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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rug Hooking Lesson # 4 And Swaps

I wanted to let everyone know that the rug hooking tutorials now have their own space on my blog. Look to the right and you will see individual lessons you can click on to view those individual lessons. Lesson #4 is up and it covers finishing/binding  your rug or hooked project. I will adding more as I get them done.  Since we have gone over the basics, I will be doing lessons on over-dyeing wool with chemical and natural dyes, some of my favorite dye recipes, garment deconstruction, perhaps a glossary of rug hooking terms...Let me know if you have other topics you wold like to see covered or as always, any questions !

Just a quick apology for not having the lesson up sooner...I accidently deleted my photos and had to at least start finishing another piece to show the steps along the way...GRRRRR...That amount of time was NOT in my plan !! Anyway..that's my excuse, such as it is. Forgiveness...please ??? I thought for sure I had already downloaded them (sigh).

I also have had some really terrific swaps recently and I just wanted to show everyone what I got and give some credit to the gals who I swapped ...They were sweet enough to take WOOL instead of CASH and I just LOVE that.

First I got this beautiful dust pan & cover, done penny rug style, from Gina over at Cat Nap Inn Primitives...isnt it darling ???

I also got these terrific pumpkins from Marie over at Primitives by Old Lady fact they were so awesome that I swapped a second bag of wool for 4 more pumpkins (wiping her out of pumpkins...wink wink, but I dont think she minds).

And finally I got this sweet combo pack from Patti over at Raspberry Lane Primitives. It has the sweetest Raggedy Ann notepad, some SUPERBLY scented cinnamon room spray, some tart warmers and some scented  potpourri that is really yummy smelling...very spicey!!!

Well, guess that's it for now.
Grace to you,


  1. Fun swap goodies it was you who wiped out Marie's pumpkin patch! Shame! ;o) And, hey - you're forgiven....I haven't FINISHED hooking anything in half of forever, so who needs a finishing lesson anyway? Off to check out what I don't know.....Smiles & October Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Margie!!!! Love my second bag of wool!!! perfect swap out!!! friend... I have been a bit lazy... so sorry... I keep forgetting to mail the box... I PROMISE MONDAY!!! Bad me! thanks again!!!! I am taking my hooking kit on my gals trip... hoping to start it a bit at night.... OLM

  3. love that dust pan cover from Gina, how different...

  4. margie you got some wonderful items..and I love my wool.;) have a great sunday.:)

  5. Margie what a wonderful thought to put the tutorial on your much easier than filtering through posts to find them...good for you for being so thoughtful to others.
    YOUR SWAPS ARE WONDERFUL...and what a creative 'dust pan cover' from Gina...all swaps are wonderful - you did good lady!


  6. Great swaps, and can't wait for your next
    tutorial about garment deconstruction and how you do your dyeing! I'm really enjoying your blog and all the info. on it, thanks!

  7. Hi, Margie-girl, how have you been? The Tutorials on the sidebar are a really great idea. Very convenient for us, thank you! I'm looking forward to your homemade dye recipes. We talked about wool dyes a feew days ago, so this will be fun for me. I may become obsessed with everything to do with wool and rug hooking. The swap items are really nice, I couldn't see Marie's pumpkins that good, what are they like?
    I know the last time I visited her blog she was making pumpkins like crazy. I've found so many blogging buddies and I'm so happy about it.
    Hooray for Bloggers!
    Warm Regards,

  8. Wonderful swaps! I love what you received, especially those pumpkins! They look so cute in the black basket... makes a very nice centerpiece.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, hope it's a good one~

  9. I have been rug hooking for several years and have a ton of books on it, but your tutorials are the absolute best!!!!


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