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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I haven't Disappeared

Hi there my prim pals...I have been absent of late but it just couldn't be helped. I did want to check in and say a quick hello to everyone. Surviving the heat wave here in western Pa has made working with all things "wool" a bit icky but I did manage to post some more wool bundles on my WOOL FOR SALE page and have more to come (if the weather allows, haha).

Trying to keep my spirits up while continuing to battle what they now think is a resurgence of and/or aggravation of the neuroinvasive west nile due to another mosquito bite. Personally I don't think they really know what the heck the problem is and I can tell you the pain has been off the charts...the hubs has been great in what seems to be our nightly ritual now where he lathers me up with BenGay, wraps hot towels around my arms and legs and then rubs as hard as he doesnt actually take the pain away, but it does help while he does it. Man, you should see my arms and legs though since they are bruised from how hard he is squeezing but the muscles tighten up like bricks and I beg him to squeeze harder and he is always afraid he's going to hurt me...poor guy !!!

Anyway, I do have a bit of good news to pass along to all of you who have been diligently praying for me (and thank you so much)....As most of you know I am chronically awake (insomnia) and survive on as little as 3 hours a day if I am lucky. Well in a recent turn of events I have been falling asleep before the hours before at 10 pm and sleeping till 8 am with very few interruptions. The first night it happened I was panicked that I wouldn't sleep at all the next night, which is what normally happens. Well, and I say this crossing my fingers that I dont jinx it, but I have now slept 8-10 hours per night for 5 nights running !!! Now I have no clue why or how long it will last but I am happy about it to be sure but the hubs thinks it has to do with the energy I am using when these intense pain periods ? I dunno...just happy to have something to be happy about right now.

Okay, well this is NOT a health blog so I guess I should show you some of the things the hubs and I picked up on our way back from Virginia in May...I love them all !
Aren't these old wooden bobbins look so nice on my penny runner from my wonderful friend Karen at My Colonial Home ?
Even though this bourbon jug has a little chip, I just think it adds character !!!
Pretty cool items huh ? I have no idea where I am gonna put everything...the hubs actually hung the clothes hanger make do thingy (sorry, minds not working) and he "merchandised" it by adding some of my favorite swap items from my prim pals Amy from Bumble Bee Lane and Lecia from Farmhouse Prims !!! He did pretty good too...since he's out of work I told him I would hire him to take all my pictures from now on !!!!
Well, I am pretty wiped out right now and need to try to get some rest...following the docs orders to rest and try not to stress (yeah, okay, I can do that).

I miss you all and I do read your blogs even though I may not always be commenting. Thanks for all of your love and support during this very hard all mean so much to me !

Grace to you,