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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mother Natures Fury

Well I know I should count myself lucky since we just had wind and hail damage, but Lordy Hannah, what a mess. My son down in Virginia has been out of power for a week and got caught between downed trees for hours until he finally made it home and he says the devastation is everywhere around him. Our Independence Day had hail that was the size of large golf balls and it came down sooooo fast, hard and long that it damaged our roof, pool, cars and even my are a few pictures just to show you, but I am grateful that we are all ok !!!
The power blew our motion light right outof the stone !!!! And look at the holes in our pool posts....
It took the paint right off the deck too and shot right through my peppers in my garden....It destroyed about 2/3 of my blackberries too.
After 30 minutes of pelting hail this is what our driveaway looked like :
Our new car must have over 100 quarter sized dent from the giant hail too...

Well, like I said...glad we are all ok and since we were out of power for hours it really opened my eyes to how difficult life would be if we do ever get some type of solar flare or EMP that takes out our electricity for extended amounts of time...great learning experience for sure !!!

Thought I would show you what I ahve been working on too...I am paiting a little milking stool a great mustard and then distressing and staining then topping with this hooking....
I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also listed over 30 new wools on my wool for sale page and , yes, all you gals who have been asking for larger pieces for your pillowbacks and penny rugs, I heard you....I have several pieces of wool all the way up to 1/4 yard so go check them out if you ahve time.

I am trying to keep cool here with these record temps and hope you are too...
Until next time,
Grace to you,


  1. I am so sorry to hear of all the damage everyone has been having because of the weather...You have been through a lot...your stool is going to be wonderful...I love the top! Stay cool!!

  2. can't wait to see your stool after you get the top on. love the hooked piece! denise

  3. Hi Margi, oh my, thats terrible but glad to hear you are fine. Lots of damage,wow, that was big hail balls. Love the hooked piece, will look great on the little stool. Blessings Francine.

  4. My sister has been with us since the storms. No power where she is south of Columbus. The have well water and septic so things get yucky very quickly without power. :-)

  5. YIKES! margie, your poor car, though it ca be fixed... We have had nasty storms too... like nothing I have ever seen... down trees everywhere! Stay cool! OLM

  6. Hi Margie,
    Glad your ok, this summer's weather really is horrible. I received my brown wool today, thanks.

  7. Margie~ Glad you are ok.I couldn't imagine being without electric in this heat wave.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Margie ~
    Glad you are okay. That was some mighty big hail!
    Love your little hooked piece! That background wool is great.
    Hugs :)

  9. My sister had to cut short her Washington DC trip because of those storms. How horrible. Then the county west of us here in Michigan had golf sized hail Thursday and those folks are still out of power. Just terrible weather all over...Hope you get back to normal soon. Take care, Janice

  10. So sorry Margie about all the damage you received from the hail. Thank the Lord there was no bodily damage to you or your son.


  11. Holy Moly, Margie! Sounds like you have a lot
    of damage, but thankfully you are ok! I love
    your stool! I have been working on an Annie
    face and I have it all hooked. :)

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  12. Wow! Margie, sorry to hear about your severe weather and the damage. We had a storm like that about 8 years ago. I agree too about an EMP/Solar storm (I was eyeing the emergency food kits at COSCO this week!). Love the stool.

  13. Hi, Margie girl! The hail damage to your car and property is a terrible shame. But I'm glad you and your son are alright. Gosh, Mother Nature can get real mad!
    Your stool is going to be beautiful. The color scheme is great and the hooked mat for the top is so pretty.
    I just got my first rug hook. It looks so tiny. I'm wondering if there are other sizes. This is the only one I could find so far. Oh, goes nothing!
    I'm going to practice with your tutorials.
    I hope your leg pain is better.
    I tried to chat with you and I emailed you, I was up all night and wondered if you were, too.
    Big Hugs,


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