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Friday, June 21, 2013

It's June PHM Update Time

Oh my word...after all my big apologies last month about making sure I blogged more often, put up more comments and posts and especially offering more wool...well, obviously that didn't happen. Before I knew what hit me the PHM update time was here again and I just cant believe it.

Now I  must admit, I have been pretty darn sick...only left my house twice since I last wrote to you all. Yes, I am sick of being here and you would think I would be bored out of my gourd (what does that mean anyway ...just a western Pa saying ?) and have lots of time for being online and catching up but no, my body seems to want to really fight with me and I think it's winning....feels like my "behind"  and the rest of me for that matter, has been hit by a bus, run over by a car and then beaten with a baseball bat.

I haven't gotten much hooking done since my hands wont work right and I have tons of wool ready to list if I can just spend a day down in my shop but I have only left my bedroom a few days this month. The poor hubs has been scrounging for food ...the man is nearly perfect but he doesn't cook. Normally we balance each other out and he does the laundry and the ironing and I do the grocery shopping and cook all his favorite meals. Well, have you ever just not gone to the grocery store for a month ? Yeah, neither had I and I keep my pantry pretty full since I cant get it through my head that my boys have moved out and my grocery bill doesn't need to come close to the national debt every month (like that could even be possible, but dont get me started). So we have had lots of pizza and ice cream...good thing I stocked up on those Digiorno pizza's when they were on sale for $3.98 and I had $1.50 coupons....sweetest deal on those pizzas ever, but alas, even though I filled 2 entire shelves in the freezer (I bought 20), they are gone and we are on our last half gallon of ice cream so I had better feel better soon or the hubs is going to have to get better at spotting deals when I send him for lettuce and milk !

Oh my, I have been going on and on. Okay...just a quick peek at one of the items I have for sale over at Primitive Handmades Mercantile this month....I have seen the other gals listings (since I am almost always last to get done) and they are fabulous...honestly, they are just gorgeous so hit that little button that has the name on in to the right and go ver there and have a look around.'s what I listed. Now mind you, I was sick, so I think I actually got a lot done from my bedroom and sending Jim down to the shop with a list (Oh and the shop never got put back together from the retreat and the trip to Va so its a disaster).

So there you have it gals....And this time I am making no promises of when the next post will be but I do promise to think of you all and will post again as soon as I am able.

Grace to you,


  1. Morning, wishing you a Happy Summer and well wishes, hope your feeling much our homemade s, sweet.....Take Care, Francine.

  2. Been praying for you friend! Hugs! Amy

  3. Margie dear friend so nice to see you post!
    Your PHM offerings are just wonderful - and just at the right time too! So very Patriotic.

    Please let all those unnecessary things leave your mind like grocery shopping and feeding the hubs...LOL Just kidding...Please get well soon kiddo.

    Praying and lots of healing hugs,

  4. Hugs and prayers being sent your way Margie. So sad you are not feeling well. Hoping you can get straightened out soon.


  5. so sorry you have been so very unwell, hoping the coming days bring you healing and peace. hugs

  6. Oh Margie,

    I wish I had a magic wand that could make you better! Thinking of you and hope you feel better real soon! OLM

  7. Glad to see that you were able to post. I feel so bad for you, hoping that you get to feeling better soon. Wish that I lived closer to visit.

  8. Margie--I sure hope you're feeling better soon! I love all your offerings. Sending prayers for a fast recovery.

  9. Hello my dear Margie......It must have been a great effort to write this post but I must say you did an excellent job. I'm praying everyday that you are feeling better. Will write soon.

    All my good wishes,

  10. Hi Margie..I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling very well. Your work is lovely! --Jan

  11. hi margie. love the new items. still praying for you also. i totally understand your situation, and am coping with some troubles myself. hope to get something made with the beautiful wool that you dyed for me a few months ago. will post photos when it is done. prim blessings.

  12. Hi Margie, I think of you often and say a prayer for you when I do. I am trusting that you will soon have better days and a full recovery. Love your listings, take care and rem. lots of people care for you and are praying. Bunches of hugs, Lecia

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