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Monday, May 30, 2011

Patriotic Freebie & Follower Glitch Fixed

Just a quick update to let you all know that the glitch in the system that had my followers all disappear seems to have been fixed, so now you can send those new followers over for my giveaway !

 I know some of you have commented on the patriotic themed pics I use in some of my boxes and other crafts so as a little gift in honor of our service men and women I am adding a few pics to my blog posting today that you can feel free to copy and use !  Hugs to all of you and have a blessed Memorial Day !!!

Grace to you,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Enter my "While I'm Away" Hooked Rug Runner Giveaway

Hi there my primitive friends. I am finally ready for my next giveaway. In honor of my upcoming vacation I am doing a "While I'm Away" hooked rug giveaway. The rules will be pretty simple and you have a chance to sign up from today until I get back from vacation on June 8th !!! The winner will receive this hand hooked wool sheep rug runner that measures 23 x 13 and is a Hungry Hook Primitives original.

 The gist of this giveaway is to get at least 125 more followers while I am away on vacation. You all blew me away the last time helping me reach my first 100 followers in record time ! So right now, I have 127 followers and I would love to be well over 250 by the time I return from the beach. I will be blogging from vacation and I will also be hooking away with a second place "suprise" giveaway just like last time for an additional drawing.

 Rules for the Sheep Rug Runner :
 You must be a follower of my blog...newbies are always welcome to enter, but you must have a blog of your own to win. This giveway is open to residenst of the US and Canada due to the high cost of shipping
1. You will get ONE entry for commenting on THIS post
2. You will get ONE entry for being a follower
3. You will get ONE entry if you post this in your sidebar
4. You will get TWO entries if you actually blog about this giveaway.
5. You will get ONE enrty for EACH person you send my way
**Please let me know in your comment on THIS post which of these things you have done**

 Rules for the Suprise Drawing :
This is for those of you who send me those NEW followers. I will have a seperate drawing just for you folks. IN addition to doing all of the above, you will get THREE entries for each NEW follower you send over, so be sure you let them know they need to tell me they are a NEW follower and that YOU sent them over. So your chances for this drawing is unlimited and I promise you wont be disappointed with your prize. Here are some pics of what my last "suprise" winner received...

                                                        Hand Hooked coasters/candle mats
                                                                   In a nice little painted box

Ok, my primilicious followers, there you have it ! Best of luck to all of you !

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swap Pictures

Here are some pics of what I sent my swap partner...Figured since she already received them, I could go ahead and show you all since I already showed you the lovely things Allison sent me. OK here goes :
I sent her a sweet little patriotic sheep candle mat, some of my stacking boxes, a  little lidded basket, 2 patriotic picture re-makes and I even tried my hand at some little stitched bowl fillers and a stuffed heart hanger that I decopaged with a sweet little patriotic girl with a flag !

I am really LOVING doing these swaps. Its fun to make things for others AND going to the mailbox and getting a suprise to keep !!!!

Grace to you,

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Goodies in the Mail

I just had another great mail day !!! I knew when I heard the postman leave a box on my porch that it was going to be like Christmas again...I just LOVE doing these swaps dont you ? My swap partner, Allison, from Sew Many Girls, made me the most wonderful patriotic themed items.

 She made a beautiful flag runner, a cute little doll, a bag or rag balls, this sweet little box, some homemade candles and an awesome wire heart filled with potpourri...Now to find where to put them...

                                                       I love this heart and it smells so good !!!
                                                         This is a great place for the star box !
                                 I forgot to tell you about this tiny flag with a twig pole...LOVE IT !!!!
 I REALLY need to get working on all those great pieces in my garage so I have more places to put stuff...Didnt she do a terrific job ??? I will wait to post what I sent her, since she might not have received it yet !!!

I am thinking of adding shelves above all my main floor doors and windows...anyone else do that to add display space ? My house is so cut up that I dont have much wall space so I am thinking that might be helpful. Of course, now that both my boys have moved its probably safe to do so since there wont be anyone slamming the doors !!!

I am getting so excited for my youngest sons Marine graduation...June 3rd !!! I havent gotten to see or talk to him for 3 months and it has been excruciatingly hard ! I am counting down the days at this point ! After graduation we are spending several days on the beach in Hilton Head for a much needed vacation ! Both our sons will be there plus my youngest's best friend (who is like another son) ! I havent planned anything for the trip except to relax on the beach...oh and go to Paula Deen's restraunt The Lady & Sons...gotta go down to Savannah while we rae that close. I will keep you guys posted for sure !!!

Grace to you,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome mail day !!!

Wow...look at all the wonderful goodies I got from Amy over at bumblebee lane...Can you believe how lucky I got when I entered her summer swap ???? She has such impeccable taste, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, but she really blew me away.
My house smells scrumptious now from the wonderful room spray. Now I just need to find the perfect home for each of these primilicious goodies. The little lantern has a battery operated, grunged tea light inside that is just adorable !

I also received my giveaway win from Hearthside Happenings...its even prettier in person !!! The little rusted star is just the sweetest touch !
 A big thank you goes out to both ladies for their wonderful generosity ! I do have to say I am so sorry for not posting in awhile. I have had some health issues but am regaining my strength and will post more as I am able. I am also planning our trip to SC for my sons Marine graduation, which has cut into my "free" time. I appreciate all of you who still read and post and promise to have more goodies in the near future. I know I promised another giveaway for the month of May and I have not forgotten. I am putting the finishing touches on an item and will be announcing it in the next few days.

Prim hugs to all of you,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hooray ! I WON

WOW...I won my very first giveaway from Heartside Happenings...Cant wait to get this pretty little sampler ! A big thank you to Jacki for offering some really terrific giveaways !!!

An hey, be sure to check out there new giveaway for the month of May..its a GORGEOUS candle with pipberries...You gotta enter to head on over to Hearthside can click the link on my's so easy !

I know my chances are slim to win this little great giveaway, but, man oh man, I just LOVE it, dont you ????

OK, gotta run. It's raining AGAIN today !!!

Grace to you,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boxex, boxes, boxes

OK, so I have been working on lots and lots of stacked boxes and if the weather would just cooperate (think QUIT RAINING) I might get the varnish to dry soon !!! Hahaha. But seriously, I am trying to get things on to show you all, but I have been hampered by the weather and my own laziness.

Ok, so here are some of the boxes...
I have one more to add to this set making it 6 boxes in all. Haven't decided yet whether to add painted stars or maybe some advertising logo's...what do you think ????
These one I am just thrilled with how these 3 oval boxes turned out so far...I am planning to stencil the words (starting with top box) Life, Liberty, Happiness.....I was going to list these for sale, but I know I will be keeping them for sure...GRRRR, at some point I need to let go of some of this stuff !

 And finally, here's a cure little recipe box I picked up at the thrift store for .49... I think the only thing I will add is a little knob right in the center...Wont that be darling ?

I hit a few estate sales yesterday and got some awesome wool to recycle, TONS of old bottles that are just begging for some vintage labels (next weeks project), an old colonial fireplace bellow and a bunch of candles that are screaming to be all grubbied up...Dont you just love how all these items "talk" to me...they are like kids, just begging and screaming...LOL

Tomorrow I hope to be able to post the pics of a GORGEOUS shelf I redid the other day...again, it's still tacky because of all this rainy weather, but I just LOVE it...So nice. OH, and I will be posting my May giveaway by the end of the's a nice one !!!

Until then,