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Monday, May 14, 2012

Awesome Swap Thank You Eve

Well in all the swaps I have done, I have never received one a whole month early and boy was I pleasently suprised when I opened the mail on Saturday and found this lovely batch of goodies...
These are all from Eve over at Lee Hill Primitives and gals, let me tell you, she is a very talented and very generous lady. After my panic attack over the date our spot was due (Yes, I rushed like a maniac to my computer to look it up because as you all know by now, I am forever behind on just about everything, but I didnt think I could be a whole month behind...thankfully she's just wonderfully on top of her game...Koodos to you Eve...How do you do it all ?).

Okay, so Eve paid soo much attention to the things I like and the things I want to start collecting, like pewter...see that awesome plate ??? Its pewter AND this year is my 25th anniversary, so it was PERFECT for me...LOVE it.

I had mentioned that I loved a giveaway Eve did awhile back and loved the confederate money and vintage childrens picture, so she made sure I got both in my swap...Isnt that just too sweet ?
She also made a sweet pinkeep (another thing I have really wanted) and this adorable little prairie doll...

She also made this beautiful prim bee and got me this adorable little notebook with a bee on the front.

Ooooh and look at this little cross stitched tuck she made too...Its my very first cross stitched item  and its just wonderful...

So now I need to get her package all finished up and sent to her....Hey wouldnt it be great if I actually sent hers EARLY too ??? Ok, I know, I know...thats probably not likely, but I do have a few things a;ready done for her swap pkg and I am hoping she is a s happy with what I send as I am with what she so thoughtfully sent me. Thank you Eve so much for a terrific swap. I love everything !!!

Well ladies, I did manage to get a bunch of wool dyed over the last few weeks and I have all the pics taken and I will be listing them on my WOOL FOR SALE page, so be sure to check it out...I have some really wonderful wools and even some new colors...I have been experimenting with shades of plums, purples and burgundies that I know you will all love. Of coure there are some populra colors in there too like my best dirty red, margie's marvelous mustard and even more of my much requested robins egg blue bundles. As always, if you ahve a request, please let me know, as I am always happy to dye something just for you !!!

OK, well I am off to put the finishing touches on the items I am making for Fridays update at the Primitive Handmades Mercantile...great new items that I truly LOVE and hope you will too !!!

Well, I had better scoot gals, so have a wondeful day !


  1. What nice goodies you are one lucky gal!! Have a great day!!

  2. Eve makes wonderful creations!!! Love all your goodies! I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!!! OLM

  3. Oh my gosh Margie ~ Lee sure is on the ball!!!
    Such wonderful goodies she sent!!! Enjoy!
    Prim Blessings

  4. What a wonderful package you received from Eve! You will have fun with them all : )

  5. Had to giggle when Eve told me she sent yours,I knew it would send you in a panic.LoL..Actually I know you, like me are always a little behind so I figured you'd think you were late and maybe be early this gifts from Eve love the bee and prairie doll.She does such wonderful work.Hugs!~Amy

  6. Oh, what prim treasures Eve sent :) Love it all, don't you love when your partner really pays attention to your tastes? So sweet.


  7. I love all of your goodies!! Very sweet of Eve :)

  8. Lovely goodies Margie. Hope you are doing well.


  9. Hi Margie,
    I have been on the receiving end of Eve's treasures...I got in on a Halloween giveaway a few years ago and let me tell you it was awesome.
    The items she sent you are wonderful...and how special a 25th Anniversary plate...CONGRATULATIONS ON THE UPCOMING ANNIVERSARY KIDDO...25 is a milestone.

  10. Yikes - really? I was this far behind??? Why didn't you e-scream at me or something??? (Sorry....) Oh - I love your swap goodies from Eve- she is such a sweetheart and I so love her taste and style - and her hand-dids are positively, absolutely, and unequivocally amazing!!! (Now you have me wondering how far behind I am on her blog and whether I missed her posting of your swap goodies....) Yikes. I gotta go to bed. Smiles & Nighty Night Hugs ~ Robin


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