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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lookie what I got...

Wow, I was blown away when this box arrived on my porch last week...I had signed up for the Humble Heart Swap over at Bumble Bee Lane Cottage... Amy holds the absolute best swaps in blogland. She takes so much time making sure they go off without a hitch and that everyone is happy...there's a great core group of swappers and they are all so generous which brings me to todays post.

I was lucky enough to get Amy as a swap partner this time and I couldnt be happier...she is so doggone generous and she puts so much thought and care into everything she does !

OK, on with all the yummy stuff she sent me...she knows how to spoil a gal !

WOWZERS...I just LOVE everything !!! Here are some close-ups....
Look at this adorable little yummy smelling lamb in a nest of natural lambs wool...TOO SWEET !
Then there's this adorable little pin keep trinket box Amy made me filled with old buttons and a beautiful old thimble....sorry the nest picture isnt very good...time for a new camera maybe ?
Such a pretty old thimble !!!
And look at very first piece of Redware...HOORAY...I have been dying to acquire some of this....Now I am officially collecting it !!!
Of course Amy knows my love of all things patriotic so this little flag pillow tuck is pure perfection !!!
She also sent this lovely (and VERY large) rooster tea towel that I just love !!!
I was also blessed with some beeswax lip balm and a wonderful snowman magnetic tablet....again, she knows me so well and knows I adore all things snowman related !!!
Last but not least was this adorable little heart pillow tuck made of what looks like an old quilt  !!!

Well, did she spoil me or what ????? I was blessed to be her swap partner but doubly blessed to be her friend. She is a truly amazing woman and I am grateful to know her. She has touched my life in more ways than she even knows and is everything you could ever want in a friend...and guess what ? I dont even know what she looks like or the sound of her voice...friendship takes many forms and as many of you already know, sometimes cyber friends fill a void in our lives that really no one else can...I am blessed to have a few of those friends and Amy is indeed one of them...she's also the very first friend I ever made online and for that I am truly grateful and blessed ! Thank you Amy !!!

Well gals, that does it for me today...make sure you check in and sign up for my big 5 week Anniversary Giveaway with new prizes every Monday and also check my WOOL FOR SALE page...lots of new wool bundles and some fat quarters are up and ready for sale !!!

Until next time,
Grace to you,

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Week Two of the GIVEAWAY

Hello there gals...just a quick reminder of my Second Annual Anniversary Giveaway going on right now....If you haven't heard all the details then click on the giveway button on the right side of the page to see all the rules and regs of the giveaway...basically every Monday I am posting a new giveaway prize and I will continue to do so until March 18 and then will draw all 5 of the winners on March 25. To win today's prize simply be a follower and comment on THIS post....for more ways to win see last Mondays post !

OK, onto todays prize...this one is for all you penny rug makers, doll makers and all around wool-craft makers...I am offering a HUGE box of wool pieces, all neatly cut that measure from 1" x 3"  to approx 6" x 8"....Some are even cut into pennies already !!! Many are hand dyed. Here is a picture of what the winner will receive (not the basket)...

This basket is about 17" long, 10 " wide and 8" deep, so you are getting a very nice selection of wool here and who knows...I may add even more !!! can still be entered for last weeks prize of a hand hooked crow's what the prize looks like...

OK gals, tha'ts about it for me today...I am off to finish hooking a gift for my best friends daughters bridal to follow.

Until next time,
Grace to you,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Annual Anniversary Giveaway

Well gals, running true to form, I am again late getting you the details for my big spring giveaway, but alas, it is indeed underway , so let the fun begin !!!

I really want this to be a big thank you to all of my followers, old and new, and I hope to give away prizes for those who craft and those who dont....I have reworked some of the original dates to allow more time for more, right ? Can I just say that you guys are simply the BEST in the whole blogosphere...really, you guys have lifted me up when I was down, encouraged me when things looked bleak and celebrated with me in my successes and for all those things and more, I thank you and hold you close in my thoughts and prayers everyday !

Okay, okay, I know, just get on with it Margie and stop blabbering...

I will be listing a prize every Monday on the following dates starting with today so at least 5 prizes in all so it will be similar to last years anniversary giveaway. Just to tease you again with what some of the prizes are...well there will definitely be a rug hooking kit, there will be some hand dyed wool, possibly a book or two, probably a hooked get the picture...all prim stuff for the prim lover in all of us !!! So here are those dates to be looking for but, just like last year, I may throw in a few extra's along the way.
February 18
February 25
March 4
March 11
March 18

Then I will draw all the winners on Monday March 25th

OK, here are the rules....

     *****Please leave me your blog name/email address so I can contact you******

1. You need to be a follower to be entered
2. You need to leave a comment on each post for the prizes you want to be entered in (you cannot wait till the end and say sign me up for all of them in one comment but you can sign up for each and every prize individually).
3. You can get one extra entry for each of the following :
       1. Putting the giveaway link on your sidebar
       2. Doing an actual blog post about the giveaway
       3. Mentioning the giveaway via Facebook or Twitter
       4. Sending me a NEW follower what's the prize for today ??? Here it is....

   This is a Hungry Hook Primitives original design hooked by me using my own hand dyed and as is wool. It will come to the winner signed and dated on the back and rapped in primitive tissue. Good Luck !

Lots more to share over the coming days...had a late Christmas with my bestie Penny, got a gorgeous box of goodies from Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane from her Humble Heart be sure to check back !

Grace to you,

Friday, February 15, 2013

PHM February Update Today

Hi there my primitive friends...I know its been such a long time (a month to be honest) but things here have just been, well, busy. I have to say having the hubs at home all the time is VERY different since he has worked 70+ hours a week for the last 10 years but can I let you in on a little secret ???? I LOVE HAVING HIM HOME SO MUCH...He is my very best friend and we have always loved spending time together and once he finds a new job I am going to be sooooo lonely again.

Ok, so even though I love having him home, gosh I cant seem to get anything done...I thought I would be more focused with him here and having to have dinner made so much earlier and everything, but well, not so much. Add to that the fact that I sprained my wrist and I have gotten next to nothing done...Well, maybe next to nothing is a stretch...I did get lots of new wools over dyed and listed so be sure to pop over to my WOOLS FOR SALE page and see what I have done.

Then, please stop over at to see what all the gals have made this month with our Easter theme...I continue to be amazed that I am allowed the honor of being in this group of such talented women. This month I made a cute little wool pillow with a hooked little's a sneak peek...

I also wanted to tell you about the Hungry Hook Primitives Spring Fling Giveaway that will start this weekend and the winner will be drawn on March 1st...Heres a sneak peek on one of the prizes I have in mind....

Well, I need to scoot....gotta try to get some sleep before everyone gets oldest son and his girlfriend have been here since Sunday which has been wonderful but they are heading back to Virginia tomorrow...

Grace to you,