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Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Rugs Finally Done

First let me thank all of you for the prayers and kind words of encouragement for me and my mom. We have her settled into a rehab facility near our home that specializes in stroke patients and I think the staff is just fabulous. She has 3 + hours of intense therapy each day and we are hopeful of her recovery. I am exhausted from driving back and forth but it's much easier now that she's only 15 minutes away instead of having to drive into Pittsburgh everyday. I am hoping I can now get into a rhythm and be able to get back to blogging, rug making and wool dyeing and selling. Speaking of are a few new rugs that are available for sale as finished products of as kits...

This first one I am calling "Floral Centerpiece" I had originally intended to use as a footstool cover but I mismeasured so it's up for grabs. I absolutley love the black background and I adapted the pattern from an antique rug I had seen over the summer while in Virginia visiting my son. It measures
11 x 14 and is bound with black wool. It has lovely soft, muted, prim colors and sells for $89. If you would like to order it as a kit it's $60 and comes with the pattern hand drawn on monks cloth and all the wool you need to hook it yourself. I am offering your choice of background colors and your choice of flower colors.

This next little rug mat makes a great teachers gift. The yellows, reds and blue wools are all hand dyed by me from my own dye recipes. I have used a beautiful gray and red herringbone for the background and have finished it with a gorgeous gray and red plaid wool. It  measures 10 x 17 and also sells for $89 and the kit sells for $60, again, with your choice of colors. I dont have anymore of this exact background wool but I do have lots of other gray herringbones or plaids, so just let me know. I am always willing to customize kits for just what you want or need.

OK..on to some other great little finds I have picked up over the last several weeks...I ran into Goodwill on my way to rehab the other day and look what I got...
As most of you already know I collect Pfattzgraff Folk Art dishware. Years ago when I first got sick I was forced to sell my collection piece by piece to pay for my medical bills and I have been trying to build it back up again. I almost fainted when I saw these on the shelf...Got the entire canister set for $25 !!! The sugar one has a small repair on the rim but I dont mind. I already had the butter dish.

I picked up another great chandelier to paint and make "prim". Cant wait...gonna put this one down in the new to follow when its installed !

Lastly I wanted to give a big shout out to my dear friend Suzan over at sjcountrycrafts who made this beautiful prim americana sheep punch needle for me. Suzan has recently learned to rug hook and has bought a few of my kits and lots of wool...she's a very talented lady and I will post a link to her site as soon as I remember how (laugh, brain is mush right now)..I at least wanted to get a big thank you out to her !!!

Well gals, thats it for now. I have new winter wools to list and some new winter and Christmas kits. Coming soon depending on how things go with my mom.


  1. hope your Mom continues to fair well, so thankful she is getting good care and is nearby.
    love your things, each & every one.
    prayers & blessings!

  2. Hello dear fun to see another post pop up from you.
    I'm so happy for you and your Mother that she is closer to you now and that makes all the difference in the stress level for you too.
    Praying for you dear Mother.
    What a great find with the canister set! And the price is wonderful too.
    Your new rugs/kits are just beautiful Margie...I know they will sell fast.
    And what a sweet adorable gift from it.

    I'm needing some LARGE pieces of pure any?

  3. Glad your mom is closer and improving.The floral rug is beautiful.Big hugs!~Amy

  4. I will pray that your mom continues to improve & gets to come home before too long : ) I'm glad that you are feeling a wee bit less stressed & able to get back to crafting again!

  5. Glad to hear your mom is doing well! Your new rugs are wonderful, I HAVE to become a rug hooker!! ~Kriss~

  6. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better and she is closer to you. Prayers will continue to flow your way.
    Beautiful hookin'!!!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Margie, so glad to hear your Mom is closer to home and in a facility you are happy with, I know that is a relief for you. I hope and pray she has a good recovery. Love the new rugs and your great find at the thrift store. You never know what you will find when you stop by a thrift shop.


  8. So glad your mom is closer to you...I know how hard it must be with all of that therapy. Love your new rugs! Take care, Janice


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