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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Yard Sale Listing 2

Sorry I didnt get this up yesterday...I had some interruptions, but here we go...

Life, Liberty & Happiness Bowl Fillers $3.95

Older Fireplace Bellow with leather (which has had an old repair) $6.95

Burpee Garden Box $5.95
11.5 x 8x 5

Country French Clock $9.95

Set of 6 Vintage Birthday Postcards  $3.95

Coleman's Mustard Tin $3.95

Star candle holder w/grubby candle & berries $ 6.95

Vintage 20's postcard $1.99

Vintage USO postcards $1.99

Chippy paint basket $6.95
10" x 5"
I have lots more to get listed...things like WOOL, more rug hooking mags/etc. I will also add all the measurements asap, but I wanted to at least get them listed...My son the new Marine just texted me on someone else's phone letting me know his BRAND NEW I- PHONE got ruined from "water damage" when he was helping someone during a monsoon and he needs me to take care of it asap....GRRRRR. I seriously thought after he became a Marine thinhgs would get easier...NOT !

1 comment:

  1. awww that's too bad Margie...maybe he can get a military discount??


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