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Saturday, May 19, 2012

HELP me find Mrs. T & New Wools Are Up

Hi there gals...I am trying to locate a woman who left a comment on my blog today who wanted to purchase the Patriotic Sampler Square I had listed  but she didnt leave her email address and her info isnt listed with Blogger so I have no way at all to get back to her. So, Mrs. T if you are reading this...please shoot me an email or leave a comment with your email in it and I will be happy to start on your hooked item and get you invoiced. If any of you know Mrs. T can you please relay my request ? Thanks a bunch.

One quick side note...I do have some new wools listed on my WOOLS FOR SALE page and I am going to be dyeing a large batch for some orders I have coming up, so if you have any is the time to ask ! As most of you know, I am happy to try to accomodate your requests and I work very hard to try to get you the colors you are looking for whether its wool you are trying to match or just colors that you want to have on hand.

You all know I hate to blog without pictures so I thought I would show you a few things I picked up recently....First up is this awesome rolling pin to add to my collection...I have never seen one with the green handles and I just had to have it !!! And the price was right at $2.50.

Speaking of great deals....check out this large sewing box I got that is just filled with superb threads and accessories... LOVE this and it was a steal at $7.00

I also got this really cool copper thing...not really sure what it is exaclty but I am looking for things I can hang over by the woodburner and figured metal would be great...

I also thought of hanging some of my salt glazed is the area I want to hang stuff. I obviously cant use wood or candles and such because of the extreme heat...Any ideas ?

I also picked up these terrific little well made baskets that are perfect for all those little woolie worms that get clipped while hooking...Arent they just too cute ?
Well, ladies, I think I am gonna close for now since I have lots of items to get packaged up and ready to ship out tomorrow. I was overwhelmed with the terrific response to the items I had listed over at Primitive Handmades Mercantile this month...I sold out of every Americana item I had listed in just a few short hours and am now working on multiple orders !!! What a blessing to have so many prayers answered...I had debated even continuing to sell my finished works on PHM since nothing sold last month, but now I know I am supposed to hang in there. I also was really praying for God to really show me, definitively, whether ot not to move forward with the business end of my wool world and WOW did He confirm to me that I am right where I am supposed to be and doing just exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. I have a pin similar, minus the little indents around the middle of the handles. Mine belonged to my Grand mother, my Momma used it to roll wallpaper when she hung it. I call that 1930's green because there was so much of that color around at the time. Great buy for you! I would think anything tin or cast metal on the walls. I'd leave it out a bit on a hook or something so the walls wouldn't heat too much from the stove. So thankful the Lord blessed you in your business!

  2. a metal star would look awesome above your wood stove!!

  3. Ok, scratch my idea, I was going to suggest clicking the name and seeing if the info was on blogger...that's bout the extent of my ability to help in that department :)

    I could have sworn that I read somewhere that the green handles pins are rarer than any of the others or possible worth a little more. I'll try to find the article and see what I find about it and share it with you...if I find it.


  4. Hi Margie!
    Wish we were sharing a cup of coffee with whipped cream this AM. I have the very same olive green sewing box. My belonged to my husband's mom. I estimate is it nearly 50 years old! :) Keep up the good work. One day I will travel to your side of the country and take a few hooking lessons from you.
    Missing you laughter and your smile.

  5. So glad He is showing you you're where you're supposed to be....I was late getting to PHM this month - but loved your offerings. Fun, fun, finds - yikes that thread is worth its weight in gold - seems like I'm always not having the right shade to match. As for the fireplace wall - I'd be inclined toward all things forged-ironish....You know - old skewers; kitchen-type utensils, etc. And that copper thing looks like a bed warmer to me..... :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Hope you found Mrs. T....)


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