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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow....What a Week

Well my prim pals I got just about NOTHING done this past week. I have been completely drained and not feeling well at all. I did manage to get my newest rug completed...a gift for my cousin Brock and his wife Nui ...They just added a baby girl to their family ...little Dainya Aree !!! Here's a picture of the rug...their nursery colors were browns and pinks and have kinda minimalist/modern taste (really NOT my normal thing)...Sure hope they like it. !!!
 I also got my swap in the mail from Michelle over at Grannies Pantry...look at all the adorable things she sent for The Seasons of Friendship Swap held by Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane.

 Wasn't she a sweetie. I love, love, love the penny rug runner. I dont have any and now I will have 2 different ones since I also just won the giveaway over at Thistlehouse Primitives !!! Here's a picture of what I won....cant wait to get that one too !!! It's like Christmas everyday when you win a giveaway or get a swap, so I encourage all you gals who havent done so yet to give both things a try !!!
I mailed out my side of the swap with Michelle, but since she hasnt gotten it yet, I dont want to ruin the suprise by showing what I sent, so you will have to check out Grannies Pantry in a few days...Hopefully she will show you what we swapped !

I did manage to get a few new patterns drawn for some new rugs, but I usually take a break over the summer from hooking since I DONT have central air, but DO have a pool, so I will probably work on some bigger painted furniture items that I need to be outside to do....then I can jump in al cool off !!! At least that's the plan...We also are working on re-making our Marine sons bedroom into a sitting room...will show you all the pics as soon as we start tha project but it includes knocking a wall down...Yes, I said knocking a wall down...Here's the game plan...

See that wall on the other side of the stairs...We want to open that up and make a small sitting room. We have a small cape cod and since the kitchen was just too small in my opinion for a table (remember when my sons enter a room they COMPLETELY fill it...Kirk is 6'5 and Kyler is 6'3 and the hubs is 6'1 so just toooooo crowded). So, we moved eliminated our living room (the room above with the tree) and made that our dining's another view
See how its open to the kitchen...OK, so we have a family room downstairs but I have let the guys sort of take over...they picked what I consider offensive furniture (read, BIG, leather all reclining...definatley NOT primitive) in addition to letting them throw up every single Pittsburgh Steeler thing they own...Oh its a site to see...maybe I will take some pics...Anyway, thats where we entertain...which is the main reason we dont entertain much unless its summer (we have a nice covered patio and the pool...havent really decorated out there, but its not offensive either, haha). So I want a nice PRIM place to sit and chat with friends...Knock down and wall and voila, instant sitting room ...or it will be after I repaint and add in all my boxed up prims from our other homes. This house is so "cut-up" with windows and doors that I have lots of stuff I havent even unpacked yet (and we've been here 3 years). I am gonna need some major primer though because some crazy mom (that would be me) allowed her son to paint his room in certified Steeler colors...That's BLACK and GOLD for those of you who dont follow football, which is almost sacred in our home...haha. Anyway, I dont know what I was thinking, but Mama's got her head on straight now and Prim is it !!!

Okay, taking all comments and advice...more pictures to follow for sure. I have missed you all this week as I spent too many days in bed watching some great old movies, way too much news (isnt the world depressing right now) and one too many Lifetime movies. I need to get back to "life" ! Thanks for your prayers, they keep me going when I feel so lousy !!!

Grace to you all until next time,


  1. Hey sweetie!glad you liked everything.There was also a snowman candle mat in there too,hope its not in the box still,lol.big hugs michelle

  2. WooHoo - lucky you! Love all your wonderful goodies from Michelle - she's such a sweetie! And the Americana penny rug is just so sweet! But, Girlfriend...what's this with letting your boys do the decorating??!!! Enough I say! So they can't fit their sorry butts on a cute little colonial bench - and so, a Jamestown sofa isn't as comfy as reclining leather....Too bad, so sad....!! ;o) Good to hear from you again - hope you have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. PS - that rug you did up for Dainya is gorgeous!!! They HAVE to love it!! :o) Robin

  4. Margie, I simply love the rug you did for the new baby. It is beautiful and will be so special to the parents I am sure. Such neat swap goodies. Love both the penny rug mats. I have never done a swap and I think I have just got to jump in a do one soon. Sounds like so much fun. Glad you are feeling better. Hoping for a great weekend heading your way
    Thru Nanas Window

  5. Glad your back in the land of the living..LoL..Sometimes lifetimes movies are the best cure.Feel better I know it's hard some days.You're goodies from Michelle are great.I swapped with her too,gotta get it posted.Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs!~Amy

  6. Margie the new rug for the baby is beautiful !They are sure to love it.Congrats on your win !Love all the goodies that Michele sent you.

    It is so nice that you are going to be getting a new sitting room .Whew,I don't envy you covering that green and gold paint. You are a good momma!

    Hope that you are feeling better.Have a wonderful weekend,Jen

  7. Margie,
    so love the rug you made for the baby just darling! You make the cutest rugs! Good luck with the decorating , gotta give the men a cave where they can act like animals if not come football season they will destroy the house! Have a great weekend ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  8. i love that rug. it's beautiful!! my daughter would love it as my grandaughter's room is the pink/choc. colors. what wonderful swap goodies. don't you just love swaps? they are so much fun. hope you feel better. denise

  9. Hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you got a lot of things to accomplish. Love the swap goodies you got. Congrats on your win! I bet it does feel like Christmas!
    Don't over due it!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Wow, you received some beautiful treasures.
    Love that hooked rug too!
    Nice change in the room...


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