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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Back...

Well guys I am finally back to the blogosphere ! Even though I returned on June 8th, my son was still on leave until the 13th, so needless to say, I never once even checked an email...I was washing all those disgustingly filthy camo's with socks so stiff they felt like they still had feet in them !!! I had to wash those uniforms 3 times to get all the dirt out of them !!! His dress uniforms looked immaculate, but when I opened his sea bags the smell made me almost (hehe) not miss the boy !!! Then of course, we had a little get together with his friends and some family who couldnt make it to graduation and then I made all his favorite meals that were too elaborate to make at the vacation get the idea...trying to spend every second I could with him because he has 59 days of infantry school and then ???? Afghanistan ? Libya ? Who knows and I selfishly wanted every moment I could get with him and never picked up my rug hooking, never pulled a stitch on a project, never glanced at my or any other blogs...My spare minutes were used up secretly crying and worrying, which could almost be categorized as a second hobby of mine !

So, I have been dead-dog tired, but now that my son has safely reported for duty at Camp Leguene, I am back in action too ! I have not forgotten about my giveaway. I will be drawing the names tonight as soon as I get them all typed out and will post that asap. I know I set a pretty high goal and didnt make it, but you guys are all so terrific and after having spent all morning reading all your sweet comments that I wish I could make each one of you a hooked gift. I will try to get all your posts answered as soon as I can too. Truly you are all just so wonderful and I have really missed you. I am so anxious to see what y'all (hehe, guess my trip rubbed off on me) have been up to since I have been gone.

Oh and for those of you who wanted to know how my trip to Savannah went and eating at Paula Deen's are some pics and then I will give you the details.
I was sun burnt sooooo badly and of course hubby took the photo AFTER we ate so I look 20 pounds heavier...GRRRR...And we forgot to take pics of the food or the gorgeous gift shop that she has where you can shop while you wait. We had to get in line to put our names on a list at 9:30 am IN PERSON and were able to get the LAST seating for lunch at, if you plan to go, they dont take reservations, so stop in as close to 9:30 as possible to get your name on the list.
OK, first of all the place is HUGE, I am talking 3 full floors...we had to take an elevator to get to our table. We all opted for the buffet with her famous fried chicken, which was fabulous by the way, beef stew, collard greens, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes and on and on. Her hoe cakes and cheese biscuits were yummy. I had to get an order of fried green tomatoes too, since every time I see them on her show they look sooooooo delicious and I have never had a fried green tomato (loved the movie too). Everyone ate and ate and ate...cant say we got our monies worth though  because I am on the frugal side and dropping a hundred bucks on any lunch that doesn't include steak seems pretty pricey, but hubby reminded me that it was the EXPERIENCE, not just the meal...isn't he great ???

Now, let me tell you though that I was a little disappointed though and here's why. I had been dreaming of going here for years. I just love the woman behind the business, all of her gumption and her truly American  story of starting her life over in her 40's with just a few hundred dollars and building a wildly successful empire...she's been an inspiration to me and I so completely agree with her philosophy that a little butter makes everything taste better. I guess I had it built up that is was going to be the BEST meal of my life. Now, it was delicious, no doubt about it, but the best meal of my life ? Nope, sadly no. But did I receive one of THE BEST compliments EVER that day ? Yep, happily yes. When the meal was done and everyone finally ate their last bite of their delicious chocolate gooey butter cake (which was THE BEST thing on the menu in my humble opinion since it consists of 2 of my favorite ingredients...butter and chocolate), I looked around the table and asked the family what they thought ? They said it was really good, but not what they were expecting either since I had been talking about how this was definately going to be the best meal they had ever eaten. Now, I know this sounds like bragging..., well , um, HELLO, I am bragging here, but they said it was a wonderful meal, but that was just like the everyday meals they get at home when we have Sunday dinner. Good Lord, my family thinks I can cook as well as the queen of comfort food herself !!!! Of course I started to had been one heck of a sentimental week already and this was just the icing on the cake for me ! Never in my life would I have thought my cooking was even in the same league with Paula Deen's.

I am glad we went to The Lady & Sons and would encourage everyone to go if you're in Savannah. My hats off to Miss Paula who has helped make me the cook I am today. But in the future, if I am going to drop 100 bucks on lunch it will be for a type of food I dont know how to make or is pricey to begin with like steak and lobster perhaps. But I think that having my family give me that nice of a compliment might just have been worth the price of admission. WOW, what a trip !

OK, guys, you;re probably all sick of hearing all this stuff that has nothing to do with the Prim world, so I will go for now...will post the giveaway winner later and give you the details on the largest thrift shop I have ever been to later on and share my wool score !!!

Until then,
Grace to you,


  1. I'm so glad you had such a good time,, youbrought tears to my eyes,, what a compliment,, that speaks volumes about you,, I'm a newbie and had just found you a few weeks back,,I really do enjoy reading your posts you make me smile and to day you made me cry,, happy tears,,

  2. Welcome back!
    Yes, your son and your family is Most Important.
    Blogging can always wait.
    I can completely understand how you felt. I wouldve been the same way.

    What a wonderfully sweet compliment from your family!


  3. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your vacation memories with us.

  4. Glad your back Margie! disappointing for the lunch but as you said...what a nice compliment to you from your family! You must watch her show and buy her books? I found a great recipe for baked buffalo chicken pasta (buffalo wing sauce flavor) and made it last night...soooo good! My husband had seconds and took some to work today...
    Glad you were able to spend all that time with your boy! I can't imagine as my son is only 11....
    Take Care,

  5. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time and a great visit!I love love love fried green tomatoes!And the movie too!Have a great night sweetie and cant wait to see your thrift store haul!big hugs michelle

  6. Margie.....glad you had such a good time. I have always wanted to go to the Lady and Sons someday too.

  7. Welcome back Margie!! So glad to hear you had a fabulous vacation. What a compliment from your family!!

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  8. Well, dang, I was so hoping we'd get you up to 200 followers and give you a big surprise on your return. Oh well, they will come:)
    We're never finished taking care of our babies are we... lol. I'll bet he's very thankful that you tackled his laundry though:) Sounds like y'all spent quality time together.
    I'm not a Paula Deen fan. I've seen her infomercials, but that's about it. I'm sure that most of you gals can cook just as good as her though:)

  9. How fun, I wish I'd be compared to Paula, lol! I'm glad you had such a good time. And thank you and your family and your son for the service you all do for our country.

  10. What a sweet, sweet, post Margie. Got me a wee bit teary eyed there! What a lovely compliment - Paula, after all, epitomizes comfort food - and that's what we all think of when we think of home. You've obviously made a wonderful home and wonderful memories...Welcome back!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Girl~ You sound like you had a great time.Paula is my favorite too,but I'm with you I can make that stuff at home.If It's $100 I want to die ya while you were gone but time with your son is the most important.I've been trying to spend time with dad and talk with him almost everyday.Thanks for your kind words.Hugs!~Amy


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