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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Goal

My goal this Easter is to remember and to really think about what the Savior did for me on the cross at Calvary...He not only suffered an agonizing death, spilling His blood to cover over my sin so that I could be free to have a relationship with God, but He went to Hell to take the keys of death from Satan's nasty grip and He had to stay there, suffering every imaginable evil for 3 long days...I mean think about it...Satan finally has Jesus right where he wants him and Satan thinks he won...after all, Jesus is in hell and God the Father turned His face away from Jesus...But Praise God, Satan and death didn't beat Jesus... He Rose Again and Won our freedom from sin and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father in Heaven . Every time I sin  the Bible says Satan stands accusing me before God's throne, but then Jesus, my Lord and Savior,  stands to defend me as He shows the stripes on his back where the whip filled with iron tore pieces of his flesh.  He shows all the blood that was spilled, the scars around his head where a crown made of thorns was placed in mockery upon His head. He shows the holes left by large iron nails that were driven through his hands and feet. He shows His side, where He was pierced with a sword. He stands to jump to my defense...I who live carelessly, often not even giving the sacrifice He made a passing thought, yet there He stands, pleading my case before essence reminding God that my sin is covered by His blood and that no matter what Satan says about me, I belong to Jesus.

In the gospel of John  in chapter 17 you can read the beautiful prayer that Jesus prayed just hours before the crucifixion began..I have read that passage dozens (or more) times in my life but it brought tears to my eyes as I read it yesterday. You can hear the pleading in Jesus' voice as He asks the Father to keep each one of us who know Him safe from the evil one (Satan)... He prayed that  God would keep us, keep me...protect me, be one with me and that God would keep revealing Himself to me ...

How humbled I feel today on this Good Friday and my prayer is that each of you will reach out to God through Jesus Christ and find His everlasting love, His mercy, His forgiveness and that it will transform your life as it did the disciples, and as it did mine.

Blessings and Grace to you,


  1. Amen, beautiful post, blessings Francine.

  2. Oh my Margie how beautifully put.
    Such powerful words you put here today...thank you.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. Brought me to tears to read in your own words, what Jesus has done for you, for me and for all who would just listen and accept these truths...
    Even though it saddens us to remember the horrors Jesus had to suffer, Praise God He did !!
    God Bless you Margie, for sharing the love of the cross with all of your blog followers today !!!

  4. Hi, Margie, and Happy Easter to you and your family. I would like the garden olive wool bundle for 9.95, then I guess I'm done shopping for the time being. If you could let me know the total and maybe send an invoice? Next week would be fine.

  5. It truly was an awesome sacrifice...that God would come to earth as a man to die for the sins of the world and it is for whosover will.

    Easter blessings to you Margie.

  6. What a blessing we have with the sacrifice that Jesus made. Beautiful post. Happy Easter to you!

  7. This is a wonderful post, how thankful we ought to be, thank you for sharing from your heart!

  8. Hi Margie, what a beautiful post! I will never know fully the sacrifice the Lord made for just me. And he would have done it if I were the only person on earth. What an awesome God we serve. Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter. hugs, Lecia

  9. Beautiful stirring words sweetie. God is good all the time!
    Also, I received my wonderful wool from your giveaway! I posted it on my blog. Thank you Margie. Thanks so much

  10. A big hearty AMEN to everything you said!! I heartily agree!

    Prim hugs,

  11. You may never see my comment as it is now 7 months hence. I read your beautiful post on the meaning of the first Easter and I wept. I have just seen Billy Graham's last video, called, "The Cross". You can download it from the web. It made me cry like a baby as well. The mere fact that Jesus would go to hell...for me..., is just the biggest gift in life, there is nothing more important. [full stop]


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