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Friday, February 15, 2013

PHM February Update Today

Hi there my primitive friends...I know its been such a long time (a month to be honest) but things here have just been, well, busy. I have to say having the hubs at home all the time is VERY different since he has worked 70+ hours a week for the last 10 years but can I let you in on a little secret ???? I LOVE HAVING HIM HOME SO MUCH...He is my very best friend and we have always loved spending time together and once he finds a new job I am going to be sooooo lonely again.

Ok, so even though I love having him home, gosh I cant seem to get anything done...I thought I would be more focused with him here and having to have dinner made so much earlier and everything, but well, not so much. Add to that the fact that I sprained my wrist and I have gotten next to nothing done...Well, maybe next to nothing is a stretch...I did get lots of new wools over dyed and listed so be sure to pop over to my WOOLS FOR SALE page and see what I have done.

Then, please stop over at to see what all the gals have made this month with our Easter theme...I continue to be amazed that I am allowed the honor of being in this group of such talented women. This month I made a cute little wool pillow with a hooked little's a sneak peek...

I also wanted to tell you about the Hungry Hook Primitives Spring Fling Giveaway that will start this weekend and the winner will be drawn on March 1st...Heres a sneak peek on one of the prizes I have in mind....

Well, I need to scoot....gotta try to get some sleep before everyone gets oldest son and his girlfriend have been here since Sunday which has been wonderful but they are heading back to Virginia tomorrow...

Grace to you,


  1. Morning, happy for you your Hubs is home with you but to bad you sprained your wrist, ooch!!.......I love the sweet little chickie pillow......Take Care, Francine.

  2. I love the little chick! It is so good when our spouses are our best friend. My husband and I were able to work together for years but last year because of the economy he had to seek other employment and I miss all that time together and hate that we took it for granted.

  3. The little chick is so cute, I'm loving all things spring right now. I'm glad you're enjoying having your hubby home. Spending time with him is much more important than getting things done.

  4. Please take it easy and get that broken wrist mended fully. The little chick pillow is so
    darn CUTE! How are your legs? I hope you're in less pain than usual. It's nice to have the men home with us, but you're right, forget about getting anything done!

  5. Hi Margie--So sorry about your hubby's job..I hope he finds a better one quickly. I just followed your blog--figured it was about time, I have been enjoying reading it for awhile. Hope your wrist mends quickly.---Jan

  6. Hope your wrist gets better fast Margie. Your little chick pillow is so cute.


  7. Glad to hear your just busy. I know what it's like to have DH home all the time. Sometimes being together is more important than getting things done. Glad you had some enjoyable time with the kids. I don't get to see mine very often.

  8. Wow, I was just searching around and discovered you are a very talented lady. I'd love to follow your blog, can you set up the 'inbox' following? Then I read this post and low and behold a giveaway!!
    How fun is that? I'm a recently self taught tender newby rug hooker looking for inspiration and help.

  9. Oh oh, I missed it, thanks for having that feature on your blog.

  10. lil chick is so cute would look adorable tucked in a basket with some prim grass and eggs


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