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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Love Thrift Stores

I just LOVE thrift stores...where else can you get such terrific deals ? My first stop of the day was the Salvation Army where I got 12 wool skirts for a little less than $30....HOORAY !!! I also scored a Woolrich stadium blanket for $3.00...I am debating on selling it on eBay since it should fetch a decent amount and then I can roll that moeny into more wool for my rugs.

Then I was off to my local Goodwill store and look what I got... My very first firkin for $2.00...Sure it's missing its lid (and believe me, I searched those shelves for the lid with  no luck), but I figure I can maybe make one...any advice on that ? I cant wait to paint and distress this gem ! I hope it's the first of many. I know they are pretty expensive and you all kow how frugal I am so I was doing  the happy dance when I spotted this one !

Next, a short walk across the parking and I was at one of my all time favorite places.. Habitat Humanity Restore where I got all this paint, stain and sealer...All the quarts are very similar shades of cream, so I will probably mix them together for one even shade. I got an almost full gallon of the best shade of a colonial blue...for $1...How cool is that ? I also got 2 almost full cans of gloss sealer ...lots of projects ahead for me.

I also picked up some vintage kitchen tools cost at Habitat ? $8.00 AWESOME DEAL

Then once I came home and was trying to find new places to store all my goodies  I found something I had completely forgotten about. This child's easel style chalk board was my grandmothers and I had forgotten that my mom had given it to me last got put in the corner of the basement with some other projects that need a little work and I completely forgotten about it.
It has a place for paper at the top...I can remember playing "school" with this as a kid. I need to fix the chain on the one side and I am debating on painting it. I think this is the original red paint, but I am not wild about the shade. Guess I shouldve waited till the chalkboard dried before I snapped my pics, but you all know I am not a patient person, haha. I am thinking of putting it outside on the porch once the weather warms up.

Speaking of weather....we finally got SNOW in western Pa. Hooray !!!! I absolutely LOVE winter, well I actually LOVE all the seasons and having 4 distinct seasons, so I am a happy girl even if the snow put a little dent in my plan to do more thrifting today (I dont like to drive in the snow folks...its a great day to stay indoors and work on projects). I had almost decided to put away all my snowmen the other day since it has been unseasonably warm here.

I picked up some pieces of linoleum awhile back and i am thinking of trying my hand at a few floor cloths...I will let you guys know how they turn out.

Well, I am off to start a few projects. Have a blessed day.

Until next time...
Grace to you,


  1. Wow scored some fabulous deals!! I'd love to find that many skirts at Have fun with the firkin and chalkboard. I have a chalkboard like that but its wood stained.

  2. Margie ~
    Our thrift stores suck! Worse than most garage sales.
    Don't worry about a lid for your firkin. Just roll up some wool or hooked rugs and stand inside.
    Here on Ohio's north coast, we got some snow but not nearly as much as predicted which is fine by me. I could also do without the howling wind and blowing snow. I don't mind driving in the weather, but I cancelled my 60 mile road trip. No sense being stupid.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Wow! All that wool sounds divine...last time I went to Salvation Army I got 10 pieces for $10...some of them jackets...but all wool just the same...skirts are the best really scored. I love the's great to be able to have something from your past like that! We are getting a bit of rain...not enough though...enjoy your day!

  4. WooHoo! Great finds you have there! To make a lid for your firkin - find a wooden plate approximately the same size and add a wooden knob to the top - then paint and distress everything to match and age it - should do the trick!

  5. Oh my, you sure did get some great buys and the firkin for $2.00 you sure did get the BEST deal.
    I like it even if it doesn't have a top.
    It is a beauty!

  6. Hello Margie, what a nice firkin you found,
    and at the Goodwill too! You don't see that
    everyday. Sounds like you hit the jackpot on
    all the great deals. Can't wait to see how
    you transform the firkin.
    Enjoy all your goodies and projects.
    Country at heart

  7. Margie!
    I am jealous! LOL! You DID good! I like the little chalkboard, it's SO cute! How special.
    I would think you could take some type of plywood, and trace the firkin and then cut it out, sand it, and paint it, you could add a knob I am certain. I assume you will be painting the firkin.
    Floor cloths sound interesting.
    You are a busy bee!
    Have a great day!

  8. I went thrifting today as well...scored two wool a bright blue pendleton...I'll need to tone that puppy down a bit, then a nice it when you can get a muted tone great for over-dyeing! I just love to find a bargain. Your firkin is a could always just fill it with something.
    Have a super weekend!

  9. Great thrift finds Margie. I keep forgetting there is one of those Habitat stores not far from me. I need to go there more often too.


  10. man you got some great deals..score on the wool too.;) I have it on my list of things to TS for..glad you got your snow..I don't like driving in it either..hope you had a productive day of crafting.;)

  11. I can see some red geraniums in that Firkin. Love the easle don't know if I would paint it if it's the original color. I always have a hard time with that one. To paint or not to paint?


  12. Looks like you had a wonderful day and found some awesome goodies at a great price!!!
    It also sounds like you got a few projects to do too!!! I Love the chalkboard!!!
    Stay warm!
    Prim Blessings

  13. Hi, Margie:
    Great stuff! Did you get the current APP & Country Journal? There are a bunch of firkins
    in the back of the magazine. Some "makeovers" on them too.

  14. Cool things you found. I say sell the more wool. Take care, Janice

  15. I can never find 100% wool skirts in my Goodwill's. grrrr... I say sell the blanket and buy more wool :)

    Great finds!!! I saw where someone used a wood plate with a handle attached for a lid on a firkin.

    I haven't forgotten about showing my light redo. I'll let you know when I post it.


  16. I just realized that I rattled on about stuff from this post in the comments for your last post...I did think on one more thing that you could used for a firkin lid, keep your eyes open for a cheese box that is about the same size and use the lid from that!


  17. A firkin for 2 bucks, WHAT?!? You scored big time on this day girl! Wow, look at all that paint/sealers! I can never find such good stuff at my GW, sometimes the thrift stores have some great things/prices but never our GW.

    Love that old chalkboard! That would be pretty expensive if it was at an antique mall. How neat that you have memories of it from when you were a little one. I think it'll look great on your porch.

    How fortunate for you to get snow! We barely got 2 inches all winter long that was gone that same day. I finally gave up and packed up my snowmen last week. We love a really good snowstorm but didn't get one this year. =[

    I know you're a busy gal right now. I'm just popping in to catch up. I hope your days and weeks ahead get better.

  18. OMGosh i've been away from blogs for some time I see....didn't realize it was that long.

    LOOOVE YOUR GOODIES....especially the childs chalkboard...I have one too!



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