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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wow, will this ever end ?

Just a quick post today...ended up in the ER again yesterday, so I apologize for being away from my emails...All of you who have ordered wool, I am on it and your invoices should be waiting in your inboxes. I have added some gorgeous hand dyed mustards and dirty brick reds that are just lovely, so please check them out if you get a chance ! I am here today, finishing up my chandelier and hopefully will have pics to put up later. It hasnt turned out exactly like I planned, but its ok. Maybe once I get the pics up some of you could advise as to what I could do to make it better.

OK...still itchy, still grouchy, still sleepy...someone, please make me laugh today. I am taking life WAY too seriously.

Hugs to all my prim pals,


  1. Margie, this isn't funny and will make you gasp more than laugh but is there any chance your wool could be making you sick or perhaps your dyes? I hope you get some relief SOON!

  2. YIKES Margie! I so hope you are feels better!!! That is not funny at all... I wish I had a funny story today, but I don't.....OLM

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  4. Sorry had a typo and couldn't figure out how to edit so I deleted. I didn't know it would say I deleted ..oh my anyhow, I wondered about the wool, but I would check that out if you haven't by chance. Something has to be causing the hives, right? A couple of months ago I had a rash in a place you don't even want me to describe...there... are you chuckling now...I am serious though, and even went to my doctor and had to show my, I guess with age and a few kids modesty is out of the window just fix whatever in the heck it is. Well she had no answer except for nothing serious and some sort of an allergic reaction which by the way did clear up two days after I went to the doctor with a little prescribed salve. I am very careful with my soaps and such

  5. Hi, Girlfriend:

    I'm just gonna say a quick hi cuz we emailed earlier. What's going on with the chandelier?
    I obviously missed that.
    I want you to get better so badly I wish the
    hospital would take care of this.

  6. I wanted to let you know that I received my wonderful heart today and it is hanging on one of my peg racks. Thank you so much for participating and you did such a beautiful job on the hooking.

    I had a rash for 6 months and itching, they never did figure it out. Now I have been told I have had lyme for who knows, how long, so maybe that is where the rash came from. I hope they figure it out and you feel better soon, not fun being miserable.


  7. Geez...hope you feel better Margie, Janice

  8. Well I had a comment started and have no clue where it went...the page just started scrolling and it was

    Anyway...I was saying that your poor skin must be so raw by now with all those hives. I feel so bad for you!!!

    I RECEIVED MY WOOL's beautiful...I will now start my customers order. THANK YOU.



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