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Saturday, July 30, 2011


OK gang...I gotta make some room in my little home (and make a little cash too), so I am going to be selling a few things and have my first ever Blog Yard Sale !!! I will only be shipping to US addresses and you gotta pay in full via PayPal. Prices DO NOT include shipping charges. I was an ebay power seller before I got sick, so I am pretty good at knowing the cheapest ways to ship. Bigger items will go UPS, all others via the Post Office. I will be happy to combine shipping if you buy more stuff...which I hope ya do !
I will be making several posts over the weekend, so be sure to let me know when you are done shopping and I will tabulate the total and send you a PayPal invoice. Be sure to email me at with what you want and please include all your shipping info. Items will be sold first come/first served. Feel free to email any questions. All items are sold as is.

Okie we go... 

Pottery Mini Pitcher $4.95
3" tall      SOLD

Wool Street Journal Magazine October 2006 $4.95

Wool Street Journal Magazine January 2007 $4.95

Handmade Americana Doll  $6.95

Wool Street Journal October 2002 $4.95

Distressed Colonial Blue Spice Rack $7.95
10" X 12.5"

Hand Hooked Americana Runner $59.95
12" X 24"

Tea stained Flag Bunting $11.95
34" wide
Vintage Bordern Malted Milk Pail 6.95
approx 9" tall

Liberty Bell Box $2.95
Girl w/Flag Box $2.95
3.5" x 3"

Lye Soap Box $5.95     3" x 7"
Beacon Hill Coffee Box $6.95     4" x 9"

Cutting Board with Vinatge Postcard Decal $7.95
12" x 4.5"

Vintage Carton (North East , Pa)  $4.95
3" tall

Approx 24" tall

Angel $9.95

Bona Ami Tin $4.95    5" tall
Mennen's Tin $4.95     4.5" tall   SOLD

Recipe Box $5.95
5.5" x 6"

Vintage Grater $2.95
10" x 4.5"

Double Arm Sconce (candles not included) $9.95 each ( I have 2)
16" x 10"

I will be listing more items later on tonight, so stay tuned !!!







  1. Margie, Do the Hungry Hook Magazines have patterns in them???
    km primitives at gmail dot com

  2. wow a blog yard sale,, what a great idea!!I'm in Canada so thats not a go for me,,but I wish you the best of luck,,

  3. Hi Margie: I'd like the wool street journal stars and strips if they have a lot of americana patterns. LMK.

  4. could this mag go as media mail; which is way cheaper...thx

  5. Margie, I would absolutely love to have the mini pottery pitcher. CAn't wait to see what else you show!

  6. mind if I share your sale on my blog? love the items, especially the little doll..reminds me of one my brother had when he was tiny....wish I had more funds right now, or he'd be mine...

  7. I had a blog yard sale about 2 years ago and did pretty good..sold over $200.00 plus made space in my stash of things.
    I have been planning to have another one but think I will wait until after the craft shows and my garage sale in Sept. I am sure you will do real have very nice things :)
    Nancy from insidenanashead blog

  8. Hi Margie,
    Just sent you an email about your Mennen's Talcum Powder tin.


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