an extra week before we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal ??? Forget about the fact that many stores will be open on Thanksgiving day with pre-black Friday deals ??? I have my list ready to go but still need to gather my coupons and coupon codes. I think something's gotta give this week and I have decided I am cleaning my house with the legally blind in mind ! Unless it jumps out at me and screams CLEAN ME...its not getting cleaned this year...maybe by Christmas I can clean off the top of my fridge !!!

Well, I am exhausted since I spent yesterday painting my porch, yes, its November and I was out on the last decent day, painting my porch. Why ? Oh well , thats easy...I am NUTS. Well, I had removed all the ugly carpet that was on it and got it scraped down (well, not really good enough) and decided I had a little bit of porch paint left over from the back deck and decided it would look better than seeing all the yucky colors and chips etc. Yeah, well its passable, but I have already started my spring projects list of the MUST DO things around the house...I adore the all know that I feel I have THE BEST husband in the universe, but he is NOT handy and he works retail management which is 75+ hours per week ....if only he got paid by the hour, it wouldnt matter if he was handy or not because I could afford to just hire someone, but alas, that is not reality, so the list goes up and I will be devouring the DIY channels for the newest How To's.

OK, I am really tired and HOORAY, Sleepy !!! Those of you who know me know that I have a problem sleeping...a great little residual of the dreaded West Nile Virus. Well on top of a busy week, I have only slept approximately 12 hours since last Sunday....I am yawning...Pray that I can catch a few ZZZZZ's.

Hugs & Grace to you all,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wools For SAle in New Place

Hi time for a long chat today ! Just a quick note to those of you who were asking...I have put up some new wool bundles for sale on their own page ...Look to the right...Yep, there it is , right above my Rug Hooking Tuutorial pages...Just click on the WOOLS FOR SALE and see whats new. I will be adding more wools as I have them bundled. Anyone who needs anything specific...just ask. I may or may not have it, but I can always look. I will take down the pics as they are sold, so only current wools will be listed...Hope that makes sense.

Ok, gotta skedaddle,
Grace to you,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winner Announced

Hello all my prim was a busy, busy weekend getting my son moved.  I am exhausted from all the CLEANING...Good Lord in Heaven, what a mess !!! I love him dearly, but nope, he can never move back home, hahaha...I truly had forgotten how messy boys really are.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you wonderful folks who enetered my Fall Fun Giveaway. I tabulated a grand total of 127 entries and got several new followers !!! It took me 3 hours last night to write all the names out but since I dont sleep much, at least I had something to do at 3 am right ?  I always have the best of intentions and say I am going to write out every slip as the entries come in, but I dont...GRRRR, I am so dumb (or maybe a little lazy ?) !!!. Well, the hubs was going to pull the winning slip, but he fell asleep long before I got done writing everyones entries and cutting all the little slips etc, so into my giveaway tally box they went and out I pulled.....drum roll please...Susan from Glen Oaks Primitives. Congratulations Susan !!!  She has opted for the finished mat shown here...

and I will get it off to her tomorrow so she has time to enjoy it for the whole month ! If you get a chance to stop over at her blog you will be in for a real treat since she makes it her mission to list as many giveaways as possible ! You can spend an entire afternoon entering all the current giveaways listed on her blog. And dont get discouraged if you cant find the button to become her follower...It is WAY down toward the bottom.

I wanted to show you guys this great salt glazed pie plate I got at a farmers market with the hubs last week...I am salt glazed obsessed and was thrilled to find this to add to my collection. I love it when I find things that are salt glazed and are different, you know, not just a crock...
Isn't it just awesome ? Want to know what was even better ? It was only $7.00 HAPPY DANCE TIME !!!

OK...I gotta skadoodle !

Grace to you,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Making room for Christmas

Well, I need to make some room in my cut up little home. I have NO idea what the builders were thinking when they designed the homes in our neighborhood back in the late 1940's. All the homes on our street are cape cod, story and 1/2 houses with no front door...but 2 side doors. Let me  try to explain...Here's a picture of the front of my house
The first door leads into what was our very small living roon and the second door leads into our kitchen. Well, I have big guys in my family (my boys are 6'3 and 6'5) and the kitchen just wasnt big enough for a table and there was no dining room. To the left of that window are the steps to go upstairs and behind that tall bush to the farthest left is another window that was my Marine sons bedroom.

Here are some pics from the inside...we decided to make the living room into a formal dining room and we made a family room in the basement (the guys Pittsburgh Steeler man cave). This is when it was the living room the first Christmas after we moved in...look at that hideous mauve carpet...the 80's called and wanted in back so we ripped it out to see hardwood floors !!!)

I also ditched the 80's couch...I let the hubs get those monstrous, totally NOT prim sofa's that have recliners on both ends...matches the hideeous very BIG scrren tv down in their man cave...gotta be comfy on game day I guess ! I will ahve to take some pics of their room and show you guys sometime...Its, well, um, manly and um, well, big in scale...just not my cup of tea, but I digress.

So here's the wall I want to knock down ...I think it will really give the house a more open feel,

Right on the opposite side is my sons old bedrrom...only bad thing is since my youngest left the nest in March, his room has become a resting place for everything I havent wanted to take down to the basement...Plus I let him paint his room black & gold...can you say WALL PAPER or I will be painting over that black for days....
Oh my...I should be so embarassed, but its just life. Now I need to move all the stuff downstairs into my other sons bedroom...then move the bed from this room across the hall to our guest bedroom which right now just has a twin bed (actually part of the boys older bunk beds, which I want to put on craigslist along with my dishwasher and a brand new snow board I won a few years back...I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it).

Of course, we had a mold issue downstairs in our sons bedroom (we have an addition off the back with its own entrance...our older son lived there until last October and apparently he had left the windows open and water got in and soaked the carpet without us knowing. A few months ago I was downstairs doing laundry thinking what's that odor (I have a VERY delecate nose) ? I opened up the door to the addition and thought YUCK...After looking around I saw some mold on the wall near the basebaord. I am very susceptible to mold, so out I went. When the hubs got home he said needed to take out the trim and wall board...well, that wasnt enough, we had to take all the carpet up !!! Hubs said there was mold growing everywhere under the carpet...gross. So, now I have cement floors down there. Guess I will be learning to tile ! Someday I want that to be my studio/wool shop. Its the perfect place...Huge room, private entrance, private bath and close o the laundry so i can wash/dry all my wool.

OK, but back to the present. We used to put one Christmas tree in the front window (even now that its the dining room)

And then one smaller tree down in the man cave where we traditionally opened gifts etc.

 Well, we put a wood burner in after Christmas last year and now I dont think I can squeeze in a tree, the table/chairs, my new hutch and the wood burner, so I think we HAVE to tear down that wall, dont you ???? Forgive the picture...I had snapped it as a "blank canvas" with none of my decorations up at all...BORING

 That way I can put a tree up in that room ...otherwise it just wont feel Christmassey enough. I love Christmas and would have a tree in every room if possible. Hubby and I go out every year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and pick out a couple tree...Hubby says they get bigger every year and has to constantly remind me that we dont have 10' ceilings (oh how I iwsh we did).

SO, I have a few favors to ask of all my prim pals..

1. How hard do you think it will be to take down that wall...there's no electrical outlets or anything like that.
2. Do you think the hubs and I can do it with a little help from my father in law (he's remodeled his basement and hung drywall etc)
3. Can I get it done by Thanksgiving ????
4. Am I crazy to add all this stress ? Should I just do 1 tree down in the man cave ???? I'm frowning right now...can you tell ?

OK gang...I am gonna scoot. My son is moving into a smaller apartment (roommate bailed on him and left him stuck with all the rent a few months back...grrrrrr) and I promised I would help him pack and clean the old place tomorrow and then he and the hubs will move the furniture on Sunday and I will help him get stuff set up in his new place...Sounds fun, right ? Yeah, no, I am not looking forward to it. We are supposed to get a snow strom overnight...BRRRRR. I dont "do" cold weather really well, so I know I am going to be paying for this, but I love my son, so , well, we just do what we have to, right ?

 By the way...dont forget about my Fall Fun Giveaway which ends Oct 31.

Grace to you,