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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally Finished

Hi there my prim pals...Well, I am finally done hooking a few Christmas projects...Now on to binding them, which you all know is just my favorite thing to do (yeah right).  But I did get the mug rugs all they are...

They will be up as kits for sale by tomorrow along with the other 2 small ruglets (Cute, right ? ) They aren't really full size rugs or full size runners, but they're not candle mats either. They are great  for hanging on a cabinet door or over a door or in the skinny place where nothing fits...Well, I guess I should show them to you. I am binding the feather tree in red and I haven't decided about the snowflake...White might be nice or should I stick with the blue so the edges kind of just disappear ?

At just 18 x 6 and 18 x 4, they hook up in a breeze and are just so festive. I love all the different blues in the snowflake ruglet but I will offer any background color for the kit.

Well, I am trying to get my swap presents finished for Bumble Bee Lanes "Cabin In The Woods" Christmas swap...I have had soooo much fun making all sorts of little gifts to put in my swap box. I adore doing swaps and am so excited to send mine and to see what I am getting too !!! I have several wool bundles to get added to my wool for sale page too and oh, did I mention Thanksgiving is at my house ? And my Marine son is coming home ? (HOORAY) And I signed up to make some grub for our church's outreach Thanksgiving dinner, Feed The Need? Oh and I have a bushel of
apples that need canned like yesterday ? Oh and I have cookies to make to send out to the troops ? Does anyone else need an extra week before we sit down to our Thanksgiving meal ??? Forget about the fact that many stores will be open on Thanksgiving day with pre-black Friday deals ??? I have my list ready to go but still need to gather my coupons and coupon codes. I think something's gotta give this week and I have decided I am cleaning my house with the legally blind in mind ! Unless it jumps out at me and screams CLEAN ME...its not getting cleaned this year...maybe by Christmas I can clean off the top of my fridge !!!

Well, I am exhausted since I spent yesterday painting my porch, yes, its November and I was out on the last decent day, painting my porch. Why ? Oh well , thats easy...I am NUTS. Well, I had removed all the ugly carpet that was on it and got it scraped down (well, not really good enough) and decided I had a little bit of porch paint left over from the back deck and decided it would look better than seeing all the yucky colors and chips etc. Yeah, well its passable, but I have already started my spring projects list of the MUST DO things around the house...I adore the all know that I feel I have THE BEST husband in the universe, but he is NOT handy and he works retail management which is 75+ hours per week ....if only he got paid by the hour, it wouldnt matter if he was handy or not because I could afford to just hire someone, but alas, that is not reality, so the list goes up and I will be devouring the DIY channels for the newest How To's.

OK, I am really tired and HOORAY, Sleepy !!! Those of you who know me know that I have a problem sleeping...a great little residual of the dreaded West Nile Virus. Well on top of a busy week, I have only slept approximately 12 hours since last Sunday....I am yawning...Pray that I can catch a few ZZZZZ's.

Hugs & Grace to you all,


  1. Margie, I love your latest projects, especially those long skinny pieces!! Do you sell them finished for those of us who do not hook?
    Sorry to hear about your sleep issues... didn't know that was an after-effect of West Nile.... Hope you get some much needed sleep tonight...
    Have a great week ahead......

  2. Hi, Margie,
    Love your new hooked pieces, I think I would like the snowflakes finished off in blue so as not to distract, but I'm sure you know best. I didn't know that you had West Nile Virus, I have my horses vaccinated against that, there should be a vaccine for people! I don't know if I have ever invited you to visit my blog
    Would love to have you! When I have company, I hope for a cloudy day ... that way the dust doesn't show!

    Hugs, Melinda

  3. Margie, OMG! LOVE all the rugs! I wish I wasn't so busy doing my stuff to have time to do one of them! I so hope you will be able to get some much needed sleep! OLM

  4. your work is beautiful, as always and i'm tired just reading all you have going on,, I'm legally blind and I can say it is a bonus for keeping house, one never see's the dirt!!

  5. Love your new rugs. The snowflake one is a favorite.

  6. I really love these items you made..they are wonderful..I want that much are your kits? I hope you get some rest cause it sounds like you are going to be way busy.;)

  7. Love your new designs Miss Margie - especially that snowflake one...and that's weird, 'cuz I'm usually not a huge blue person - especially for Christmas - but it's that good. (And I call all my littler pieces "ruglets!" Thought I had made that word up...guess not!) And,'re making me sleepy too - and I've got much yet to do. (No, cleaning is NOT on that list....what, exactly is "cleaning" anyway???) ;o) Smiles & Sleepy Hugs ~ Robin


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