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Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting back to business...

Well, it's been a long week and I thought I would have WAY more done. Hubby took some vacation time last week and I got so behind on just about everything, although I did LOVE getting to spend time together. He works 70+ hours a week, so I gladly put all my crafts, blog, laundry, etc. aside to spend as much time as possible together (He's my best friend after all).

OK, on to what I did manage to get done this week... Here's a great little before and after project !

                                         Here's the before picture of some older little frames
                         And here's the after pics, newly painted and updated with new patriotic inserts

 Dont you just love them ? I sure do. I am such a fan of re-inventing things you already have or can pick up inexpensively at yard sales or thrift shops. It's amazing what a little paint and time can do for an outdated piece. So, if you're feeling badly in this economy that you dont have anything "new" for your prim home...go look through your stuff you have slated for your own garage sale and see if you can breathe some new life back into it with a mini-makeover !!!

 I also picked up this oblong trencher style prim painted wooden bowl at a little store near me ...cant figure out if I like it laying horizontally or vertically...I think I may go back and get another one, cause I just love it !

Well, I am still working on a few rugs, but dont have enough done to show you right now. I am trying to finish up a swap gift and a baby present, so hopefully I will get those doen and get some pics on this week, not that hubby's back to work and Easter is over...Hope everyone had a great Easter !!! I am also working on a stack of 7 stacking boxes...cant get them exactly to my liking, but as soon as I do, I will be sure to share.

Until next time,
Grace to you,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OOOOOOh I love presents and a makeover too

OK, so my BFF and I are known for celebrating Christmas and our birthdays months after the actual used to be because we lived 1200 miles apart, but it has continued now that we only live a little over an hour from each other. We joke about it every year, but now I think we actually enjoy extending the holiday, which brings me to todays post....just look at the beautiful new crock and prim pretties my BFF Penny blessed me with on Sunday...I LOVE everything, dont you ?
She is THE best gift giver...always finds the perfect gift !!!! I love you Penny !!!

Well, I have been working on a few projects, but not getting much done since hubby is on vacation and we are working on stuff around the house etc. Going inot the city tomorrow to see the new Benjamin Franklin exhibit at the history center...cant wait !!!

                  Ok, now on to the makeover....aren't these little tiered shelves too sweet ????

Cant find the "before" for this one, but I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I almost have enough things done to start listing some for sale...Hooray !!!

Also look at these terrific cutting boards I am working on today ...
After....I just need to add some jute rope to hang it and its all done !!!!

Well gals, that's all for today . I am sooo sorry I haven't posted in a week...its been very hectic. I promise to post more later tonight !!! I have been working on stacked boxes, a wall pocket and some little projects I think you'll all like.

Grace to you,

Monday, April 11, 2011

New rug finished plus some prim boxes

I am so excited that my new hooked rug/mat is all done...well, except for binding it, but I wanted to get you all a picture since I was just too excited...I think its my favorite project yet. Lemme know what ya think...I might even sell this one !!!

I also just finished a few cute stackable boxes. I just love them and cant wait to figure out where to p[ut them.

The color on the blue one didnt show evenly on the picture...the lid and box matche perfectly...looks like there was too much light in the flash...GRRRR

 I also worked on several prim hang tags and some really awesome prim gift bags...but you'll have to wait till they're done. It's been super busy around here...hubby had his 45th birthday on Sunday, so I am running a little behind, so this is gonna be short today, but I promise more to come...

Until then,
Grace to you,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Keeping Room Giveaway

Hey all my prim pals...Lori from Make Prim Happen is having a giveaway on her selling blog, The Keeping Room. When they get to 100 followers the winner gets a suprise package worth $40 from their shop...isnt that terrific ? Now, I know just how fast you can get to 100 when we all send our friends, so lets help Lori & Heather out.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Winners Announced

Well my primitive pals, I figured the followers would trickle in and I would have lots of time to go and check out everyone's blog before I reached 100...but you all blew me away, so first, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ! I promise to check out everyone who entered, it just may take me a bit longer than I thought !

Now, onto the lucky winners. The first name drawn was for the hand hooked penny rug and that winner is Tina from Tina's Primitive Attic. The second name drawn was for the suprise hooked item...which I am keeping a suprise, but hopefully Jean over at Prim Crafts will  put a picture on her blog once it arrives at her home !!!

Congratulations to both of you and thank you very much. I will be doing another giveaway in May, so be sure to check back !!!

Grace to you,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost there

Well, we are almost there folks...just 3 more followers to go until I pick the winners. No pictures today since I am trying to answer all the posts and such. I will be posting over the weekend for sure. This whole giveaway went MUCH faster than I guys who follow are the BEST in the blogosphere !

Grace to you,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hand Hooked Wool Rug Giveaway

Hey there all my prim pals...I've been promising a giveaway and have finally settled on what I want to do. Right now I have 34 me get to 100 followers and I will draw the name of the first place winner. That winner will receive this primilicious hooked wool penny rug. It is a Hungry Hook Primitives original that's been hand hooked on monk's cloth and made exclusively from hand dyed recycled wool. It meassures 24 x 12 and is the perfect size for your table, over a cupboard door or even on the wall. I'm sure you have the perfect spot for this little gem.
Ok, now for the rules. First you need to become a follower of my blog. You will get one entry for responding to this post only and be sure to leave your email address so I can let you know if you win. You can get an additional entry for posting this in your side bar, another for mentioning it in your actual blog and yet another if you send a friend, but make sure your friend tells me who sent you so you can both get credit. So really, you have at least 4 chances to get more if you send more friends over !!! Be sure to include all the info in your post please.

Now, it gets even better. I will also be giving away a suprise hooked item of some kind to another lucky follower. You will automatically be entered for this drawing simply by doing  ALL of the above ! So good luck and thank you so much for helping me reach my goal of 100 followers !

Grace to you,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got the "Find" of the century

OK, let me just say, I am SOOOOOOOOO excited right now. I stopped in at a new store in our's called ReStore from Habitat for Humanity and its like an architectural salvage/used furniture type store. They have everything from kitchen cabinets (old AND new), lighting, old doors, scrap wood and even boxes of floor tile for a buck a box...wish I had my measurements with me. Well, our house is very "cut up" with lots of doors, windows etc and when we moved in we decided that the kitchen was just too small for a table (my boys are 6'5 and 6'3 and they take up quite a bit of room) and there was no formal dining room, so we decided to change the living room into our new dining room and just use our family room downstairs for now...eventually we will take the wall by the steps down (you can see it in my very fist post photos form christmas) and open up what is now my youngest sons bedroom and make a small living know, one where its just all my pretty prims sitting around and no sweaty, giant boys watching a giant tv and leaving food and beverages and an Xbox on...that can be downstairs in the family room.

OK, I am getting ahead of myself. Since the room was originally meant to be a living room theres no overhead light and its very expensive to have an electrician come in a wire a junction box, so I have been on the hunt for a prim colonial chandelier that I can swag and just plug in. Well, they are SOOOOOO expensive, so I decided to buy a wall mount, hard wired light and have it rewired...guess what I found...a GORGEOUS chandelier...well it will be once I paint it lamp black and switch out the candle sleeves for prim one...oooooooh I cant wait. I will show you the before picture now and as soon as its painted and rewired, I will show you the afters...OH, and by the way...price...$20.00 HOORAY
You cant really see just how gorgeous it is, but trust me, its primtastic !

I hit another new store, the Goodwill Outlet store and got some good deals there pay by the pound, which is interesting. I got a few little racks, a "Bath" shelf which I will make over and switch out the heart with a star and some more hat boxes to add to my collection, a bread warmer and some other baskets/boxes and I even scored some fantastic wool.

Cant wait to prim all this stuff up.

Then I hit a place called Fleatique, whcih is a giant flea market antique mall I had never been to...HOORAY...I found this gorgeous little flag sampler that I just adore

It was a busy, busy weekend for sure. After being sick most of the week, it was fun to shop on Saturday and then Sunday night the hubs and I went out with friends to see Tim Hawkins, a fabulous christian comedian. We had a total blast and I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

I am still working on my Amreican eagle runner and hope to be done this week. OH, and I did my first swap with Amy over at Bumble Been Lane...I got this GORGEOUS salt glazed bird plaque and she added in some delicious smelling candle tarts...too cute. It really was like Christmas.

I cant decide just where the perfect spot is yet. I finally toook down ALL the snowmen since hubby reminded me that it is APRIL afterall...UM, yeah but its snowing here tomorrow, so technically I couldve left them up.

Well, thats about all for now. I do have some cool eggs I am working on and if they turn out as nice as I think they will, I will get some pics up and a quick tutorial. Also, I am really going to try to get my giveaway posted by Saturday for sure.

Until next time,