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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Swap goodies in the mail

Ooooooh I am just too excited about all the yummy prims Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane Cottage sent me for the Sweet Liberty swap she recently held. I was very late in getting my things to her but it worked out ok since she had been sick too...She is such a sweet and generous gal !!! If you've never been to her right over there and see all her wonderful things.

Ok, ok, I want to see what I got. Well, first let me say that before I even opened the box I could SMELL this wonderful aroma...not sure exactly what it's callled but it was homey and spicey, which, coincidently, just what I like. Well, heres what I got...
This beautiful stitched star is gigantic....I know you cant see very clearly but its hanging on my fireplace set and it hangs half way down...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.
Next is this beautiful salt glazed plate and pie bird...Amy knows I collect salt glazed stuff, so it was perfect and the little bird in an Eldreth...SCORE !!! Not sure where I will display this yet...I have some things in mind and will update you later on that.
Ok, now isn't this rabbit just adorable looking like he's ready to march in a parade...I LOVE him too...what talent this gal has...oh you folks who sew...I am so envious !!
Then I also got this beautiful linen towel that has been tea stained and has beautiful sars on both ends....You cant tell really well in the pictures, but the staining just looks so darn it had been tucked away for 100 years and now is in my home...I decided I need to REALLY get moving on my new studio so that 1. I can have more studio space and use some of my prim decor there and  2. Do my bedroom (half of which is now my work area) in all prims because I am SO short on actual wall space in this house...I want to see this hanging from a hook somewhere...OK, ok...I will get on with the gifts

These are some of the yummy things I smelled...awesome little wax stars, a blackened beeswax flag and...wait for it...I love this....
Isnt this AWESOME ???? A George Washington blackened beeswax "portrait" and its pretty big probably 4" tall...Amy is just tooo sweet and I just want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely things she made/handpicked for me...but most of all I want to thank her for her kindness and friendship !

I have some new stuff done that I have been working on and will try to get pics soon and will have new wools up next week for sure...I know I am always later on that than I say, but I am doing a large wool order, so while those dye pots are out, I may as well get it all done...finishing up in the next day or two, so if you have a request, let me know asap !!!

Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. Wonderful goodies from Amy. Lucky, lucky you!!!

  2. Awww sweetie your too kind.I loved my goodies from you too.The bunny was made by Brenda Rusty Thimble...So glad to have you as a friend.Hugs!~Amy

  3. I know I have a "problem." When I saw that adorable bunny, I thought it looked like a Rusty Thimble bunny....Yikes - sometimes I scare myself. Anywho! What a wonderful swap!! Lucky you to have gotten Amy herself as a partner! Love her wax goodies - that George is SOOO sweet! And all the other things chosen so carefully - love the saltglaze and that darling little pie bird.... Have fun finding "homes" for your new treasures and let the "tweaking" begin.....I'm hoping to take some photos of my sweet mat from you soon - Yikes, I'm so far behind some might think I'm ahead.....Happy Saturday GF!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Margie!!!! WOW!!! What a most wonderfully fun box from Amy!!! WHOOHOO!!!
    Hope you are doing well!!! Sending hugs!
    I saw Karens nice stack of army green wool on her blog... next time you get some, please let me know, I would be interested! OLM

  5. Wonderful items from Amy!! Lucky you!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend..... Penny

  6. Wonderful goodies, the bunny is awesome!

  7. CAN YOU SAY 'ENVY' oh my goodness Margie I am in awe at the gorgeous things you received from Amy...everything is just perfect!.
    Oh that little salt glaze bird from ELDRETH...that's the only kind of salt glaze I have and there's lots of it...he's just the best out there.
    I enjoyed your post.

  8. Margie you sure got some wonderful goodies from Amy!!! She is such a sweetheart!
    Prim Blessings

  9. Great items from Amy. The bunny is awsome.


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