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Friday, January 27, 2012

Man oh Man

Quick post...If those of you who pray would do that for me today I would so appreciate it. I woke up this morning covered in hives from head to toe. I have had them so badly in the past that I had to be hospitalized because I wasnt able to breathe. None of the docs I have seen in the past can figure out why I keep getting them (This is the 5th time in 4 years). They are very itchy obviously, but the thing thats the worst is that they are very large hives and very hard & thick so its painful to walk (they are on the bottoms of my feet) and the largest ones are near my elbows and knees making it hard to bend since the areas are so swollen. The hubs says I look like the elephant man...I forgave him since he kissed and told me how much he loved me even if I did look like something out of a horror show...Gotta love the guy !

Anyway, went to doc's first thing this am and they shot me up with some Prednisone and some other stuff but I am really feeling crappy.

I do have lots more wool to put up  for sale, but I think it will have to wait till this evening. I will be checking my email frequently though so if you have questions about the wool, just ask. Since you know I hate to post without is the newest kit I have available...
You would actually get 3 heart patterns drawn on monks cloth and all the wool to hook them...then you can embellish them anyway you choose like I did with the old rusty keys.

Ok...I am going now
Grace to you,


  1. Oh Margie !!! My heart goes out to you !! One time I had a bad reaction to Aspirin..I had taken it all my life as a child and teenager, but when I was pregnant with my first, Tylenol was on the market and never took anything else since then....except for that fateful day.
    It was horrible ...hives the size of my 2 fists together .. And my top lip stuck out past my nose....
    Is there anything you've eaten or medication you've taken that may be the culprit ? Any environmental factors ? Cleaners, pesticides ? Latex ? Something is causing it, and if you find the source you can eliminate the problem..I'm praying hard for you !!
    Hugs !!!

  2. Oh Margie~

    Sending prayers that those hives go away & you're back to your old self soon.

    Hugs to you~Becky

  3. Oh sweetie I feel so bad for you.Ouch! Sending up a prayer for you.I still love you even if you are the elephant!~Amy

  4. Sure will! I almost know how you feel, I had hives a few years ago and I had them on my back, where I couldn't reach them. Yours sounds horrible! I sure hope that the shot and meds work pretty fast.


  5. Margie ~
    I hope the meds help ~ and quickly. Prayers coming your way.
    Hugs :)

  6. Awwww - Sweetie - definitely praying - and hoping like heck they go away soon. It was about a year ago that I ended up hooked up to iv's and layered in hives - nasty bad reaction to Levaquin. I SOOOO know your pain. (Think chocolate would help??) ;o) Smiles & Scratches ~ Robin

  7. OMG!!!! Margie, I so hope you are feeling better and the hives go away very quickly, no fun at all! Love your little hearts...Slowly, very slowly working on my rug! OLM

  8. Sorry to hear this. My Prayers are going out to you. Hope you get Well Quick!

    I LOVE your Header Picture.
    Love your hearts also....

  9. I hope you start feeling better.
    I love your hook rug hearts!
    Try and relax and take care of yourself!

  10. Hope you are feeling better. I' had hives and they are awful. Will say prayers for you.

  11. I am soooo sorry for you... God Bless! I hope you feel better real soon. Here is to good meds and a speedy recovery.

    gentle hugs!

  12. Margie! I am sending you healing white light and mighty prayers! You poor thing. Winter is bad enough without going through this!! I hope the steroid works its magic and you start to feel better soon! I love your wool hearts though...blessings for a good, healthy weekend!

  13. Definitely praying for you my friend. I hope you are doing better this evening. Blessings, Shirlee

  14. I am so very sorry to hear of your hive problems~I'll be praying you'll heal of them quickly!

    Big hugs,

  15. oh my gosh, that sounds miserable!! i hope you get some relief soon margie, i will say a prayer for you. by the way i received my red hooked heart that i bought from you yesterday, it is adorable hanging on my prim cupboard!! feel better soon, cindy

  16. Margie I am so sorry that you are having to deal with hives.Please take care of yourself!Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!Hugs,Jen

  17. Hi, Margie - you poor sweet thing! Do they think it could be shingles? My mom had some flare ups and the type of rash you described sounds like it could be that. It sounds awful, and on your feet!! Oh, geez...I hope the shot works. Benedryl and Famotidine together work for allergic reactions, that's what they gave me once at the hospital intravenously. Check with your doctor and see if you can try that.
    It works. Email me if you need to chat.

  18. Oh my goodness Marggie, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through right now. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. {{Big Hugs}} Mary

  19. Oh hope you get better. HIves are no fun. Take care, Janice

  20. Hi !

    I hope your hives go away quickly..prayers for you !

    Could be caused by stress or a food you have eaten .



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