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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Yard Sale WOOL EDITION plus my Bat story

Wow...what a crazy few days. I really thought I was going to get all my wool listed days ago, but my life just did not cooperate. After the company finally went home last night and I settled into bed with my laptop in hand, all ready to list my wool...A BAT FLEW RIGHT AT the me and the hubs. Needless to say, my night went from bad to worse in 2 seconds flat. I am laying under the sheet, screaming and crying and the hubs (my hero) bravely started chasing this thing through the house. It would have been funny if it wasn't so scarey...there'e the hubs running around in his boxer shorts with a giant beach towel ready to battle the bat for me. I locked myself in the bathroom and shut the door and window, stuffed a towel under the door and just cried (apparently I am NOT good in a crisis). By the way, we dont have central air, so I was suffocating in the bathroom, but NO WAY was I leaving the safety ...u til hubby yells he needs help. Help ? From me ? I dont think so dude. But after he said he had trapped it behind my crock stand and unless I wanted to risk every one of my crocks being broken, I would get my patootie out of the bathroom and get down there and open up the doors and windows. Well, in that case, I had to do what I had to do...these were my favorite crocks after all !!! I ran past him, opened the doors and windows and was back in that bathroom before he knew what had happened. I havent moved that fast in years !!! Well, the hubs did manage to get the bat outside without breaking any of my crocks but I still haven't been to sleep. I am not sure where this thing came in but we closed everything up and went to bed. Hubby was a little shaken, VERY sweaty (but still pretty cute) and went to sleep within the hour...How do men do that ????

Ok, now that I got that off my chest I am ready to list my first batch of wool for sale. It has all been washed and "fulled" and is ready for all your crafting/rug hooking needs. Some is as-is and some have been hand dyed by me. So whether you are a new rug hooker looking to build your stash or a seasoned crafter, I know you will find something you like.

First up...

Good As Gold Pack $6.95
Good As Gold Plaid 3" x 23"
Gray & Gold Plaid 6" x 17"
Solid Gold 5" x 24"

Black Check Fat Quarter $5.95

Perfect Match Pack $11.95
Pendleton Plaid 7" x 21"
Navy Night 6" x 22"
Green With Envy 6" x 22"

Christmas Red Pack $4.95  SOLD
Each pc approx 4" x 23"

Gray Days Pack $9.95  SOLD
Hazy Gray 5" x 20"
Black Tiny Plaid 5" x 18"
Black Tiny Check 5" x 24
Hazy Black 5" x 24"
Black & White  4" x 22x'
Textured Pack $11.95 SOLD
6 pieces ranging 3.5" - 5.5" X 18"-25"

Fat Quarter Red/Blue Plaid $5.95

Fat Quarter Tan/Red Plaid $5.95 SOLD

Black Plaid Fat Quarter $4.95 SOLD

Pumpkin Patch #1   $8.95   SOLD
Solid Pumpkin Spice 3" x 20"
Herringbone Pumpkin Spice 3" x 22"
Solid Stem Green 2 1/4" x 24"
Herringbone Stem Green 3" x 22"
Caramel 3" x 21"
Brown Speckeld 3" x 18"
Drak Brown Plaid 4" x 19"

Pumpkin Patch Strips $5.95 (# 8 primitive) SOLD
75 assorted pumpkin spice strips
50 assorted green strips
50 assorted brown strips

Fat Quarter Pendelton Blue/Green Plaid  $5.95

Well, that's it for now...


  1. Oh my heck, Margie!! You had me giggling so hard, tears almost ran down my leg...I could so visualize that whole scene!! (Almost as funny as the time I had to wake my hubby to defend house and home against a woodchuck that was trying to remove the screen from our window and join me for late night tv....except my hubby doesn't wear boxers to bed!!) ;o! Glad the bat was "removed" and without mishap to your crocks!! Too funny... And....wowsers....this is some yummy wool you're listing!! I can't believe you're letting this stuff go!!! Don't all hookers covet and hoard wool??!! I'm sure you'll have no problems finding good homes for it!! Smiles & Hugs ! Robin

  2. Golly, I sure don't miss the old bat in the bedroom routine. I've done it a couple of times in our old house. I's horrible and I don't blame you one bit for hiding in the bathroom and crying. We never knew where the bats came in from...or if they got out. Made for creepy times. Luckily you saved the crocks. I would have done battle for them too!

  3. God Bless you for staying in the house. I can guarantee I would be living in a hotel until the definite location had been found. I saw a mouse one time and stood on the sofa for an hour until it was caught and taken very very far from the house. If it hadn't looked like Mickey Mouse I would have been screaming for a bat.

  4. Hi
    I'll take the
    Pumpkin Patch #1 $8.95
    Pumpkin Patch Strips $5.95 (# 8 primitive)


  5. Ok, that bat story is hysterical! I'm glad no crocks were harmed during the event. Your wools are lovely. I bet they'll sell fast!

  6. Now that I posted about the wool I wanted and GOT - yeahhhh!!!! I'm back to say OH MY GOSH...I feel for you girlfriend. Been there done that but mine was about 1 month after I got married that little devil flew right across my face in bed! Yikes...I know what you were going through. But you did give me a few


  7. Oh the creepy ole bats!!! They rate right up there with snakes in my book:( You aren't alone...we have done battle with a couple ourselves. The only guy I know that isn't afraid of the things is my son in law (who is a fireman.) Once they find a way in, they leave a scent trail for other bats, so beware!! I sleep with the lights on...heehee!

    I love your stashes of wool. I would find it hard to part with any of it.


  8. love all of your wool..wish I had the money to get some of it..we too had a bat fly in our home when we lived in was hot and we had our french doors opened for the night and we thought it was a bird at first..but it was flying really hubby got a broom and shewed him out the french doors..I kind of hid..but we had to get that thing out side..took a couple of minutes though..never had it happen again.:)

  9. I laughed so hard at your bat story, Thanks for the moment. If you have another Red Pack, I would like it.
    Thank you.


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