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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look at my new goodies

OK, so I didn't go thrifting today as planned, but my oh my do I have some goodies !!! Awhile back my hubby's gramma died and we rented a truck and got all the leftover stuff nobody wanted because they thought it was just junk that was in Gramma's attic...HELLO, if it's been in Gramma's attic for 75 years then I probably  want it, right ? I mean Gramma was 95 years old and a pack rat !!! Well, I knew we got a dining room set, bedroom set and a secretary desk and a trunk, but when I went to look around the garage today and started opening  up all these old pieces (which clearly just need some primitive lovin') I was astounded...OK, I should start with some pictures...

This is the secretary desk that I am already refinishing. As you will see from the next picture it was govered in this DARK, ugly, glossy laquer and 100 years of dirt...cant wait till its finished !

I think I will take the doors off the china cupboard and use it more as a step back cabinet...what do you all think ?
As you can see everything needs to be cleaned up, but there a table, chairs and server that match the china closet.

But I just love this litltle prim table...hubby grabbed everything he thought I would like...(sigh, smile)
Loads of wooden crates and hinged boxes...HOORAY
I think this one is gonna get painted, distressed and perhaps hold our dog food or potatoes...its nice and big, plus there is a long wooden hunged box on legs that is buried under all those other boxes...
This darling trunk has wood carvings and lots of detail...It was hard to get a decent picture in my cramped, single car garage...hubby says he would love to put the car in here by next winter...yeah right !!! I think this might make a great window seat ? What do you think ???
I love this old berry masher and I have plans to turn those old wire lamp shade forms into something cool

Here's a big, old lard tin and old laundry soap with black americana figures on them...hope they both clean up ok

Some big hat boxes just waiting for some paint and mod podge labels

Heres an enamel topped little table...any ideas for this one ????

There's a mirror and dresser that go with this bedroom set too !!!

Here are some of the chairs that go with the dining set
And finally there's this awesome old HUGE mirror that I just cant believe no one else wanted !!!

And guess what...they're going to tear the house down...Hubby and I are trying to get back up there so we can take out all 6 fireplace mantels, solid oak paneled doors, 2 staircase banisters, several beadboard doors etcbefore they tear it all down !!!!!!!!! Ask me if I am excited ??? Do you think hubby's gonna EVER get to have the car in the garage ??? I dont think so !!!  I would love to hear what you guys think I should do with some of this stuff, so please comment away !!!

Oh, and while I was posting all this I have 3 seperate dye baths going for my wools for my next rug !! Hooray, I am finally motivated to do something constructive !!!

OK, well I think thats it for now...



  1. Well Margie you could always send me the gold dust twins box.LoL..Love them..Your hubby is a keeper got you some goodies.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Hi Margie: Love all of your goodies from hubby's granny! Keep me in mind when you have those fireplace mantels...I either need to make one or buy your pieces for redo's! and that mirror is beautiful! Thank goodness that the "others" aren't into antiques like you are!! :) (nobody in my immediate family is either!)

  3. Margie, Looks like you hit the jackpot. Love all the items. It's so sad that people don't like the old stuff. But a blessing for you, huh? Can't wait to see what you do with all the furniture. I love the frame the old mirror is in. Have fun with all your treasures.

  4. Hi Margie, I am a new follower. Love that china cupboard. I think it would be cute with the doors left off and have the shelves filled with lots of cute prims. I also like the mirror. Stop by my blog when you get a chance.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  5. I love the old mirror too but I am super bummed because after looking around I dont have a single place to put it...We downsized to this house almost 3 years ago and even though I am knocking down a wall soon to open up what used to be my sons bedroom, to be a small "keeping room", the rooms are small, cut up and even the upstairs is a cape cod so I cant find any place for it to fit...bummer.

    Maybe someone will want to swap me for it...


  6. Oh WOW! Look at all those wonderful things! You are so lucky :) You are going to have so much fun working with them! At least you have a garage to store your goodies in. I don't have one, nor a basement so when I get something, it can only be one thing at a time til I find a spot for it, lol. I hope the rest of your weekend is just as fantastic:)
    Hugs, Trish

  7. Hi Margie! I love the secretary desk and the cupboard! All your items are beautiful. I am now a follower. Thank you for following my Esther's Mercantile Blog also :)

  8. oh WoW Margie, you definitely hit the motherlode..I would have been in heaven...I hope your home is big enough for all these treasures..that enamelware table would be a great piece in your kitchen..not sure how high it is..but it would be a great work space in the kitchen...or a side table or in your can never have too much counter space in there..;) have fun with all your goodies..I love!!! all the furniture..awesome.;)

  9. Hi Margie:
    First, Welcome to Blogland! It's a wonderful place, full of wonderful people.

    I'm going to enjoy reading about your creations and acquisitions...and getting to know you better. I'll certainly be back to read more.

    Finally, Good luck in my giveaway drawings. Thank you for posting about it in your sidebar.

    See you again soon.
    Donna, Kes and Fezzik I. ^..^

  10. Hi Margie,

    Do you know what I think?

    Dear, I think you hit the jackpot. Now that we've seen the "before" pictures, I can't wait to see the "after" pictures. Grandma was wise to hang on to all of her treasures.

    I am following along as a follower.

    Take care


  11. Margie so nice to meet you thank you for following my blog.
    You have really hit the jack pot with all the things you got from hubby's grandmother.
    I'll be watching to see what all you do.

  12. Hi Margie,
    I just found your blog and became a follower. What a gold mine you inherited. So many beautiful pieces. It sounds like you are going to have lots of fun giving these treasures new life.

  13. Hi Margie Sweetie...
    Welcome to Blogland. I am so tickled to meet you. I saw you comment on another blog that you were new, and I just had to pop over. I am so thrilled I did. I am Country Wings in Phoenix, your newest follower. I love your beautiful blog home, and your writes are just beautiful.

    Wow, did you and Hubby ever hit the jackpot in Granny's attic. Oh my goodness gracious. I love each and every piece and I just know that your DH Granny would be so tickled to know that each piece was carried away by family and will be loved immensely.

    The little table with the enamel top? I would turn that into a center island. How wonderful it would be to work on, and keep little container's with spoons and etc. on top. I keep mine in pitchers of assorted sizes and colors. That piece could always come to Country Wings if you can't find the perfect home for it there.

    Love the china cabinet as well. What treasures, and each piece will be cleaned, loved and brought back to happy again. Granny is just smiling away.

    I also wanted to tell you that I loved your Goodwill finds, and the candleabra redo is gorgeous as well as the wooden box. Love that country red. So pretty.

    Thank you so much for sharing with me today. I hope you will pop ove and say hello. I would be SO tickled if you stopped by for a visit, and so honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well. I love meeting new friends and sharing along the way.

    Many country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  14. Hi Margie,
    I was here the other day and I was so sure I left a message!
    I just love the soap box and Lard tin...oh how old are they!!!! You are so fortunate to be able to go in and choose to your hearts delight. It's to your advantage that the others 'just don't get Primitives and old' You got many wonderful pieces there.
    Oh...I love the wood crate/boxes too.


  15. You hit the Mother load!!!! LOVE it all... You asked about the enamel top table. Well, I had an enamel top but no table. So I slapped it ont op of a dry sink then put a separate cupboard on top in my kitchen. I like marrying two pieces together that don't neccessarily go together.


  16. you know I just love your blog,, I come from a long line of rug hookers,, sadly very few photos to show but I have some.My gramma used old wool coats and dresses to make her rugs and she dyed them herself,, I'm an artist from northern ontario canada and I know that rug hooking is such a popular craft item among the tourists who summer here,, for our family it was just what one did to keep your feet warm,, (cold winter floors),, I'm really enjoying your blog,, I wanted to become a follower but it won't come up,, I'll keep trying,


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