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Friday, May 17, 2013

May PHM Update Today

Oh my, oh my, oh my, how time does fly. I first want to encourage you all to go over to Primitive Handmade Mercantile (you can click my button to the right) and see all of the beautiful items the gals have made this month...there are some beautiful primitive items for sale there and I am always amazed at the vast amount of talent in our group. Here are the two items I made for the May update...
"Curly Q Sheep"
This sheep mat was what I worked on at the recent retreat in West Virginia in late April. It was the first time I used  the technique of ripping the wool into strips instead of cutting it. The strips are all approximately one half inch wide and it really has a lovely effect on the curls in on the ends and is just so prim perfect ! 
This mat is the second in my Patriot Rug Series. You may remember the first rug was entitled "Liberty". I have plans for 2 more in the series.
Now, if you will bare with me for a few personal reflections, I would really appreciate it since I know I owe you all an explanation to my lack of posting. I know it is unacceptable for me to be so sporadic in my posting and updating my blog... all I can say is that I am a schlub and that I am so very sorry...I have no other decent excuse. Sure, I have been super busy, but so are all of you. Sure I have health issues that keep me away from my computer, but so do many of you. Sure I have other responsibilities, but so do all of you. Sure I don't sleep, but many of you don't sleep much either. We are all busy women ! As always, I am humbled that you gals even tune in to read what I have to say and I know that lately I have really let you all down.

Today that changes and I vow to do my VERY best to not let that happen again. I have resisted asking my doctors to increase my medications because I know that, at some point, unless God chooses to heal me or provide a cure, the meds will continue to lose their effectiveness and I will be at the end of the road with no clue how to manage the pain in a matter of just a few years, a decade at most, so say the experts ! Well, then I am going to make this the best decade that I can !!! I want my life back, even if it is shorter.

That being said, I know some of you have asked me about when I will have some more blue, green and red woolens up for sale...well the dye pots are fired up and so am I. Those of you with current orders, they will be mailed out this weekend.  I am trusting God to move me and my business forward ! On our recent trip to Virginia I was able to get lots of what I am calling "Woolies" ready for sale too. They are perfect for those of you who make penny rugs or applique. Those, along with lots more of my regular wool bundles will also be up by the weekend.

I do ask for your prayers as I am in the process of finalizing the colors for my upcoming new dye book...I know, I know....why put one more thing on my plate right ? Well, because so many of you have asked for it, that's why !

Loads more to tell you, but that will have to wait...I have wool to rinse and today is such a beautiful day to dry the wool on the line !!!

Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. Well, Mrs. Schlub ...... Lol. Look at me,,, wow, I didn't post since Easter. Yikes !! Can't wait to see and purchase your dye book !!!!
    Take care of yourself !

  2. Hi Margie, I am so sorry that you are in pain, I will pray for you. My daughter deals with diabetic neuropathy pain and it breaks my heart.
    Oh do I love your hooked rugs. I sure am honored to own one. So glad you had a wonderful time at the retreat!!! I love my wool too, like I said your talent amazes me. Can't wait to see the colors you will be coming out with. Have a lovely weekend. hugs, Lecia

  3. Hi Margie,
    So good to see you post...I was going to e-mail you today but decided to wait and see what happened this week with you...and look, here you are!
    I understand all you said in that one are such a dear and you know if you get to feeling punky again it's no big harm to go not push yourself.
    Oh I saw your beautiful offering on PHM - and everyone elses offerings as well. Great talented group.

    You can mail out my wools too don't need to wait for me to approve the one for the they say 'just do it' and mail it - the red too along with the other two I ordered.

    Glad to see you back,

  4. Good to see a like your attituude is in the right place and that's a big leap in the right direction.You're always in my thoughts and prayers.You know probly in 10 years they'll have new and better meds.Well of to look at the new listings on PHM.Hugs-Amy

  5. Bless your heart Margie. Please do not over do yourself because of your blog. Ladies will understand. You have to take care of yourself first and foremost.


  6. PS. It's always good to hear from you no matter how often it is.


  7. Well, can't wait to see your dye book. That sheep is too cute for words. Take care of yourself. Slow and easy gets the same amount done.

  8. Pain can be very debilitating and affect all areas of your life. One step at a time go forward; you may have to take two steps back then go forward again, but it is a journey. Lots along the pathway.
    Happy to see your posts whenever; do not beat yourself up.
    His mercies are new every morning!!

  9. Margie, I am new to your blog..but I so understand about posting...and I'm sure everyone understands . We can only do what we are able to do. We do our best..and everyone understands because it happens to all of us. Love your woolie are so talented...and a dye book!? That's really impressive!----Jan

  10. Margie (btw..I love your name!) I am here because Karen (my Colonial Home) mentioned your name today. Please know that I feel the same way as you do sometimes and it is so hard to grab hold of and face. But...we have to. I told my children just let me keep doing as much as I can. I can not give into it. I have so many medical things that complicate my life...but we have to go on and face up for as long as we can. I am with you on the increase of medicine, too. I hope I am not being too forward. Please know that you are being added to my prayers. Prayers are good. I know.

    All my blessings,

    PS- I have no blog but I really like yours!


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