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Friday, December 21, 2012

PHM December Update Today

Hi everyone...Just a quick reminder that the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update is today and believe it or not...I was not the last one to update this month...Quite a feat for those of you who know me well. I am always behind and thought for usre I would totally miss the update...I spent most of yesterday reminding myself that I needed to stay up and do my was like a mantra...all day reminding myself NOT to dare fall asleep...Yes, I know, you may be thinking to yourself "But Margie says she doesnt whats up with that?". Well, I normally dont sleep...until I have to stay awake...GRRRR...seesm my body is constantly betraying me and sure enough I was soooooooooo sleepy last night that I could have drifted right off long before midnight but, alas, to updating I went.

OK, well that was 6 hours ago and now I am really sleep so please forgive me if I am goofier than usual. I will show you real quick a few of the items I am offering for sale on PHM this month....If anyone's interested in purchasing anything, just shoot me an email or even leave a comment below.

I did see some of the other gals updates already and they have some lovely things for sale this month too. I have taken a little break from hooking since my hands are not cooperating lately...went to see the doctor this past Wednesday (yeah, like I had time for that) and he says he has helped me as far as he can and he's sending me to see another pain specialist...GRRRRRRRR...I just want them to find out WHY I am such a mess (other than I had West Nile...hello, that was 9 years ago...can I get fixed or not ?) Ooooooh yikes I am getting crabby sorry ladies. Just getting tired of the same old same old...

But, I hope you are all happy and ready for a delightful Christmas holiday...I know I might never have my house clean enough, or have enough cookies baked, have lost enough weight, found the "perfect" gift for everyone on my list, or even feel very good but I do know I need to count my blessings and be grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life ...My son is back stateside and will be home in about 24 is good and in light of the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, my problems seem pale by comparison. I hope we can all just hug our loved ones, hold them tightly and remember that life could be so much worse...
On that note...merry Christmas everybody and have a happy new year !
Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. so glad your son is home.
    Happy New Year,
    pain management sure is no fun, hope you get the help you need, blessings and peace

  2. Wonderful news that your son will soon be back in your arms for a Christmas hug!Praying that you find the answers to help your pain.Love and Merry Christmas,Jen

  3. Oh that is so great your Son will be home for Christmas, Yey!!!!!! Enjoy a wonderful warm Christmas, Francine.

  4. I read your rug hooking tutorial. It was great. I want to try my first rug. Do you offer kits?

  5. I read your rug hooking tutorial. It was great. I want to try my first rug. Do you offer kits?

  6. I would suggest a Dr of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- they focus on bones, joints etc. they are not surgeons and are more holistic in their approach. Just a thought. Good luck.


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