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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow, what a month already !

Hi guys...I cant believe I haven't posted anything since I announced the giveaway winners ! Life has been soooooooo hectic and unbelievably difficult. I have soo many things I am working on right now. First of all I forgot to show you this terrific gift my son gave me before he shipped out at the end of March...I love it and I love him for knowing just what to get me. Both my boys are really good at gifts ...its taken awhile for our Marine child to "catch" up....being the baby of the family he usually just signed his name, (haha) although our older kids have always been great at picking out gifts (and I have the proof all over my house !). Anyway, here's what he got me....
I am thinking of hanging it over my kitchen doorway, but we will have to see. I have just been so busy getting all my sons dirty laundry he sent home done...yes, he actually sent dirty (and I mean Marine dirty....and thats yucky) clothes home and as I open all these bags I am finding all kinds of things just stuffed in these bags mixed in with the dirty clothes. GRRRR But, I am NOT complaining. You see we had a REALLY bad scare last week. We had gotten word via the offficial FaceBook page for the 24th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) that there had been an accident when they arrived at their first port city and 2 Marines were killed and 2 were injured....We didn't get official notification that there had been an accident until a day or two later, but they only released the names of the deceased and not the 2 who had been injured and flown to Germany for treatment (which meant it was bad). Well, as you can imagine, worry and fear permeated every ounce of my body ! We finally found out our son is ok and has safely made port in their new destination. As most of you know, this is our sons first deployment so we are "new" to all of this...I am not sure how I am going to make it through this entire deployment, but I have faith in God who has brought me peace (when I let Him) and I know Kyler is doing what he has always dreamed of doing. I am so sorry for not sharing this sooner with all of you....I know you all would have prayed and been so encouraging (cause you always are)...I spent alot of time crying and alot of time praying, just not very much time online.

I am WAY behind on getting the last few giveaway gifts sent out, but you will get them soon ! I was thrilled to get a lrage order for wool during this time too, so if you are thinking I am just about out of wool....dont worry, I will be listing more next week. I am putting the finishing touches on my items for my selling group ( which will be updating tomorrow night at midnight so be sure to pop over there on Friday to see all the great things these wonderful women have to offer. We even have a new seller this month, so it's sure to be exciting.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say that I am here and late into the night I am perusing your blogs when I cant sleep (I just dont comment because I cant see well enough to type in the dark...haha).

Many hugs and much love to you all !
Grace to you,


  1. margie,

    I was thinking of you.. Sending many hugs and praying for your son's safety. Sending hugs! OLM

  2. Hi, Margie girl! I'm so relieved that your son is alright. It is going to be a long and nerve wracking time for you with him away. I don't know how you stand it, especially with the pain you are in all the time.
    Are you starting any new projects?
    I'm always happy to read a post from you!

  3. Yes, Margie you should have said something sooner, we would have gotten all the prayer warriors out there praying for your son and his unit! So glad he is safe! Love the sign and I am sure you are very proud to say your son is one of the few, the proud, the Marines!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Hi Margie,
    Sorry to hear about the terrible scare you had (prayers for those killed/injured... so very sad)..... But happy to know that your son is okay.... I can't imagine what this must be like for you, but I know it must be extremely difficult each and every day. Prayers being sent for you, your son, and the others in your family, as well as for the other military families across the country.... Blessings to you all!

  5. Margie,
    We're always here if you need us! So glad your son is okay. Your sign is great and I know it will look great with all the Americana you have.
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  6. Hi friend,
    Just like in my email. I am praying for your son and I am happy that he is okay.
    You know you can email me anytime you need to talk.
    I am here for you!
    love and hugs,

  7. Prays to you, your son and family. My youngest son is a Sophmore and all he talks about is joining the military when he graduates. He has been saying this since about 7th grade and my heart drops everytime. I know it is a great opportunity and I would be very proud of him. It is the deployment I can't imagine. Thank you for sharing. You are offering some insight into it for me.

  8. I cant see in the dark either! Heck..I can't see in the light come to think of it!!! It stinks getting "older!" Katie

  9. Morning Margie...I'm so sorry you had to go through such a scare...and being his first deployment this had to be the worst time for you EVER!!!!
    I do not know what that is like...i was fortunate...but I'm so proud of the men and women who do serve...BLESS THEM ALL.
    I'm sure you are just plain worn out...please don't stress yourself with getting things mailed out...we all know how it is. We're all in this together.
    Big hugs and prayers.

  10. Hi Margie,
    I was wondering what happened to you. You pooir girl, you must have been going through hell(there is no other way to put it) I am so glad your son is okay. Will say an extra prayer for him and you. A Mother's heart sometimes hurts for her children, and you feel like it is getting ripped right out of your body, but God sees us through the terrible times, and once again things are really okay. Lots of love and prayers Margie.

  11. Margie ~
    What a scare. Thank God your son is okay!!!
    Prayers for all those who serve to keep us free.
    Hugs :)

  12. Awwww....such a sweet sign. Now that will be something to treasure while you wait out his time. I truly can't - and don't want to ever - imagine what it must be like. Yikes, what a way to start things out. Perhaps it will be like March, though - in like lion, out like a lamb?

    You know I'm praying...and holding you close in thought. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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