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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Beginning To look Alot Like Christmas...

Well, I am finally feeling like I have some holiday spirit. The hubs and I went and got our trees, yes trees...we get for the main floor and one for the downstairs family room ( aka the guys Steeler man cave). I know I am quite spoiled, but I am a Christmas junkie and I need my tree fix. I will get some pics up after I am done ...just got the lights on so far.

Of course I would have gotten the trees all done if I hadnt decided to repaint my china hutch. Remember when we got the hubs gramma's stuff  and I painted it blue ? Well, I just wasnt happy with it, so I redid it last night and I like it much better...Havent gotten all the "stuff" put just where I want it yet, but I do like the boxes on top...just gonna add some white lights.
I have had these boxes for ages and they have patriotic pics on the other side but I figured I could easily have them do double duty and put Christmas/wintry labels on the other side...pretty thrifty, right ?

Also i got this old hat box from the hubs gramma and I just KNEW I could make it beautiful...what do you think ????
I love the way it turned out...It was fun to paint, distress, decopauge and stain and see this wonderful ginat box come to life....figured I would have paid close to $50 in a prim shop (which of course I would never do because thrity is my middle name).

I got so inspired by redoing the hutch that I decided to work on the small buffet...Hiked this all the way up from the garage all by my lonesome too...Yes, I work out (well, that WAS my work out).'s how it looks...
DO NOT enlarge the picture floors are very dusty and my baseboards havent been cleaned in forever ! hahaha

Well to round out all my crafting escapades, here are some ornies I made while watching Christmas movies the last couple days...

I had  tons of fun hooking the little stockings and making the snowmen with some old wire I have had sitting around for who knows how long...and I love my checkered ginger...I had some wool that just wouldnt hook well and I figured it would be great for some gingers. Tomorrow I am planning on some cinnamon applesauce ornies, baking some cookies and finishing my trees.

I do still have several wool bundles left if anyone is interested along with some rug hooking kits. My first post of the new year will have another rug hooking tutorial...I decided we are all too busy right now, but feel free to keep those questions coming. I am enjoying answering all of them.

Well, guess that about all thats new right now. I have an aching back at the moment, so off I go to take a break and watch yet another Christmas movie....I record them ALL and love watching them...even all by my lonesome !

Grace to you,


  1. I love how the hat box turned out and the lil hooked stockings too cute.Boy you've been a busy got the inside decorated need to post some pics.Hubby started the outside but we are keeping it simple this year.Hugs!~Amy

  2. Hi Margie! Wow, I LOVE the hat box that you redid! What a great job! All of your ornaments are so cute, too!

    I hope to be getting our outside decos out tomorrow -- the inside of the house is coming along, but still not done! That's on the agenda for the weekend, too!

  3. Love your ornies...and that Santa hat box...what color red did you use?
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Ooo I love that hat box.. you did a perfect job. Things sure are looking alot like Christmas at your house. Next week, I will start...can't wait..


  5. Looks wonderful!
    I must admit I was really tempted to enlarge the pictures because you told me not too! Heehee. But I promise I didn't. LOL!

    Hope to have some of my photos up soon.

    Be sure to show off your Steelers man cave tree too! ;)
    Do you decorate it is steelers colors??? :)


  6. Love how the hat box turned out. One would never believe the before and after without seeing the pictures.

  7. I enjoyed my visit, thank you for sharing with all your followers!

  8. Love your redos, the hat box is awesome. I'll be emailing you about some wool packs. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Margie,All of you pictures are so wonderful.I have to say I love the hat box redo from Grandma great job.Judy

  10. Love your idea, nice work on the hat box.

  11. The hat box turned out so adorable!11Love what you did with it! all is looking ready for Christmas.

  12. That hutch redo is AWESOME Missy Margie...and I'm LOVING that hat box something fierce. Sounds so festive at your house....Not so much here at the crow's nest - I'm so thankful for the things I've won recently so I have some holiday about!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Amazing job on the boxes and love the color on the hutch

  14. Hi, Margie, the hat box you made looks beautiful. I bet it's even more so in person.
    You've been busy, so rest your back for as long as you can.
    Warm Holiday Wishes, Everyone!

  15. Well you go girl! I loooove Christmas trees too and each one is a different them (kind of...) although my main tree is an assortment of loved ornaments.
    Wow, nice re-do on the cupboard!
    Man.....if you had two of those Christmas hat boxes I'd buy one off of you right now...really I would. It's fantastic

  16. I love the hutch re-do, you can never go wrong with red. The box turned out so prim, love it.
    Love the re do on the other cupboard, well worth dragging from the garage. I love handmade ornies for the tree, very nice.
    Thanks for sharing, it was fun.
    Country at heart

  17. Margie ~
    Love what you did to the hat box!!!
    Love your ornaments, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  18. Margie,
    WOW!! all your re-dos are wonderful!!! BUT the Hat box!!! PRIM PERFECT!!!!! can't wait to see more!!! OLM

  19. I am looking for the tutorial on how to re-do a hat box, but can't find it (hint, hint) :)

    and the tutorial for the labels on the double-duty boxes??? can't find it either :)

  20. The hat box is so great. You did an amazing job. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.

  21. Wow, AWESOME! The cupboard and table re-do's, the santa box... everything is so wonderful Margie!!


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