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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I bit the bullet...

Yep, that's right...I finally just jumped in with both feet into the whole idea of actually making Hungry Hook Primitives into a full fledged business. As most of you know I have been toying with the idea of making over our small addition into a "studio" of sorts...mostly so I can have room enough to not have to move EVERYTHING just to draw a pattern, then move EVERYTHING again to pack up an order and move EVERYTHING yet again for working on my blog and so on and so on and so on. This past weekend I was just amazed at the amount of orders I got for wool, hooked pieces etc. I am just giddy with excitement that I can REALLY do this. Ok, so I am really going to embarass myself by showing you just what a MESS my work space is right now....its on the opposit side of my bedroom and I swear I could probably qualify for an episode of Hoarders if they saw this (thank goodness the rest of my house is semi organized)....Please...if you are gonna judge, then just do it behind my back and dont comment. heres where the magic happens right now....
Here's another view of the  chaos...
Yes my poor hubby actually has his clothes in this old dresser. The hubs is, how do I say this as nicely as possible...organized to the extreme, a bit anal about things, a perfectionist, a neat-nik, ok, ok, he's got OCD and I just dont know how he toelrates all this mess. His office is impeccable. He has NOTHING on  his desk, everything is in a folder and labeled etc. He doesnt even keep emails or texts because it bugs him as "clutter"...Yes and we have been successfully married for over 25 years. The man in just that wonderful because clearly I have got to be annoying him...but when I ask him he just smiles and says "Honey, I know you would be more organized if you could...lets get that space done and you'll have more room"...then he gets an adorable grin and a twinkle in his eye and says "And that way I dont have too look at the mess so I wont really care if you're organized or not". Seriously I dont know how he puts up with me, but I am so glad he does !

OK, so back to my story. So I went ahead and made a big order of dye and bought a bunch more wool so I will be ready for greatness once my studio is all done. Oh, did you want to see where that's going to be ? As I said before we have an additional off the lower level of our house in the back. It has its own entrance from outside and from just off my laundry room. Our son lived there for a couple years so we needed to rip out the carpet (teenage/collge boys are soooooo yucky)  and I need to patch a few places in the walls where he decided to use  screws to hang pictures (GRRRR). I also need to find a new home for all the stuff still in there....all his weights, an old tv, a dishwasher he said he wanted to take but then didnt need...I may keep the mini fridge though !!!  Heres a little tour...
This is the view coming in the door from the laundry room...theres a small bath to the left and a walk in closet to the right with tons of room for hanging patterns and storing supplies...
Heres the view of the main door/entry from outside and theres more room for supplies to be stored here. I am going to be putting down either ceramic tile or some type of faux hardwood (something that looks realistic but is easy to take care of and can take some traffic) over the whole room including the entryway. I had thought of just staining and sealing the concrete and then using large floor cloths but I think it might be hard of my back and feet...any suggestions ? I dont want to spend a lot but I also want something that will add value to the house...

This little area is kind of inset and I will make my main work area and will have my chair where the bench is so I am facing out into the whole room and can see everything and be inspired.

You can see there's lots of windows and some great natural light. There are no overhead lights so I am thinking of maybe a few "task" chandeliers of some type...I see another chandy makeover in the very near future... Remember this one I did for the dining room ?
I am thinking a couple of these will give a ton of light for the evening hours when I am working.

I would love to hear your thoughts...I am thinking of adding wallpaper, maybe a little beadboard and paint in a really great vintage color. I want it to be really warm and inviting but be organized into zones for sewing, hooking, pattern making, dyeing, shipping and office work. I have lots of furniture in the garage that I have been collecting to use in here. I am really getting so terribly excited...oh and since its on the lowest level it is MUCH cooler than working in my bedroom which is at the very top in the attic and is VERY HOT, especially when you are buried under wool !

Well, thats it...all my messiness out there for everyone to see. I am so inspired by those of you who have shared your awesome workspaces on your blogs and you have inspired me to really get this done, once and for all. Please pray that I make good decisions and we get some good deals because I am NOT wanting to spend lots of money on this project, but I do want it to look more vintage than the rest of my house...its got nice deep windowsills so I am looking forward to having that additional display space and all those walls...Some of you long time readers know my frustration with the fact that I have very little wall space because of the "cut up" nature of the house.

Ok gals...I am off ! I need to head out to my sons apartment and finish packing all his stuff since he needs to have it all out by the 31st...Oh and please say a prayer for him (Kirk)...he still hasnt found an apartment and we are running out of time. I had a feeling I should have gone down initially and helped him but I am trying to let him figure stuff out on his own !!!

Until next time...
Grace to you,


  1. How exciting for you!! Congrats on your new space and on making the decision to do this as a full fledged business!

  2. Best of luck to you, Margie, on this new adventure!! Your workspace will be wonderful, and I see lots of fabulous creations coming from there!
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  4. What a GREAT space to work with and in !! You are right, all that natural lighting from the windows and it will be much cooler ( a MUST )...Instead of chandeliers, though, for seeing colors and details better at night, I would suggest the recessed lighting, or even small strips of the halogen lighting, you can still aim the bulbs directly over your work...I had some in my kitchen in my other home , I'll show you pics, they were really prim looking too ...

  5. How exciting your own studio. Oh and by the way your current space looks normal to me cuz that's the way mine sort of looks, maybe worse.
    Nice warm colored walls with beadboard on the bottom and a nice border on top and yes laminate floors with braided rugs????? You go with what you love Margie, I'm sure you know what you want. Good luck, can't wait to see the finished studio.


  6. You go girl! I have bought a bunch of wool clothing and it is piling up! I know you need lots of lighting so you can tell navy from black!
    I know your room will look awesome when it is finished and you will be hooking away! Good luck.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Oh girl it's gonna be just wonderful! I agree you need to make it cozy and comfortable so you want to be out there.The organization part no help from me.I'm like you not good with it.Hubby can do what takes me 3 days in a!~Amy

  8. O Margie ...Congrats to you !!! I think you will once in your new space wonder how on earth you ever managed to accomplish a thing before !!! And a personal note Ive found creativity = messiness ! wishing you all the love and luck in the world ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  9. Prayer going out to Kirk right now. Congrats on your new business space...I am a messy crafter...shhh, don't tell anyone. Have a great holiday weekend! Take care, Janice

  10. Way to go! Your room doesn't look any messier than mine does at times. When everything thing is in "order" I can't find things--lol!

  11. I think you could put together an entire Prim/Americana experience. It could include a little travel, history and a hooking class. I would come! :)


  12. Well, I can see I've missed out some here...What's up with Kirk? (Ok - never mind, I'll be doing catch-up in a bit and figure it out...)

    Ahhhh...a work space - all your own. You lucky, lucky, THANG!!! I'm so stinkin' jealous!!! Congrats and big Woo Hoo's!! And that space rocks with those windows and how you've described it. What a fun, fun, place to make your own and play.....Enjoy the process - and the results - you're gonna love it!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - that's a heck of a lot of ammo tucked under that dresser....) :o!!!

  13. (PSS - Is that really a pink dresser I see???) ;o) (Sorry - couldn't resist!)

  14. PSS - Does your hubby have an available twin?

  15. CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN have worked so hard to get this Wool/hooking business going and you are there lady....way to go!
    I'm so happy for you that the orders are coming in.

    What a wonderful place to have a work studio...I'm not good with suggestions though - but I do know it will be fantastic when you are finished.

    Hey are you going to have it done 2 weeks from ????
    Still planning on heading east and hopefully stop in and say hi...but time will tell if it really happens...between my discs and finding a kitty sitter...well you know the story.

    Blessings to you and your family...I pray your son finds an apartment soon and that your other son is safe and happy where he is.

    P.S. I think we both lucked out on 'happy husbands'...


  16. Don't know if you follow my blog or not but we are on the same path, I'm just a a few years ahead of you. I was "dabbling" in the wool dying when I was laid off from my job. Now it's a full fledged business. I've been open almost 2 years! and have my own space after working out of the VERY crowded 10' x 10' dining room. It's heaven! Email me if you want to "chat" about it.

  17. Congrats Margie!! Best of luck to you!


  18. Hi Margie, I'm a new follower. I love your blog!! Kristine ~ Beyond The Attic Door

  19. How exciting Margie! I'm so happy for you! I've been away from blogging for awhile....Can't wait to see the finished results...and I will definitely want to make a trip down to see your new shop this summer...can't wait to come! You're in NW PA, right? How far from Buffalo are you? Keep in touch!
    patti :)


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