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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marine Deployment

I thought I would share just a few pictures we took today while we were helping our son get ready for deployment. We have just a few hours left with him in the morning and then he's off...He wont be back for close to a year and my heart is breaking. He's the baby of the family and it's harder than I thought it would be to let go (and believe me, I have already shed quite a few tears). If you would all keep him in your prayers I sure would appreciate it.

It seems like his days as a baby were gone so fast and before we knew it he was on to kindergarten. Then in what seemed like mere moments in time, we were watching him pitch at baseball games and then he was on to high school where we saw him play football and sing & dance in the school musical...The time sure has flown by. So many wonderful memories of watching him grow up and become a fine young man and we are very proud of him.

No prim decor, no giveaways, nothing but me being a proud mama today.

Until next time....
Grace to you,


  1. Hi MARGIE,

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I have another friend going through the exact same thing right now. Thanks to your son, as we are all free because of men like him. God Bless you.

    cyndi mom's name is margie!

  2. i know exactly what you are going through. in the 4 years my daughter has been married my son in law has deployed twice for a year at a time. in 10 months or so he's going again. god bless all the men and women who proudly serve. it's been cause of them we have the rights and freedoms we do. be safe,kyler. denise

  3. What a proud Mama you must be. You have a wonderful handsome Son.Thank you to him.
    A giant hug to you. Prayers also.
    Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday when my babies were little.
    Blessing to You & Your Family

  4. You have such a handsome son, only a mom knows the ache that you feel in your heart. I will pray for you both to have peace and for his safe return home. Bunches of hugs, Lecia

  5. Hi Margie, Will send a prayer up for you all today! Your son is a very handsome young man! (and you look too young to be his Mamma!! :0)
    Peace be with you - I would be so proud! ~*~Lisa

  6. I came across this , this morning . My heart is heavy for all the momma's , whose children are in the military , but bless them all . So proud . Our son left yesterday also . It was a difficult day with so many emotions , proud , sad , happy , scared , it just hits ya . God bless and prayers to all of our military .

  7. What a proud mom you are of such a handsome young man!
    Wishing you peace and prayers going out for all.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. I am tears now, thinking in my kids and their future, you are right time goes too fast. I am sending a prayer for your family and for his safe return home. He is so handsome, young and with a bright future, God never abandons his own. Let us hope and pray that God take care of every step. Blessings, Eve

  9. Beautiful post Margie. Sending up a prayer that Kyler will be safely returned home and that the year will go fast for his deployment. Thank him for his service, without the brave men and women who serve ~ who knows what our country would be like.
    Many blessings to you and your family,

  10. Oh Margie,
    Such Proud Mom, and you certainly deserve to be. You raised such a brave and honorable son.
    Yes, please thank him for his service to our country.

    I understand the heart break you a feeling.
    Of course, I will remember him and all of you in my prayers.

    The years go by way too fast.
    Hubby and I were just talking about that.
    We have no idea where it all went.
    Big Hug,

  11. And very proud you should be! I know how hard this is for you. I'm thankful for the time you've had together recently. Please let him know that we appreciate his service and sacrifices to our country! We appreciate your sacrifices as well! Hugs and prayers to you my dear friend~

  12. Hello Margie,bravo for your brave son,but must be so hard to let him go. He will be in my prayers,Francine.

  13. Good Morning Margie! Sending Prayers your way for Kyler and your family. Take Care! Hugs to you!

  14. I am very proud of your son too. Please thank him for his service for me. My thoughts and prayers will be with Kyler and your family. God bless you all.

  15. A hug to you, and prayers for your son....
    Thanks to all the men/women who serve our country.... You must be so proud of him....
    God bless him and your family.

  16. You have every right to be proud of Kyler. May God go with him and may He keep you encouraged too Margie.


  17. Awwww - so bittersweet. Proud - and brokenhearted at the same time. I can see the mixture of pain and pride in your eyes. What a wonderful photo, though, of the two of you. Kyler is so very handsome....must have gotten his looks from you, huh?? Big hugs to the both of you....He, you, and the rest of your family will be in my prayers until he comes back safely home to you. No matter what, he'll always be your baby....Hugs my friend - and lots of them....Robin

  18. Oh sweetie you should be so proud! You raised a fine young man.I know it's hard to let go.Big Hug for you!~Amy

  19. Margie you should be so proud! He is a handsome young man with such bravery.Please know that he is and will continue to be in my prayers! Big hugs to you Margie!!Jen

  20. My heart is heavy for you and I pray for his safe return and that God will keep you and your family safe in his arms.

  21. Hello,
    I was there in your shoes in the spring of 2007! My son was stationed in Italy with the 173rd Airborne, so we couldn't be there when they deployed to Afghanland as my son calls it.I know the fear you are feeling, I know the heart ache you are dealing with! You are trying your best to be strong and not let him see you cry or upset because you do not want him to worry about you. You want his mind to focus on the tasks that in front of him. Enjoy your time with him, hug him as much as you can, listen to his voice, memorize his walk, his smile, his favorite sayings or phrases! They will help you in the months ahead.I will pray for him and for your family. Because the son you send off will not be the same son that comes back home. Going over there changes them. They have seen things and done things that we will never know or understand and it changes them.If you need to talk to a Mom that has been there and done that, email me. I will be here for you.

  22. Hi Margie,
    I'm late today getting here...we were out of town since wee early this a.m.
    What a handsome son you have and the photo of you and him is just wonderful...he looks like his mama!
    I wish him the safest of journeys as he travels to his destination and PRAYERS for his continued safety.
    It's okay to let the tears wouldn't be his/a mama if you didn't.
    Big hugs...

  23. God Bless your son for his service. My prayers are with your son and your family. It's OK to shed tears. All moms do. It's a requirement when they leave, esp to a dangerous place.
    Hugs, Ellie

  24. Margie ~
    You have every right to be a very proud momma :) Please give your son my thanks. Freedom isn't free.
    Hugs :)

  25. Margie, my thoughts and prayers to all of you. A handsome son you have and you have ever reason to be proud. Thank him for my freedom and being able to live in this wonderful USA. Hugs, Marie

  26. How very proud you must be of your son! He will certainly be in my prayers. A big THANK YOU to him and your family as well for the gift he is giving to all of us that enjoy the freedom here in the USA!

  27. Margie, Prayers and thoughts going your way that Kyler returns safely home. May God watch over him. Please Thank him for me ~ we so appreciate his service.
    Stay strong my friend ~ Big Hugs to you both!
    Prim Blessings

  28. Margie,

    I am thinking of you! Havea few tears myself.. So glad you shared and Yes, very proud mamma indeed! OLM

  29. Please tell your son, "Thank you for serving!"

  30. Big hugs Margie! Children grow so fast, saying a prayer for your son and your family.

  31. Margie, he obviously has grown into a wonderful young man. How can your heart not be absolutely bursting right now...with pride...with heartache..with a million different emotions bringing you in a million different directions. Being the Mom of a bunch of these creatures myself...I know how amazing they are! I can invision all those years with my own sons...and though I've felt the sting of deployment...can't begin to imagine having it be one of my sons going. God bless you and your family very specially right now! I hope your tears are few..and the days fly by. It doesn't matter how old, or how big they get..they will always be their Momma's baby boys!!!

  32. I have to say you have a handsome son! I know you are so proud of him and you should be! He may be a grown man, but he will always be your baby boy! Maybe they will all come home before too long. So glad you are home safe.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  33. hi margie, it must be so hard sending your son so far away for so long.... our children grow up, but they are always our "kids". the picture of the two of you is so awesome. i'm sure you'll look at it alot while he's away. thank goodness for email, so you can keep in touch.. peace, cindy

  34. God bless him & all our service men & women.
    My husband was a Marine!
    Without people like your son, we would have no freedom.
    I will pray for him.

  35. Hi Margie,
    What beautiful pictures of your family. Your son is so handsome, and you can tell how proud you are of him. This must beso hard on you,so an extra hug for you and many many prayers for you, hubby, and your son!!! May God watch over him. Hugs, Linda


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