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Friday, November 4, 2011

Wools For SAle in New Place

Hi time for a long chat today ! Just a quick note to those of you who were asking...I have put up some new wool bundles for sale on their own page ...Look to the right...Yep, there it is , right above my Rug Hooking Tuutorial pages...Just click on the WOOLS FOR SALE and see whats new. I will be adding more wools as I have them bundled. Anyone who needs anything specific...just ask. I may or may not have it, but I can always look. I will take down the pics as they are sold, so only current wools will be listed...Hope that makes sense.

Ok, gotta skedaddle,
Grace to you,


  1. yup, that makes sense,, I have had to start a new blog,, I hope you can find me!

  2. I would like to purchase some of your wool for sale. Do I email you or post what I would like here? Thank you

  3. Hi the wool f or sale is wonderful
    I see several I would like but they are probably all sold by now.
    I'll e-mail you with my choice and wait to hear back.

  4. Love your Feather tree and snowflakes sorta runners. But... most of all I love seeing the word skedaddle. I used to hear that daily when we were at my Aunts house growing up. She had four children and I made 5 and we were always being told to skedaddle and go play. Haven't heard that in so very long. It brought back memories. Isn't it funny what stirs that little place in the back of your memory bank?


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