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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching up & BIG WOOL SALE Going on NOW

Hi everyone...I hope you all had spectacular holidays filled with wonderful memories that will warm your hearts for years to come. Me ? Well, this was just a downright odd, but very happy, Christmas. I never really got into the spirit of things, never got a cookie baked, didnt like the gifts I picked for anyone and just all around didnt FEEL like it was Christmas until just a couple of days ago when it finally snowed ! I felt rushed and hurried and just out of sorts.

But I do need to say a big thank you to all who have prayed and offered kind words of encouragement to my son Kyler (the Marine) while he was deployed. One of THE BEST gifts and answer to prayer happened when he got home here in Pa on Dec 23 and I cant tell you how many times I have hugged that boy since then. He will be here till the 13th and I think I can finally get back to my "normal" activities since he is spending lots of time at his fiance's. Wow, have we been running though....He took my car the first day he was home to go to the Steeler game in Pittsburgh and, well, lets just say he is HARD on vehicles, which is why we dont allow him to drive our good car lol. Well, long story short, it left him stranded 30 minuted from home and we had to get it towed and are still waiting to hear what the complete damage will idea if it was something he did or if its just that the car is getting old...she's a 2004 but only has 76,000 miles on it and , up until now has been pretty great, but I dont drive much and we keep up on maintenance etc and well, like I said, he drives like a typical 20 year old Marine ! Sooooo, we have been driving him back and forth to his girls house or we go and get her (she has no car either...grrrrr) and it literally costs us $7.00 for each trip plus it adds an extra hour to the hubs already LONG days. Oh and I have to tell you he got me some francinsence from Jordan and a beautiful linen scarf in Kuwait.  So I think that would have been plenty but he said he had read that crime was getting worse due to the economy so he also bought me some Bear Repellent Spray to keep in my purse...yes, he has an eclectic personality ! Here's a picture of he and his fiance...They make such an adorable couple...

OK, well I also got another great gift on Christmas Eve...we had a beautiful candle light service and I was so pleased to be there with the hubs, Kyler and his fiance Ashlee but the night got better cause when we got home, my older son Kirk (who moved to Virginia back in the spring) was there waiting to suprise me...he worked that whole day until 3:30 and drove straight to our house ( a 6.5 hr drive) and literally had to leave the next day by 5 pm...He and his girlfriend Nikki were both so sweet to make that kind of sacrifice for me and I love them for doing it...just wish I had done more, you know...I only partially decorated, didnt bake or anything...and I had already sent his gifts to Virginia and I didnt evne have enought stuff to make our traditional Christmas morning breakfast buffet ! Neither he or his girlfriend like to get pictures taken but I did manage to get my 3 guys to pose for one just for me...

The hubs and I decided not to exchange gifts this year since so many people in our community and church were really hurting. Since I am the program director for our church foodbank, I knew we had lots of people who needed help and since I stock the pantry completely on what I can get from savvy shopping and couponing (church members bring me all their coupon inserts so it helps alot), I knew we were going to have to add more to it from our own funds than what we normally do. We have a very small church...maybe 60-100 if everyone shows up, but we do more outreach than most of the large and even the mega churches we have attended. Anyway, it did feel good to make sure that every needy family in our church (and several outside our church that people asked us to help) got nice big laundry baskets filled with food, cleaning products, health & beauty items and even diapers where needed..."Joy" was what I felt when we gave those baskets away...Just 8 years ago our family was on the receiving end of that type of program and it feels so good to be able to give back even in a bad economy.

Well I guess I have caught you up on the personal side...I am working on lots of Valentine projects at the moment in the workshop and in an effort to start the year off right I have a HUGE WOOL SALE going on right now with some deep discounts to make room for new arrivals, so be sure to click on the WOOL FOR SALE page on the right hand side of my blog. I will be having a Blog Yard Sale soon and will also be listing some of my finished projects for sale at deep discounts too so keep checking back. Once I get all the Christmas stuff put away it will be back to the dye pots so if you have any requests just shoot me an email.

Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. hi margie, sounds like your weird christmas turned out the way it was ment to be... with family! all the other things really dont matter... enjoy the days with your marine while hes around!! enjoy your day!!

  2. Hi Margie,sounds like a lovely Christmas even if it seemed weird at the start.Nothing better for a momma than seeing her kids!Such a kind and generous thing for you and hubby to help with the food bank.Sweet pics,really enjoyed seeing your marine and his girl.The three guys are awesome and I know how thankful you were to have them there all together.Happy New Year sweetie!Hugs,Jen

  3. Margie,
    You have no idea how it pleases me to see that I was not the only one that didin'y "fully" decorate this year. the day before everyone came over I just took all the unemptied bins of decor and put them in the garage with little regret!
    What a wonderful surprise that your other son showed up!

  4. Well Margie ~ sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas after all ~ how sweet that both boys were home for the holiday.
    Wishing you all the best in 2013!
    Prim Blessings

  5. I didn't get into the Christmas spirit until Christmas Eve this yr. (which is toally unlike me)! very little decorating,gifts etc. Very similar to yours.
    So glad to hear about your son's coming home and the other one surprising you~how sweet! That's what really matters-having family nearby, etc.
    What a sweet thing to do about the food pantry. You just never know when or who is gonna need help from yr. to yr.

    Blessings to you this new yr!

  6. Hi Margi, well it looked like a wonderful Christmas after all with the family together, so great.........Happy New Year to you and yours, Francine.

  7. Well hey you!!! Long time no chitty chat!! So good to hear from you!! Christmas was a little strained here as well - kinda slipped in and out very quietly - but I'm trying desperately to hold onto it in my heart. I got about 90% decorated - and now I know I'm going to regret it as it all has to come down, and I have a new term starting next week. So very glad to hear your boys were "home for Christmas." Nothing more heartwarming than that.... All three (daddyo included) are looking mighty fine..... Wishing you a wondrous new year overflowing with blessings and joys - and, of course, Hugs & Smiles ~ Robin

  8. Wow...what a wonderful post.
    Margie I am so happy for you and your husband that BOTH sons made it home for Christmas. And especially that Kirk arrived as a surprise...the best Christmas gifts you could have received...your babies home for Christmas.
    I can so relate to the 'not feeling the Christmas spirit' - wasn't too much around here either but that's another story.

    I may have missed a post or two here but haven't seen your new craft room finished.

    I'm off to read more.




  9. What a wonderful Christmas present.
    Family home.
    Woolie blessings

  10. Hi Margie: It's been a long time!! Glad you were able to have your sons home for the holiday. What a beautiful post; esp about the food pantry. You are amazing!!
    Have a wonderful year!
    Patti ;)

  11. Such a beautiful family...glad your son came back safe and sound


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