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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pattern Time & Makeover

Before I get to those patterns I promised, let me show you a sneak peek of my china closet that's almost done. Remember the one from hubbies gramma...the one NO ONE wanted cuase it looked so bad ? Well, in case you cant remember, here's some "Before" pictures from our garage...

And, even though I still have to finish the legs and buy some trim to put over the holes where I took the doors off, I am pretty pleased with how it's turning out. I am NOT liking what I have on top yet...still messing around with that. I love the flags, but not sure about the other stuff.

I am not sure if I should paint the inside...the wood is very pretty up close. Also I wanted a china closet FOR my china, but now I think I would rather have it for display cause I dont like the dishes in it (at least not yet). Hmmmm...still thinking !!!

Ok, on to the patterns. Well, thanks to all you lovely gals who have been ordering up the wool as fast as I can list it, I have not had as much time to list the patterns. Well that and maybe me working on the china closet, hehe. I am listing at least a few patterns today, and will add more over the coming days and weeks. I will also be listing more wool for rug hooking and will be making some grab bags full of wool for penny rugs (as requested by several of you). Just post a comment or email me at if you want to place an order.

But for this post I am going to list the following patterns from some of my favorite rugs. These are all Hungry Hook Primitives original rugs designed by moi, your humble reporter...wait, I'm not a reporter, but that did sound kinda neat, huh ? Not so much ? OK, well , here you go then...

"Lone Star" mat (12" x 12" finished)
Pattern on Monk's Cloth  $18.50
Kit w/pattern on monk's cloth & wool  $35.00

"Pennies From Heaven" runner (12" x 20" finished)
Pattern on Monk's Cloth  $26.50
Kit includes monks cloth, wool & instructions $55.00

"Speckled Sheep" Rug (2' x 3' fnished)
Pattern on monk's cloth  $59.50
Kit w/monks cloth, wool and instructions $115.00

"Star's & Stripes" Coaster set of 5
Pattern on monks cloth & instructions $15.00
Kit w/monks cloth & wool  $28.00

"Crows Take A Break" (14 x 11.5 finished)
Pattern on Monk's Cloth  $26.50
Kit with monks cloth, wool and instructions $55.00

"My Sampler Square" (finished 12 x 12)
Pattern on Monks Cloth $16.50
Kit w/pattern on monks cloth, wool & instructions $28.00
Please identify what color scheme you would like

Well, that does it for today's patterns, but I might sneak in some wool bundles if the hubs works late tonight.

Until then,
Grace to you,



  1. I love your cabinet. That looks wonderful.

  2. That is a gorgeous cabinet....Like your redo - but liked it, too, in its "before" state. Cool beans! Sweet patterns girl....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Ooooooh Margie: I'm lovin' your new cabinet redo-did you that new chalk paint? I'm dying to try some! Lovin' the new patterns too...

  4. Margie that china cabinet is fantastic! Love the patterns too.Hugs,Jen

  5. Margie, I agree with all of the comments. I love the remake of your cabinet but I liked it in its original state also. I think it is perfect. If it was mine I would not paint the inside. I love the contrast of the paint and wood. Love the patterns. Am bookmarking your tutorials. Hope to have time to start learning rug hooking soon.

  6. Lovin' the cabinet makeover Margie!
    You did a wonderful job!!!
    Wonderful creations ~ you sure are talented!!!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Love the cabinet! Isn't it great when you can see past ugly and know you can make a great piece?!! I like all the americana touches and I think the top looks good, like the flag draped on the top. Cute patterns too....come on over and teach me to hook and I'll give you a cup of coffee & a cupcake! :o) ~Kriss~

  8. Margie, I love the cabinet. it turned out fantastic. now on to the patterns... I love them all but I guess my favorite is the Pennies from heaven. Does that come with the wool? If not, could I purchase some wool from you? and I think I want to get in on those grab bags for penny rugs... I love working on penny rugs.


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