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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check out the Mercantile

Hi gals...I am so sorry for not posting for so long. I have been frantically (Is there any other way I ever do things ?) finishing up my items for the new selling group, Primitive Handmades Mercantile. Be sure to not only check out my items for sale, but also all the other primsters fine hand dids. And guess what...the gals over at The Mercantile decided to pull our resources and lots of us our donating items for a big grand opening drawing, so be sure to go over and enter . We open for business on the 20th, but you can still browse around now. Here's what I donated for the giveaway...A sweet little hit or miss style hooked heart that measures 8.5" long and will be perfect for cabinet doors, doorknobs or even in your window.

Here's a picture of the newest "ruglet" that I hooked yesterday...
I have had such a hard time staying focused on one task at a time lately and yesterday I decided I would have work on one thing and one thing only and not pick up one other project until that one was completely done. So with talk radio playing in the background, I hooked my heart out (no pun brain is about fried, so dont expect my normal sarcastic reparte today gang).

I also made this hooked heart with an old key and rusty bailing wire that I just LOVE...
So I hope you will on hop over to and see what the other gals have up for sale.

Today I am focused like a laser on finishing up my items for The Heart of Winter swap that Amy from Bumble Bee Lane is hosting. I am HORRIBLE at waiting till the last minute to finish the items. I am great at starting them...GRRRRRRRR. I just cant believe its the 17th of January already...For pete sake I still have the Christmas tree up in the man cave ...and its a REAL tree. Gosh those needles are going to be a mess to clean up !

As soon as I get my swap items mailed I will finish taking the pictures of all the new luscious wool I have bundled up and ready to sell...I know I have been promising and I really should have learned by now to not promise something until its done...Go ahead, yell at me (um, its a blog, so I cant hear you but if you're really mad at me I guess you could post a comment in all caps, but seriously, I still wont hear you).

OK, can you tell how punchy I am ???? Still working on VERY, VERY little sleep. The docs gave me a new sleep med to try...nothing, nada...counting sheep for hours on end. Am I sleepy ? Oh, you betcha (that was my Sarah Palin impersonation). So after one month, they said I could double the dose...Hooray, so we will see if I sleep tonight !!! I mean I know I will crash eventually, but the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

Well my prim pals, I will have lots more time by the end of the week to devote more time to the posting here and reading your blogs, which I LOVE to do too. I get so much inspiration from you all and am so grateful for your input in my life.

Grace to you,


  1. Love the hearts! We should just set up a late night chat for people like us who don't sleep.LoL....I'm a last minute person too but have just one more thing to finish up for my swap partner.Hugs!~Amy

  2. Oh Margie...Everything looks so wonderful and your heart is so awesome, who wouldn't want to win it ???
    So glad you joined our group !!

  3. Love-love-love the hooked hearts ... especially the one with the key! I will definitely check out the selling site tomorrow! Blessings, Shirlee

  4. I just love your hearts, especially the red one!
    I hope you get some sleep, soon and take care of yourself....I will check out the site.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Just love all your new heart prims Margie! Can't wait to check out your new selling blog. Went to GW today for grey wool...tag looked like it was purple (1/2 off today)....nope its a "faded" blue tag. Needless to say, didn't get it today....maybe on Friday.

  6. Hi Margie.

    I just pinned your work on Pintrest. Hope this draws some more viewers and shoppers for you! I need to start saving my pennies for a trip out East...

    Love you!

  7. Just a random comment, nothing regarding this particular post, Margie.

    I wonder: is it necessary to use soap when fulling a piece of wool? Not having hot water to my washer, I have been boiling my material for a period on the stovetop BUT without soap. After cutting strips, I see the edges are fraying and I haven't even begun to make a rug.

    The pieces I used soap on color-bled terribly. The ones without soap either didn’t bleed or bled very little.

    Also, one garment with the wool symbol never disappeared in pure bleach. What is one to think about this?

  8. Hi, Margie - I'm excited for you about joining the Mercantile. Your work is gorgeous even though you're working in sleep deprivation mode! I love the red heart with the key. It's just so simple but really beautiful.


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