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Monday, January 30, 2012

Time to Build Your Wool Stash

Well, I sure hope this week is going to be a better one than last week. I should say though, that even with the sewer back up and the 4 day drama with the hives that involved a doc visit, a trip to the ER and yesteraday a trip to Urgent Care, that I did have at least one bright spot and that was my swap gift from Linda over at Country Pickins...she went WAY overboard and it couldnt have come at a better time, thats for sure. Look at all these lovely prims:
I just love this little prim sheep plate with the stand...It's absolutely perfect !!! Next up is this adorable little ditty bag
And guess what ?  The package smelled soooooo good caue stuffed inside tht prim ditty bag were all these great candle tarts and even some yummy soap and a face scrubby
Can you say YUMMY...also got a sweet little hanging heart and I just LOVE this next item...a snow mama with her snow baby
I just love her...she's just too sweet. And last but not least in this cute littlesheep sign
So a big, gigantic THANK YOU goes to Linda for being the ONE and ONLY bright spot of my week.

 I am hoping that this week is a good one. I am only partially covered with hives now after a horrid day yesterday where I literally was purplish red from head to toe with very little unred skin showing through...I couldnt move without crying so the doc at Urgent Care gave me a mega-mega does of Prednisone and some type of medicine for the itch thats stronger than Benedryl which did absolutely nothing. So, as long as I can keep from scratching and take multiple oatmeal showers I should be fine...YIPPIE !

But I am trying to stay busy and focused today and I listed a BUNCH of individual pieces of wool as well as many wool bundles. It's definately a great time to build your stash. I decided to do the individual pieces since many of you are not hookers but need piece for pink keep backs or penny rugs etc, so now there's something for everyone. You can build your own bundle.

I decided to make dinner early just in case I am a giant itching machine when the hubs gets home this evening and cant bear to move...He has been so sweet and as always, very attentive when I am having any kind of bad day. I have no idea if or what he really ate the last coupls days. He patiently put up with all my tears and best of all...he scratched me every time I asked him. I know they say not to scratch cause it makes it worse....well if you have a small patch of hives that might be true but when you only have a small patch of skin that doesnt have hives, trust me, you will scratch and it will feel heavenly...Of course my skin is kind of raw right now cause I got a little carriued away a few times with my hair brush...I literally felt like I was on fire and going to die...I have had hives 3 other times altogether and been hospitalized for them and they were NEVER this bad. OK, enough with my pity party. Done. No Ore, Promise.

OK, so I am very new at gardening...I put in a little garden right outside my kitchen door last year with some herbs, pepper and tomatoes. This year I am wanting to do a larger garden but I have limited space so I bouyght a bunch of long planters and patio planters at a yard sale last year and I am planning to do lettuce,  spinach, onions, potatoes, carrots and maybe some strawberries. I also have lots of blackberry bushes down by my shed but I can really get to them during their season becasue of the other plants that are in the way...Does anyone know when would be the best time to transplant the blackberry bushes ? I really would love to be a little more self reliant this year. I have spent a lot of time stocking up a good pantry just in case the economy tanks or the hubs loses his job...I dont think he will, he's been there a long time and he's doing fine, but anything can happen in a down turned economy and I would rather be safe than sorry. At least we wont starve or freeze to death since we got the wood burner last year. Thats about all we can do since we are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. I know lots of us in Prim Land are stay at home moms...which I guess I cant say that anymore since the nest is empty, but my heart reallly goes out to all you gals who do have to work outside the home, I did it at differnt times during my kids growing up years when we needed some extra money, so I get it.  OK, back yto the gardening for one more second (I know, I am a bit scattered today, cause I am itchy and jumping around a little)...Should I start my plants inside in egg cartons and if yes, when and if no, why not ? I know some of you have beautiful fersh produce and flowers and I have been in awe of your talents...hey maybe I will even plant some lavendar and sweet annie on the hillside by the pool...wouldny that smell yummy as I am floating around on the lazy days of summer ?

Well gals, I am going now to get a few things into the mail so be safe and be well and thanks to ALLL of you wonderful girls who sent all those well wished to me...I so loved reading your encouraging words.

Grace to you until next time,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Man oh Man

Quick post...If those of you who pray would do that for me today I would so appreciate it. I woke up this morning covered in hives from head to toe. I have had them so badly in the past that I had to be hospitalized because I wasnt able to breathe. None of the docs I have seen in the past can figure out why I keep getting them (This is the 5th time in 4 years). They are very itchy obviously, but the thing thats the worst is that they are very large hives and very hard & thick so its painful to walk (they are on the bottoms of my feet) and the largest ones are near my elbows and knees making it hard to bend since the areas are so swollen. The hubs says I look like the elephant man...I forgave him since he kissed and told me how much he loved me even if I did look like something out of a horror show...Gotta love the guy !

Anyway, went to doc's first thing this am and they shot me up with some Prednisone and some other stuff but I am really feeling crappy.

I do have lots more wool to put up  for sale, but I think it will have to wait till this evening. I will be checking my email frequently though so if you have questions about the wool, just ask. Since you know I hate to post without is the newest kit I have available...
You would actually get 3 heart patterns drawn on monks cloth and all the wool to hook them...then you can embellish them anyway you choose like I did with the old rusty keys.

Ok...I am going now
Grace to you,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Up all night

Well I have been up all night ....again...GRRR I really hate this but at least I got something accomplished last night !!! I got almost all my wool listed that I have been promising for weeks now. I think I listed 10 or more bundles and if you see something you like and need more of it, shoot me an email as I may have it, but might have not listed it...Does that make sense ? It sounded ok in my head, but now that I am reading it I dont know. Oh bother...(now I am quoting Winnie the Pooh ???) Oh dear me, I NEED sleep.

Oh and I ma so excited that all my stuff sold out in 2 days on the new selling blog...HOORAY, which is wonderful since my goal is to make that new car payment ...I HATE having a car payment again but I do love the new wheels and since we sold our truck when we moved back to PA its nice to have a vehicle thats big enough to dumpster dive or garage sale larger items...I mean theres only so much you can get in the back of a Dodge Intrepid (I did get a queen headboard in once...Had a bugger of a time getting it out, but thats another story altogether and a good thing the hubs doesnt read my blog...not sure he knows about that one). Anyway, having an SUV is so convenient and I am loving it.

Hey, awhile ago I saw a chandelier make-over where the gal had made her own little candle sleeves that she made her own "drips" out of hot glue or caulk or something and then she painted the lamp itself black...Does anyone know who did that makeover ??? If you do could you let me know cuz I want to get my chandelier all done and I thoght I had written down who did that so I could go back and check once I had it I am just anxious to get it painted and up in the dining room.

Well guys and gals, thats all for now since I am actually getting a little sleepy...Maybe I will post again later and do something with pictures...I dont like to post without 'em !

Grace to all my primmy pals,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holy Cow

Holy Cow...Thats what I keep saying over and over again. The selling group that I joined is doing amazingly well and if you all havent checked it out, you really should pop over to . You have until the 27th to sign up for an AWESOME giveaway with LOTS of yummy prim items donated by several of the artists. Just look at all the primilicious things you could win !!!

 I have already sold all four of my hooked hearts with the old keys...happy dance time ,which is not a pretty sight really...that 15 pounds I packed on over the last few months jiggles around and could possibly hurt someone and is soooooo unattractive ! Dont you just hate when you roll over in bed and your tummy hits the mattress with a "thud" and  you hear the sloshing sound of , well, I am not sure actually what makes that sounbd, but you know what I mean ??? What ? That never happens to anyone but me ?  Well, ok it might just be me...oh, if I could just stop eating chocolate or adding homemade whipped cream to my daily coffee or end my torrid love affair with cheese...Cheese...there isnt a cheese I dont love.  I actually had to talk to myself, OUTLOUD, at the grocery store last night when I saw this roquefort colby blend on sale. I almost had to yell at myself since it was close to $30.00 per pound...I kept trying to do the math in my head to figure out what it would cost to just buy a sliver...Finally summed up the courage to walk away, well truth be told, I kind of jogged, (which I feel should actually count as exercise) because I knew if I stayed one more second I would pick up the cheapest package they had on hand ($9.50) and eat in all on the way home (what ? you never ripped open a package of cheese in the car or, like me, in the parking lot ??? Well thats just sad).

Thank heaven I found the strength to resist THAT temptation though, because I fell victim to the the subtle seduction of the York Peppermint Patty calling my name at the checkout stand fulfilling my desire for something yummy . It actually brought a double wammy of contentment since it was only fifty cents (in my mind I just saved $9) and it is the candy bar with the least amount of fat & calories  !!!

Well if I could give up my food obsessions I could probably lose 50 pounds, but seriously, what kind of life would that be ??? A life without chocolate, whipped cream or cheese ???  Dont even get me started on butter or gravy...YUM ! Well for me it would be devastating...These items fill a deep hole inside me, they nurture me...NOT, no they dont ! I just LOVE good food.  I could/should/will totally learn to live a life of moderation...someday. For now I will cut back the whipped cream in my coffee..its a baby step that I can manage !

OK, OK, I guess I should get serious here for a minute. It is finally snowing here in western PA and I couldn't be more excited....I love the snow !!! It finally feels like winter has arrived. So I am nestled in and doing the last of my wool dyeing and I decided to do a clearance sale of sorts on much of the wool bundles I have already listed to make it easier to clear out room for all those new yummy wool bundles I have been working on over the last several days/weeks. So pop over to my "Wool For Sale" page and look for the items in RED for savings.  Also, if you purchase, please, please send me your shipping address when you order so I can invoice you MUCH more quickly.
Alrighty, well you know I HATE doing posts without lots of pictures, so I thought I would show you these great  half sized jars I got at the thrift last week..I have never seen these little guys before and just had to have them...aren't they sweet ??? Haven't figured out what I am going to do with them yet, but I am sure I will think of something although I always love your suggestions. Does anyone know any history on these type of jars ? The lids dont fit tightly so I am wondering if there is maybe another piece that I dont have  like a seal of some type ???? I am sure one of you terrific gals knows the answer...please share, pretty please ?!?!? I have a larger one but it seals pretty well, so I am just not sure what the deal is with these.

Well ladies, I am off check the tv and see who is in the lead in the South Carolina primary race and grab some lunch. Obviously I have made myself hungry...I am thinking fresh mozzarella cheese layered on top of a slices of tomato, atop some crusty homemade ciabatta bread and then broiled to crisp perfection then slathered with a little homemade basil mayo...Oh YUM !!!

Until next time,
Grace to you,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check out the Mercantile

Hi gals...I am so sorry for not posting for so long. I have been frantically (Is there any other way I ever do things ?) finishing up my items for the new selling group, Primitive Handmades Mercantile. Be sure to not only check out my items for sale, but also all the other primsters fine hand dids. And guess what...the gals over at The Mercantile decided to pull our resources and lots of us our donating items for a big grand opening drawing, so be sure to go over and enter . We open for business on the 20th, but you can still browse around now. Here's what I donated for the giveaway...A sweet little hit or miss style hooked heart that measures 8.5" long and will be perfect for cabinet doors, doorknobs or even in your window.

Here's a picture of the newest "ruglet" that I hooked yesterday...
I have had such a hard time staying focused on one task at a time lately and yesterday I decided I would have work on one thing and one thing only and not pick up one other project until that one was completely done. So with talk radio playing in the background, I hooked my heart out (no pun brain is about fried, so dont expect my normal sarcastic reparte today gang).

I also made this hooked heart with an old key and rusty bailing wire that I just LOVE...
So I hope you will on hop over to and see what the other gals have up for sale.

Today I am focused like a laser on finishing up my items for The Heart of Winter swap that Amy from Bumble Bee Lane is hosting. I am HORRIBLE at waiting till the last minute to finish the items. I am great at starting them...GRRRRRRRR. I just cant believe its the 17th of January already...For pete sake I still have the Christmas tree up in the man cave ...and its a REAL tree. Gosh those needles are going to be a mess to clean up !

As soon as I get my swap items mailed I will finish taking the pictures of all the new luscious wool I have bundled up and ready to sell...I know I have been promising and I really should have learned by now to not promise something until its done...Go ahead, yell at me (um, its a blog, so I cant hear you but if you're really mad at me I guess you could post a comment in all caps, but seriously, I still wont hear you).

OK, can you tell how punchy I am ???? Still working on VERY, VERY little sleep. The docs gave me a new sleep med to try...nothing, nada...counting sheep for hours on end. Am I sleepy ? Oh, you betcha (that was my Sarah Palin impersonation). So after one month, they said I could double the dose...Hooray, so we will see if I sleep tonight !!! I mean I know I will crash eventually, but the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

Well my prim pals, I will have lots more time by the end of the week to devote more time to the posting here and reading your blogs, which I LOVE to do too. I get so much inspiration from you all and am so grateful for your input in my life.

Grace to you,

Monday, January 9, 2012

So Much To Tell

Oh my goodness, where do I begin. I have so much exciting news. Well lets start at some of the remarkable goodies I got. Of course I am a bit late on this, but Marie from Prmitives by Old Lady Morgan...we did a terrific swap and of course, she sent way more than I anticipated, but she's like that...such a sweetie. Isnt this snowman just a riot ? I love his wild eyes and long nose !!!
She also sent this guy which is , I think, my all time favorite snowman...Its just like me...a little unusual....She sent 2 more that are snow ornies but my legs are hurting too badly to go all the way down to the family room and take the pics (Yes, I still have one of my trees up...I just havnt gotten around to taking it down yet...I know, I know, I am pathetic, but it just cant be helped this year)
Anyway, isnt he just so cute looking ? So, Marie...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again.

Well a few days ago the hubs had a meeting near where my bestie lives so I tagged along for the hour long drive and he dropped me off so we could finally do our Christmas. Now my friend Penny is the all time best gift giver...she could be a professional gift buyer. In fact, most of my all time favorite prims are gifts she has bought me over our 25 year friendship...someday I will do a post of all the things around my house that she's gotten me and you will be amazed too. OK, so I didnt take pics of the different teas she got me (I love tea) or the silicone baking mats she got me for all my cookie baking (she didnt have a clue what they were or what they were for but she knew I wanted them, so she got them...thats how she rolls) and she got me this adorable kitchen towel...dont you love it ?

Look at those little snowmen & little lamb !

She also got me this totally adorable snow man that I just love.
His hat says HOPE which is what we both need since we have had so many health issues

Then today when I went to the mailbox I saw this puffy package and I knew, I just knew it was from Linda from Parkers Paradise even before I got it out of the box. Sure enough it was from Linda, which blows me away because she just sent me a beatiful pillow in December. I was sooo excited I literally tore into the pkg right there in the doorway...Yes, I am that immature. Lookie what she sent....isnt it just the most darling pillow ??? Cant wait to find the perfect spot for it.

A big thank you to Linda...One of my wished for the new year is to be more like Linda !!!!

I also am super excited, and completely honored to have been asked to join a brand new selling group. We will all be up and selling on January 20th so please check us out at . I will be offering some yummy Valetine themed hooked hearts and I know some of the other gals have some awesome items planned too. I cant tell you how overwhelmed I am that folks think my crafting/art is worthy of being showcased in that way. What a wonderful feeling !!!

Well I had one more piece of good news, but I think I am gonna save that little gem for later. I should get back to work finishing up my swap, finishing up my items for the mercantile and finishing up posting all my new wool bundles.

So, tootles for now !

Grace to you,

Monday, January 2, 2012

As the holidays come to a close and we begin a new year...

Oh my goodness my primitive friends, I have missed you all so much ! I am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs now that the holidays are finally over and things are (hopefully) settlling back down into some sort of order. I never actually meant to take a blogging vacation over Christmas, but from the moment my youngest came home on Christmas eve with just minutes to spare to make it to church, life has been chaotic and just a tad out of control. We did have some exciting news youngest son got engaged on New Years Eve to his high school sweetheart. She is a super sweet and very pretty girl and I am determined to be just "The Best" mother in law ! I cant say that I think getting engaged at 19 is the best thing to do, but I did the same thing 25 years ago and have never had a single regret about marrying the guys all know I am over the moon for the man and he feels the same way about me, but I still wish they would wait a little longer, but I have decided that it's their life and the best thing I can do for them is to pray and try to encourage them and be a good example. Here's a picture of them from last night...
In looking over all the pictures taken over the last couple weeks I realized I didnt get a single picture of us as a family or of me with the hubs...which was a good thing since I have packed on 11 pounds since early December...UGH. Guess its time to stop using the exercise bike in my bedroom as a clothes rack and actually get on it and move the pedals...UGH, UGH. I can tell you exactly what packed on those pounds though...hershey kiss cookies. I only bake them for Christmas (unless I am properly begged) and  I have ZERO willpower wheres these delicious little gems are concerned, zero. I thought by putting them in the freezer that would, nope, I found out they taste even BETTER frozen. I made lots of goodies as gifts this year so I had tons of cookies on hand ...Oh did I mention I didnt start baking until just a few days before Christmas ? Yeah, I planned food gifts and then waited till the last minute...yep thats how I get myself into so much trouble. Well, since I kept eating those cookies I had to bake more for the gifts I had planned...TWICE because I just couldnt stop sneaking one cookie here, one cookie there and like magic...the cookies just disappeared and then re-appeared on my hips. I was already stressed out and I am a stress eater (is that a real thing or just my excuse I wonder). I was already in one of the WORST muscle flares I have had in over 3 years  which means I am notmoving as much or as rapidly and I think I  tried to console myself with those doggone cookies and now I had to dig out my fat jeans...ok, my fatter jeans if I am being honest. .

Well, enough about the woes of an overindulgent, overwhelming Christmas...HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I really am excited about the new year and hope to add lots of new fun stuff on my blog and hope to get some new followers too. I will be doing another giveaway, listing more wool for sale, adding some new lessons in my rug hooking tutorial series and putting together some new rug hooking kits.  As the promise of snow looms near I am trying to think of some great projects for spring and summer. Since finances for so many are really stretched this year, I will be offering more "ruglets" and ruglet kits for sale since they are smaller and more affordable. If anyone has any requests or suggestions, let me know.

Well gals, I look forward to catching up with you all and I hope you all had fabulous holidays filled with love and laughter.

Grace to you,