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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Yard sale update

Hey everyone...Just wanted to let you know that my posts for wool are coming. The hubs threw a wrench in my plan. He's normally off on Wednesday's but he decided to take today off and go to the Steelers' football training camp with our son and his folks, which is terrific execpt he also invited them for dinner and HELLO, the house is a DISASTER right now. So, I gotta move all the blog yard sale stuff into the spare room so I can close the door, clean the bathroom and run to the store to get something yummy to make etc. So, that means I wont get to lkist the wool until later on today. Also, I lowered the prices on a few of my items...Ok, gotta scoot, hubs is saying we gotta go to the store NOW...Ooooooh, I love him and he's fabulous, but after 25 years you would think he'd know that inviting company at the last minute when the house is a MESS really frazzles me. Of course he says..."Leave the house like it is, my parenst dont care if the house is clean"...Yeah right !

OK, I am going now guys.


  1. Yep that would be my house is always worse in our minds though and they do make doors so as long as the bathroom,eating area and living room are tidy you're fine.Make a yummy dinner and they won't even notice the bunnies hopping out from under the couch.Have fun! Hugs!~Amy

  2. My hubby does the exact same thing! I am sure it is not as bad as you think.Have a wonderful time. Hugs,Jen


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