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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Flour Sacks, Crocks, & Conspiracy Theories

Well I guess I need to update you gals on some great finds I have gotten over the last months....I know I am SO bad at getting pictures taken in a reasonable amount of time...I will start with my newest stuff first. My aunt came for a visit the other day and I was SOOOO super excited whe she told me she had some crocks for me. She wanted them to go to someone in the family who would appreciate them and that, of course, would be ME !!!! She started to say I could sell them and I literally was so rude...I cut her off and said "I NEVER SELL CROCKS" which is absolutely true. Over the years I have sold tons of antiques and early goods (and yes, kicked myself later) but I never, ever, let go of my crocks. I cherish them. Of course most of mine have hairline cracks but I dont care because that just adds character to are the ones she gave me on this trip...YIPPEE...
This is my second 10 gallon but this one is taller and thinner than the other one and I just love it !!! It's in primperfect condition !!!! The next one is a 4 gallon (my first of that size) and has some damage, but like I said, I dont care....
And lastly this small one gallon which I am not sure where I will put yet....
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of them and I am sooo grateful to my aunt for thinking of me. We had a nice day together. She recently lost her long time boyfriend (and I mean they were together almost as long as I have been married and thats 25 years) so she was a little sad, but I tried to keep her spirits up and get her laughing.

Well I got these flour and sugar sacks awhile back at an estate sale...I went late in the day, it had been raining and as I entered the house a woman coming out said there was nothing left but junk...Well, one mans trash...So I did a quick trip around the upstairs and she was right...not much there. SO, to the basement I went (I love the basements of estate sales cause there's usually great stuff hiding in boxes). It looked kind of bleak...of course I loved all the book cases that were marked $5 and SOLD...darn I hate when I go late ! So I am looking around and I see this old laundry basket with a bunch of old linens and stuff...I knelt down and daw a bag that was taped shut that said "clean rags" and I peeked in and saw that they looked like cut pieces of old flour sack which I love for cleaning or if they are in good enough shape, to make into dish towels (that's the extent of my sewing skills I am afraid). Anyway, imagine my suprise when I got the bag home and found 5 completely intact 100 lb about 8 complete bags with just the seam ripped on one edge, so I am thinking SCORE !!! Here they are...

I forgot there's a sugar bag with I think the statue of liberty face maybe too...anyway, the graphics are super clear on most of them...Anybody have any idea the value or what I could use them for or make out of them ???? Anybody love one and wanna trade something ? Let me know. I was so excited I did the happy dance when I opened it up !!!

On the same day I stopped at a church sale and got this oblong baking dish that went inside this woven basket thingy and both pieces are marked "Workshops of Gerald E. Henn, Warren Ohio"...anyone know anything about these ???? Also it looks like their is some crazing ??? There's no actual crack that I can feel so my question is ...Can I use it ??? Ok, well here are the pics...

The basket is in PERFECT condition and looks fabulous...I would probably be willing to part with it though if someone collects this guys stuff, so let me know. Its not like I really had a plan for it...I just cant seem to ever pass up a nice basket...I would probably just use the basket anyway and not the dish, haha, since its not "non-stick". Oh and I forgot to take a picture of the giant Pampered Chef Santa Claus cookie mold...Anyone know anything about those ????

Well, I am in bed, sweating like a pig in this muggy heat, but am hurting today, so, well, not much is gonna get done. So glad the hubs is home today though...he's mowing the yard right now and then he's working on clearing out my new work room (we both thought calling it my "studio" might be a little pretentious so we thought "work room" was more "me" but I would love your opinions/suggestions) Anyway, if he gets everything moved out of there and into the already completely STUFFED garage, then I can start painting and we can go buy the flooring...As soon as its empty I will take pics so you all can see what I am working with as far as space. Since the room is an addition it does have its own entrance, its on the lower level, like a walk out basement, has awesome natural light with some large windows, 2 large closets (one is a walk in) and has its own bathroom and is just off my laundry room so its a great space...I am hoping to maybe even hold classes or a small hook-in or something someday....Whats that saying about "if you cant go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you" ? I kind of feel like that would be perfect for me since physically I dont always feel well enough to these events or feel like I cant make a reservation because I may not be able to get out of bed that day...kind of like today. I am always in much more pain (muscularly) at that "time of the month"....HATE this time worst of all !!!

OK, so I know thats more info than you probably needed, but if you are a regular follower, you know I am not big into self-censorship, so "too much" info is usually what you get...Anyway, thats who I am and believe me, I have bigger issues that I need to "work on" than that right now..haha !!!

Well, I guess I should get going...the hubs just came up to spend a little time with me after mowing (he showered and smells so good) and we are watching a show on The New World Order...fascinating stuff...Dont even get me started here people...the hubs and I are kind of conspiracy theorists...its another of our common interests...we are odd, I know, so hold off on the "weirdo comments" please. Ooooh and  after this we are going to watch our favorite "prepper" shows...Anybody out there a prepper ???

Ok, seriously, I am going now cause I cant do 2 things at once (very well) . Heaven knows my typing is bad enough when I AM giving it all my attention.

Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. I just love the harvest moon one.I would swap you but I'm so far behind right now and hate making people wait.I like being early to sales but know you can find goodies late.Hubby always says all the good stuff is gone but see you proved him you get to feeling better soon.Your aunt was sweet to think of you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Love, love, love your goodies! I didn't know you love old stuff, and crocks. I do too, in fact I have a lot of crocks, getting tired of dusting them, but I probably won't be able to part with them. You take care of yourself!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Awww Margie !! I knew you were a sweet gal, but you know...I just luv ya !!! you just teel it like it is, honey, and don't let anyone stop you
    I would be a visitor if you ever had classes or hook ins !!!
    And what channel is the new show on ?? Hubby and I share your weirdness, kinda !! I'd love to see this program !!

  4. I hope this finds you feeling better! Great crocks your aunt gave you - I like ones with the cracks too, plus they are actually affordable. The basket is made in Ohio, it is a family owned/operated weaving business. They are somewhere between Toledo and Cleveland. You can tour their "factory". I'd keep the basket if I were you! ~Ann

  5. Here is the web site for your basket/casserole: I heard about them as pottery first. Personally I think they rival Longaberger baskets. Sounds like a lucky find! Gorgeous crocks and a great aunt. Feel better tomorrow. ... jan

  6. Hello, that is so great your Aunt gave you the crocks, they are so beautiful,love them to!!!!Also the flour sacks are a gem, lucky you. Hope you feel better soon, keep cool,Blesssings Francine.

  7. Margie ~
    I, too, have a cracked crock collection and I love them!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Pug hugs :)

  8. I love, love , love the flour sacks...they would make great grocery bags I think...we don't find those sorts of things here on the west coast...the crocks are wonderful too! Feel better!!

  9. Can your aunt adopt me...seriously..can she? Love the crocks and the designs on those sacks are highly sought after here in Michigan..such a great find! Take care, Janice

  10. Oh Margie, I believe I might come up with something to swap you for a flour sack that just might make your mouth water. I would love to put a box together. I have not done that for sometime. I might be able to entice you for a swap and I am not even picky on the label

  11. What fun goodies and finds! I have a real weak spot for crocks and have not ever (voluntarily) parted with any either. Love the sacks - especially that harvest moon one. People are making everything and anything out of them these days....Just do an Etsy search once....bags, totes, bears, swans, geese, you name it. Personally, I wouldn't be able to cut into them to make anything.....Like your casserole dish/basket find also....The dish almost looks like one of those natural stone things from Pampered Chef - I love baking with that stuff....they only get better with age....(kind of like us, ya know?) ;o) Hope you're feeling a bit better today.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - I posted my giveaway gifts from you on my blog....not the best at photography, but it's the thought that counts, right??) ;o)

  12. Oh Margie! It's so nice to read a post from a fellow rambler ... lol! I enjoyed it very much!

  13. Hello! Just stumbled in here and low and behold... crocks and flour sacks... a couple of my prim favorites! Always nice to hit those sales early if you can! Nice to meet ya'll!


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