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Friday, March 25, 2011

Some of my recent GW makeovers

I tend to forget to take a picture of something before I prim it up, but thankfully, I did for a couple little things I worked on over the last couple of days.

Here's the BEFORE :
Now here's the AFTER, which I like soooo much better
I took the wooden part off altogether since I thought it looked better without it...what do you think ???

Heres the BEFORE of an old sewing box i found for next to nothing...

And here it is after I painted it in colonial berry, lightly distressed it and finished with walnut stain...

It looks better in person since I couldnt get it to NOT fade out the center because of the flash, but you get the idea. I have LOADS and LOADS more stuff to work on for the before & after's. I would really like to make it a regular part of my blog since it's one of the things I ALWAYS look for on other peoples blogs. I just love seeing how ugly something was and how wonderful it can be !!!

Well, I dont have too much to say today since I am having company later, I need to keep this short. I am hoping to get to GW and a few other favorite thrifts tomororrow, so I will post more on Monday for sure !!!



  1. Wow... I love what you have done to both of them... Great job!

  2. gorgeous redo's Margie....can't wait to see more. Have a great evening with your company!

  3. Margie, Love the redo's. Would have never thought to remove the wood. Love the finished product. Thanks, gives me an idea. Just visited 4 thrift stores today and came home with next to nothing. Guess today was just a bummer. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Have fun with your guests.

  4. Love what you done with both items. Isn't it fun to pick up items for hardly nothing and transform them into something wonderful? I WILL FOLLOW YOU BLOG TO SEE WHAT OTHER GOODIES YOU FIND. good job. Stop by my blog sometime, I do makeovers too.
    Country at hea


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