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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Yard Sale Listing 2

Sorry I didnt get this up yesterday...I had some interruptions, but here we go...

Life, Liberty & Happiness Bowl Fillers $3.95

Older Fireplace Bellow with leather (which has had an old repair) $6.95

Burpee Garden Box $5.95
11.5 x 8x 5

Country French Clock $9.95

Set of 6 Vintage Birthday Postcards  $3.95

Coleman's Mustard Tin $3.95

Star candle holder w/grubby candle & berries $ 6.95

Vintage 20's postcard $1.99

Vintage USO postcards $1.99

Chippy paint basket $6.95
10" x 5"
I have lots more to get listed...things like WOOL, more rug hooking mags/etc. I will also add all the measurements asap, but I wanted to at least get them listed...My son the new Marine just texted me on someone else's phone letting me know his BRAND NEW I- PHONE got ruined from "water damage" when he was helping someone during a monsoon and he needs me to take care of it asap....GRRRRR. I seriously thought after he became a Marine thinhgs would get easier...NOT !

Saturday, July 30, 2011


OK gang...I gotta make some room in my little home (and make a little cash too), so I am going to be selling a few things and have my first ever Blog Yard Sale !!! I will only be shipping to US addresses and you gotta pay in full via PayPal. Prices DO NOT include shipping charges. I was an ebay power seller before I got sick, so I am pretty good at knowing the cheapest ways to ship. Bigger items will go UPS, all others via the Post Office. I will be happy to combine shipping if you buy more stuff...which I hope ya do !
I will be making several posts over the weekend, so be sure to let me know when you are done shopping and I will tabulate the total and send you a PayPal invoice. Be sure to email me at with what you want and please include all your shipping info. Items will be sold first come/first served. Feel free to email any questions. All items are sold as is.

Okie we go... 

Pottery Mini Pitcher $4.95
3" tall      SOLD

Wool Street Journal Magazine October 2006 $4.95

Wool Street Journal Magazine January 2007 $4.95

Handmade Americana Doll  $6.95

Wool Street Journal October 2002 $4.95

Distressed Colonial Blue Spice Rack $7.95
10" X 12.5"

Hand Hooked Americana Runner $59.95
12" X 24"

Tea stained Flag Bunting $11.95
34" wide
Vintage Bordern Malted Milk Pail 6.95
approx 9" tall

Liberty Bell Box $2.95
Girl w/Flag Box $2.95
3.5" x 3"

Lye Soap Box $5.95     3" x 7"
Beacon Hill Coffee Box $6.95     4" x 9"

Cutting Board with Vinatge Postcard Decal $7.95
12" x 4.5"

Vintage Carton (North East , Pa)  $4.95
3" tall

Approx 24" tall

Angel $9.95

Bona Ami Tin $4.95    5" tall
Mennen's Tin $4.95     4.5" tall   SOLD

Recipe Box $5.95
5.5" x 6"

Vintage Grater $2.95
10" x 4.5"

Double Arm Sconce (candles not included) $9.95 each ( I have 2)
16" x 10"

I will be listing more items later on tonight, so stay tuned !!!






Sunday, July 17, 2011

So sorry...

Hey there my prim pals, I hope you all had a great Independence Day. I apologize to you all since I had promised a great giveaway for the 4th, but unfortunately I was just not well enough to get that done, or even blog at all. I am so sorry and am wondering if starting a blog was even a good idea since I HATE letting people down !!!

As some of you know I had West Nile Virus back in '03 and still have ongoing complications. I had a major flare-up that landed me in bed. Usually I am still able to work on rug hooking and other stitchery fact, that's one reason I started those hobbies since I could manage them from bed. This one was bad though and I had a hard time using my hands. I hate that I have let you guys down and I hate that a stupid mosquito bite 8 years ago is still negatively affecting my life...although I am doing much better than I was then and I am trying hard to keep that in perspective. I am/was a type A personality...I used to get accomplished in a single day what now would take me at least a month. I am trying not to let this bother me and get depressed about it, but it is and I am.

Perhaps this is not the place to unload...this is , after all, a craft blog, not a medical/illness/support blog, but I felt I owed you an explanation. Also, I know lots of you are women of faith and I am asking for your prayers. I am tired of this disease kicking me in the patootie...every time I think I am DONE with it, it sneaks back up and wacks me back down. I have never been a patient person so it isn't suprising that God has chosen to use this illness as a series of teachable moments for me. I want my life to be an example of His love and His mercy and right now all I am is an example of is a whiney, pathetic crab whose letting this illness beat me AGAIN.

I am and will continue to try to get something done to be able to blog about. Again, I beg for prayers and forgiveness. I have sooo many projects that need to be finished and some are evry cool and I really think you all will like them. Perhaps this summer heat is just not the best time for me to blog, so I may take a bit of a break and get a few things lined up.

I am working on that rug hooking tutorial (since that I have been able to do from bed). Its all organized and I have a few of the lessons completed and will schedule it to launch soon.

Until then, I will be browsing your blogs and dreaming of the projects I have yet to do. You all are such inspirations to me. I hope I havent offended anyone with the unprofessional nature of this post and do hope to be back in blogland soon full time !!!

Until then, many blessing and grace to you,